Peace By Piece


What is more beautiful?

Being skeptical or gullible?

People see what they want to see,

Even though the danger lurks around thee

But nevermind that, this world remains deceitful.

Earth is like a baby,

We, the people, must let it be,

There shouldn't be this hate

For it is not our fate

Then there's that of poverty

The question is what must we do?

Many of us have absolutely no clue

Should we greet eachother and smile?

Or shall we sit here and wait around a while?

This is after all, the history we knew

Change is good,

Now let's do everything we should

Bring out a handshake and say hello

It is that mind that we should grow

To end this hateful childhood

To bring about that peace

And destroy that despicable masterpiece

Earth deserves some serenity

People should not fight but agree

Among that lies pure compatibility

And with that chaos and hate will forever cease



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