Celestial Energy, Feminine Entity Speak to Me


9399 Wade Blvd
United States

The feminine energy, The mystical remedy

To all the world's problems, the Euphorian recipe.


The womb of the universe, the mother of Lucifer

Reborn on earth as the infinite redispersed


A Heavenly relaxation, Her blissful intoxication

A soulful melody as I move to her heartbeat's cadence 


Her frequency's elevating with medative revelations

Speaking a wordless language just vibe with her vibrant vibrations


Don't deserve her physically without respect for her entity

Becoming one with Her existence and getting sensual mentally


Her spirit has eternity, enchanting immortality

A beautiful anatomy the back bone of humanity 


Blinding rage emotionally, breath of loving insanity

Protective mentality, She's the guardian angelically


Goddess or God herself? Creator or life itself?

As the universe expands Her consciousness move throughout


Talking to celestial vitality with purity of the mind

Drowned in feminine energy, swimming with the divine


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