Star-spangled eyes, 

Firework filled skies,

I grew up with the government

And all of it's lies.


I grew up with family,

Leaving for war,

What is there to learn from war?

That the world is cruel.


A year he was gone,

Fighting for his flag

But the country never wanted that

Only our politicians, who wanted to brag.


Who wants blood on the sand,

and buildings on fire?

No one, not one person.

Except for the liars. 


They want our money,

They take half, and still want the rest.

Then they want more,

So they find an interest.


They rally the troops,

And tell all the people

That we'll be offing something

Something so evil.


Well all men are evil,

But some are worse,

It would be better if we ingored it,

Did nothing more than curse. 


But we drop the bombs,

We kill the people,

And we see ourselves

Become the most evil.


We kill civilians, 

We kill them en masse

The politicians care not,

So long as they get their cash.


I want that gone, that is my dream

That never again 

Will we hear the people scream

About taxation for bloodshed


Try relaxation instead,

And try to help, not hurt

Give the world bread,

And stop chopping off heads. 





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