I can’t help but think way back, when things were laid back

And people weren’t looking for payback

I can honestly say that I miss that

Back when you can wear what you want, with out having to worry

When you could sit with strangers and tell stories

When you can make instant friends out of kids from the park

When you have sudden romances you wouldn’t know how to start

I guess what sets us apart is growing up and finding out

No longer exploring instead hiding now

Trying out new things, learning how to do things

The outcome is either/or, but furthermore

It’s like how a caterpillar evolves, just as the world revolves

Live a juvenile robin just peeking out the nest

Learning how to fly and hunt worms then figuring out the rest

Changes don’t always result in letting go

But letting go of the changes and just letting it flow

That’s life letting you know, not life letting you go

So think back to when things were simpler

Remember each face, each page, and each chapter

Every happily ever after

And don’t loath when it slips through your fingers

It’s just a sign that things are no longer simpler


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