i am

I am...
the one who hopes you will be okay in the morning when your boyfriend moves away.

I am....
the love that you had and wish you could have back. I am the one that willingly gives it to you.

I am....
I am the hope that wakes you up in the morning hoping that you will have a better day than yesterday.

I am....
the perseverance that drives you towards your goals when you need It the most.

I am....
the weirdness that comes out of you every once and a while....even when you least expect it.

I am....
the determination that drives you toward your dreams everyday when you think all is lost

I am.....
the peace that reasons with your brain when you are in your most troubled times.

I am.....
the one and only....you

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



I wrote this poem for everybody. I wanted them to realize that there is a little something in everybody


Great piece of writing! I am impressed reading your poem "I am". It really touches somewhere in heart. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful write up. I have also read two other peoms you have written here, "Good Bye" and "Dearest Dave". You have a good future in writing. Get an online course in creative writing to improve your capability along with writing beautiful poems ahead.


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