I cannot say why we wonder

I can only dream my dreams

Imagination leads to creation

Inventions become a need


Wonder allows the mind to wander

While the body is set to work

Carving out the mind’s intention

Hoping the body can make it real


Peace and serenity are grand

They help the mind to better mend

The pain and suffering of others

For without it we would wither away


Yet war and death are not useless

They are tools and weapons hand in hand

They teach the young life’s harsh lesson

While helping strengthen the imagination


A wonderful idea is all it takes

To make the world our oyster

With help of those whom we call friend

Forever strengthened by our hearts conjoined


Allow the mind to wander

Make our dreams reality

For one day they could be

The saviors of our broken world

This poem is about: 
Our world


William Cody Beal

I don't do poetry. I would like to change that. If there is any criticism that you wish to say, it would be greatly appreciated.

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