​A small girl with braids in her hair 

She did what she loved and she didn't care 

What anyone thought, said, or did 

About who she was, she was a kid


But soon she found out that as she grew 

She started to lose sight of who 

She was and what she wanted to be 

But clever and hopeful and bright was she 


And soon she herself was a woman like her mother 

Who had told her she was not like any other 

But she was blind to her own successes 

All she could she was her own minor messes 


And time certainly came and quickly went 

Time irreversibly wasted that should have been spent 

Accepting her self for her pros and her cons 

But now before she goes out she dons 

A neat little mask with a painted on smile 

And still she hopes after awhile 

She'll finally escape and take off her mask 

She's told herself thats all she can ask 



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