It fills the air,

Without a care.

It sings a song,

All day long.

It dances around,

It pulses the ground.

It envelops ears,

It's everything we hear.

It breathes,

It weaves.

It sways,

It plays.

It controls,

It follows.

It prances,

It makes people's dances.


You cant control it,

You cant ignore it,

You cant avoid it,

You can move with it,

You can move to it,

You can move around it,

You can move away from it.

You can move.

You feel it swelling,

You feel like yelling.

You want to sing,

You want to swing.

You dance,

You prance.

You skip, 

You move your lips.

You spin,

It wins.

You crash,

You sleep.

You breathe.

Up down,

In out

One two,

One two three one two three,

Da dum da da dum da,

You awake,

Da dum da...

It's in you.

You are it.

We are one.

With the music of the world.


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