The Life We Live


The world we live in is a mess

but we can fix it.

We need everyone to try

and no one to quit.


Some people are fat, some people are gay

some people have blue hair and some people have tattoos.

We are all different

and that is a clue.


To why we shouldn't bash people

over the way they look 

or the the things the like.

Life is your own book.


Your parents are the publisher and you are the author

You decide what goes on the pages

because this is your book

containing your life through all ages.


People shouldn't care what another person is

we aren't all the same

but trying to be something you aren't?

Now that's a silly game.


Gay, black, trans, or CIS

this is you.

We all deserve equality

and this is true.


We are all humans

who make different choices

some people don't like,

but we all have different voices.


We all make up this world

not just one group of folks

so we should all stick together

because degrading someone for who they are isn't a funny joke.


So what I would change

is the life we live bit by bit

because we are all different human beings

who are looking for a place to fit.












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