The Silent Death


United States
38° 42' 53.6652" N, 121° 21' 35.5716" W

Quiet on the outside,
Hurting on the inside.
She seemed composed and dedicated,
Never could have known she was jaded.
Struggling with family life,
Everything in her home ended in a spat.
Would she wake up one morning to see a family member gone?
Or would she wait till the rise of dawn,
And wait no longer for their last yawn.
As she slips into a silent euphoria,
Family searches for where she might lay,
Down near the Noria,
Her body will forever stay.
The pain and suffering become increased,
Due to their daughters decease.
Every night her mother hears a faint cry and water drops as she sleeps,
Now realizing that she will never see her child leap.


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