To be or not to be


To be or not to be...

What is it meant to be in the land of the free?
Whilst many grieve in pain and agony,
Searching for joy, but constantly struck with misery,
Told you can be, whatever you set your mind to be,
But deceived and shown, what it is they want you to see.

A slave is controlled not with strength, but the mind,
Similar to that of one whose lost their sight and is blind,
Pause, let's take a step back and rewind,
To you their perceived to be generous and kind,
But to them you're just another fool waiting in line.

Slavery has been abolished, yet mental slavery remains,
Many have died to end it, but their efforts were just taken in vain,
Isn’t that a shame?
But who’s to blame?
A war that can't be won, similar to a gamer trying to overcome the hardest game.

It's not too late to fight,
To try and make things right,
Instead of crying ourselves at night,
To be or not be,
To be chained or live in the supposedly “land of the free.........”



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