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And as I look down, I see the blood and tears splattered all over the floor,  Because it seems like every time I try to open it, there is always someone there to close the door.
I never thought I would be here, but here we are, Finally being able to heal after the heartbreak and all of the scars.  Moving on from you and finally putting you in the past, 
Seasons change,But all to quickly.Right when skin starts to boil,The ice pierces ever so strictly. 
Each day I feel myself going further and further away from you, But every once in a while, you still pop into my mind in everything that I do. I don’t know why it is so hard for me to let you go,
After years of allowing you to take up all of  my thoughts and all of my time, I am finally able to let it go and take back control of what is mine.
Just like that, we are back to square one, Having to start over, because of all of the things that were done. The things that I went through that I never talked about before,
You breaking my heart was the best thing you could have done for me, Because now it is my turn to finally focus on everything that I want to be.
After all this time, I finally realized what I need to do, And that is to let go of everything that I went through. To finally forgive you after everything that went down,
All of this time I kept blaming myself, wondering why I was never good enough, But after four years, I finally realized that none of that is true. I can’t blame myself for what you did to me,
It can be so hard to let go of the past, Especially when it comes down to something that you were hoping was going to last. But the only way to move on is to finally let it go,
Last night was the last time that I will allow myself to feel this way, Because you are no longer going to control my thoughts everyday. I have finally realized that I can do so much better than you,
And just like that, I don’t have any of the memories anymore, And it feels like I am one step closer to closing that door. It was one of the hardest things that I ever had to do,
It still hurts sometimes, but I have come to peace with where me and you are, And I guess I like the fact that me and you are sleeping under the same stars.
When it first happened, I thought I would never be able to make it through, Because everything that I did reminded me of you. And I thought that I would never be able to love again,
I have moved on, and I have worked so hard to let it all go, But there are still some things that you don’t seem to know. And I have all of the memories saved,
And just like that, I was finally able to move on, And it seems like the memories I have for you are slowly starting to be gone. It sucks that it took so long for this to finally come true,
The day that I never thought would come is finally here, And now I am able to see things nice and clear. That you were nothing special from the start,
This whole time I kept wondering why God did this to me, Why would he bring someone so amazing into my life, if he knew we were never going to be?
And after everything that happened, I realized I need to say thank you, Because you helped me so much, despite everything you put me through.
It’s officially been one month since the last time that we spoke, And there are days where I am still trying to pick up the pieces that you broke. And most days I am doing pretty well,
I feel myself slowly starting to get better everyday, But every once in a while, it still hurts, and I knew that it was going to be this way. And I find myself still wishing that you would come back,
I am starting to realize that you know you were wrong, Because I was giving you what you wanted all along. You know that she will never treat you better than me,
I have to admit that there are times when you are still on my mind, But unlike before, it is not like it is happening all of the time. I found myself smiling yesterday, and it happened to be sincere,
Just when I think that I am starting to feel okay, Something sets me back, and I find myself crying the next day. Everything that happened continues to mess with my head,
Just when I started to feel upset, it all started to come true, That the dreams that I had working for were finally coming through.
I still remember the story that you told me, About how your mom wanted nothing to do with your dad until they came to be. How they grew up together, and your mom wanted nothing to do with your dad,
Two weeks to the day was when things ended between you and I, And I no longer feel the need to sit here and ask myself why. Why I wasn’t good enough for you, and why I couldn’t be what you wanted,
This whole time I wanted to blame her, but I realized that is something that I would never do, Because the only person who is to blame in this mess is you.
Waves One second you are fine, and the next second it hurts again, Because I don’t even care that I lost you as a lover, but part of me still does miss you as a friend.
Overflowing Waters The past haunts her likeoverflowing waters of a dam.Yet she stands overcomingall of the obstacles thattried to get in her way. Being free andliving a fulfilling life happily.Along the way shewould sometimes growweary and would f
So I guess I gave you the benefit of the doubt and I gave you too much credit, And I wish I could go back to the start of our story and provide it with a few edits.
Can I sit here and say that I am starting to let it go? Or is this a lie, and it is something that I already know. During the day I am fine, and then I fall apart most nights,
When we met, things were falling apart, And you were the only one who was able to help me heal from the start. When my world was ending, you made me believe in hope and love once again,
So here we are, trying to pick up the pieces of the mess that you made, And the damage that you caused is going to need a lot more than a band-aid.
Sometimes it takes everything to fall apart, in order for things to start falling back together, And it may look devastating, but that is the only way that things will ever get better.
I have to keep reminding myself that I knew that this was not going to be an easy task, And it is simple to keep it together during the day, but lose it at night when you take off your mask.
If you stop now, then what was the point of all of this in the first place? Because you can't quit now when you are this close to finishing the race. Even if it seems like there is no finish line in sight,
It always seems as if it is one step forward, and one step back,  And that when things go wrong, it is because of the strength that you seem to lack.
Lately it feels as if everything around me is falling apart, That I keep reliving the same moments over and over, not knowing how to follow my heart. I keep it together, and have a smile on my face when others are around,
The older I get, the more I realized that there is nothing more precious than time, And I have finally realized that I no longer want to waste mine.
The older I get, the more I realized that there is nothing more precious than time, And I have finally realized that I no longer want to waste mine. For so long, I cared too much about what people thought about me,
The older I get, the more I realize that there is nothing more precious than time, And that once I let it go, I can never get back something that is no longer mine.
It's funny how life decides to teach you lessons in the hardest way, And that most of the time, you don't know what else you can do, think, or say. For the first time in a long time, I am finally starting to feel like me again,
Sometimes I feel like I don't give myself the credit that I deserve, Because I always get back on track when things get tough, when others would not have the nerve.
Thing always seem to get hard right before the miracles occur, And sometimes it is easier to wish for things to go back to how they once were.
You really thought I would give you the privilege to stop me, But you have no idea who I am and the person that I am trying to be. You so badly wanted to believe that I was broken,
Here's a tree that only I knew, Its roots deep in my heart it grew, A symbol of my hidden truth, A friend that saw me through my youth.   Its leaves were like my every dream,
Fiery and hotOh, she is forged with fireIt lives within her. And she channels it to give herself a voice and a power… And oh, she’s burningShe’s burning in the etherThe fire consumes.
Sometimes, all you can do is hold yourself together and try your best to stay strong, Even when it feels like everyone is against you and that everything you are doing is wrong.
Sometimes the best thing you can do is let go of what you know is no good for you, But, even though it is the best, it is also the hardest thing that you have to do.
For far too long now, I have been letting people get in my head and try and bring me down, But I am finally at the point where I am taking back control, and I am turning it all around.
I always thought that if you were the one to back down, it meant that you couldn't take it, And that if you were the one who chose to walk away, all it really meant that you decided to quit.
Do you ever get scared of not knowing what you are capable of? And this can be in every aspcect in your life; whether it be work, school, goals, or even love?
As I have gotten older, I realized a couple of things about who I am, And that is that I tend to leave a lot of how I feel about myself to other people, but I am really tired of giving a damn.
I always thought that being alone was a sad thing, But that was before I knew about all the joy that it could bring. As time has gone on, I have gotten more and more used to being alone,
Sometimes things don't always work out the way that we had planned, And sometimes these things that are falling apart start to get you, and it gets to the point where you feel like you can't even stand.
We stumble, we fall and we get upWe don't beg, don't kneel and we stand upFailure will never be an optionLife is about struggling and taking actionWe are living in a world full of hypocrisy
There is nothing more confusing about trying to figure out what is going on with love, And that it is not always written out in black and white when push comes to shove.
It took me a long time to realize that no matter what you do, you can not please everyone, And that you will only drive yourself crazy trying to accomplish this because it is a task that will never be done.
It took me a long time to realize that there is only so much that you can blame others for, And that if you want to change your life, it is up to you to be the one to close that door.
In the darknessNever fear, my dear! There is no one stronger than youHeed my words well,Enter the lion’s den.
You tried your best to break me, You thought you could shake me. You wanted to try and fight me, You thought you had defeated me. You thought you had me knocked down,
It took me a long time to realize that the thing that is keeping you going is not always something that you are able to see, And that even when everyone else is against you, you can not allow them to deter you from who you want to be.
No matter what life decides to put you through, it is up to you to keep going, And even when it seems like you can't keep going, moving forward is what is going to help you to keeo growing.
It took me a long time to realize that not everyone in your life is going to want what is best for you, And that sometimes the people around you are going to want to see you fail because they know they could never do what you do.
we are one we are some we are cool away from fools through the year we turn on our gear show our power on the tower   we are not weak even in a week twice a day
It took me a long time to realize that sometimes you have to completely fall apart to beome the best version of you, And that even though you try so hard to control it, there is only so much that you can do.
It took me a long time to realize how much holding on to the past destroys you, Because you never allow yourself to see things from another point of view.
It took me a long time to realize how much holding on to the past destroys you, Because you never allow yourself to see things from another point of view.
I have never really been a person to really enjoy when it was Spring, Because I never really sat back and thought about all of the changes and the beauty that it can bring.
It took me a long time to realize that we all have things in our pasts that we are not proud of, But in a strange way, maybe these hard times are actually gifts that are sent from above.
God give me the serenity I do not deserve. A luxury bought with the blood of those who came before me. Give me the peace that comes from a privilege I did nothing to earn. And tell me I am loved
For the first time that I can recall, this is theI knew deep down in my heart that the decision that I was making was the right one, Even though everyone was telling me that there was no hope and that I needed to be done.
It's so funny how it seems like everytime I tell you that I am doing something, you are suddenly doing it too, But the only difference is that everytime you start something, you never seem to see it through.
The sublime beauty of woman bearing the sorrow of her clan Heart cloaked in unseen sorrow Hoping for a sweeter morrow   Holding the tears as you weep Softly in your mind to keep
Why is it that our minds try to convince us that the worst is going to come true? And that even when you try to convince yourself other wise, it doesn't seem to work, no matter what you do.
For the past year or so, I have not been feelling like who I used to be, And no matter how hard I tried, I was not okay when I just tried to be me. I kept doubting myself, and I became someone that I did not recognize,
For the longest time I kept blaming myself, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Why was I never goo enough for anyone? Was there something wrong with me that I wasn't able to see?
I have never been one that was actually able to say that I love who I am, I would always allow people to treat me like crap, and I always pretended that I didn't give a damn.
How do you win the same battle when you don't think that you have anymore fight? And when it seems like you have to give up because it seems like you can't do anything right?
Why is it that it is so easy to forgive other people, but we I have such a hard time forgiving me? That I give myself one chance to get something right, but I give others two chances; sometimes I even give them three.
For the first time in a long time I am writing about being alone, but not in my usual way, Usually when I talk about being alone, it is in a negative way, and it leaves me with only sad things to say.
You know when it finally hits you and you get tired of your own bullshit, And it becomes too much and all you can think about is how bad you want to quit?
I have come to realize that at the end of the day, nothing is going to change.  I don't know why it took me so long to realize that the way everyone was acting was strange.
Now It's Clear That Some Heads... Need To See That I GET IT... !!! That ARROGANCE And EGO Can DISCREDIT..... Your Claims To Be IMPRESSIVE... In Art That You're... Representing...
As The Saying Goes... ... “ MANY Are Called, But Few Are Chosen ! “ ...
Now Some Heads Are MISTAKEN When It Comes To The Statement ... That I Just Cannot Take It ... Can’t Take WHAT... ?!!!?
So Are You The Exception Or Are You The Rule... ? Cos’ I’m An EXCEPTIONAL Spoken Word Dude... !!! Cos’ My Use of This Tool Is... Spoken Word Cool... !!! So Is Used To SCHOOL Those Who Exude...
It Seems That MANY Place WEALTH... On A HIGHER Shelf Than Their Personal Health... ? So I Guess They Can’t Tell That This May Not Serve Well... ?!? ESPECIALLY Now That Corona’s Around... !!!
When It Comes To Responses... I Rise ABOVE Nonsense That Most Heads Be Dropping... !!! Because I Now Find That TOO Many Minds... Have Become Inclined To Think That They’re Right Pretty Much ALL The Time... ?!?
Well Now It’s Clear That I’m... “ Too Cold “... !!! To Be In Zones With These Industry Ho’s... !!! Yup Sisters And Bros And Those Who CONTROL Who Gets To Be KNOWN... !!!
Now My Mind’s The Type To Think of Rhymes... That Are Built To Find The TRUTH About Life And Our Human Kind... So REALITY Inspires My Mind To FIRE... And SPARK Thoughts That Deal In REALITY Meals... !!!
I’m Kinda NASTY Like Nas' When It Comes To Bars... Or In Other Words FLOWS of... Rhyme Driven Prose... !!! But NOT Like These Ho’s Who Take It Up Their ARSE... !!! I’m WAY ABOVE That Class of NASTY Nah Nah NAHS... !!!
Now I’m A LYRICAL GUERRILLA Who’s A VERY DEEP THINKER... !!! So Am NOT Some SHITTER Like That Paedo’ Gary Glitter... !!! Or The Type Who Beds SISTERS Because What Kind of Heart...
Why does it always seem like it is one step forward and ten steps back? It makes me sit and wonder, what are the skills that I seem to lack? Deep down I know that this is what I want and that my life can be improved,
Now When It Comes To Writing... ...... “ Poetic Scripts “......
Why is it that we always want what we don't have? Why is it that what is avilable to us is never good enough? Maybe we are a society of people who fixate too much on chaning everything,
Now I'm The Type Who’s A... CONFIDENT GUY... !!! Pretty Much ALL The Time As I’ve Been Throughout My Life... There’s Only ONE Thing I’m NOT CONFIDENT With...
I can't tell if the voices in my head or the voices in my ears are the ones that are bringing me down, I am someone who is always positive, and these voices that won't stop are the ones that are turning this around.
with beautiful words, we glow like water makes a plant grow. with a little mistake, we're forever scarred, like that flower in your backyard, exhausted, worn out, dull. when we can no longer take
Close your pretty eyes, Let your mind be clear, give it many tries, until your vicinity disappears. Can you feel your sunshine soul? Can you hear your heart of gold? Can you perceive your passion for life,
My life before was perfect, I was to young to wonder why. I was to young to charish life, Before I said goodbye.   Goodbye to all the people  I knew and loved and hated.
The simple things She wished on little things Fine things, good things Honestly just something Something to help with the fighting Give a little power to the lightning More stamina to the running
Damn. Not everyone is meant to see your glory. Some came to just learn your story. Some come and goes in hurry. this world seem like adventure. So
No past failure ever stops you from Moving on again. Today try improving your skills in order to enhance your chances of Winning, life ends when we halt dreaming.
Hold your ground for you are under fire. The burn is gonna come fast and the burn will die slow. But hold on dear child. Hold on. The ash and smoke is sufficating. The ash and smoke covers the light.
and she flew. flew out of her cage far out into the clear gray skies. where she was flying to, she had not a clue. but all that mattered was that her wings carried her through the air,
I started this job ready to focus on my work and not fall in love with someone that I have to see everyday, But it didn't take long for me to get excited to see you daily, and sturggle to find the right words to say.
It’s Pretty Clear That I’m LETHAL... !!! When It Comes To My CEREBRAL.... !!!
Confidence has never been a feeling explored by me. Employed by me to heal from the hurt in me, by others, and by me. Feels good to know that my reflection is a friend to me, no longer my enemy.
Now I'm An UNTOUCHABLE... !!! UNLIKE.... Cliff Huxtable... !!! Or YES I Mean... " Bill "... !!! I'm UNTOUCHABLY... ILL... When It Comes To My Will... !!!
Grip me tighter, Im drifting from afar He has his hooks in me, saying no is the hard part. I need your kind of love to rebuild my broken heart. Don't give up on me before we've given it a fair start.
No one said that this was going to be easy, but it is something that you know you have to do, And when you first embark on this journey it can be difficult because you do not have a clue.
A day out of 366 Stars spun around and spanned  My words spiced with salts of a hysterics The loneliness of which is damned But joy I keep, is even   And when I sip, the life goes on
One of the most important things that I have been told is to believe in your journey even when no one else can, And it took me a long time to realize that no one else has to believe in you if you are your own biggest fan.
I have never been someone who would accept it when someone tells them no, Because I believe that when things get tough, that is when you learn the most and you grow.
Ya Know I Have Been Told That My Voice RATTLES... !!! But Folks You KNOW... I AIN'T NO SNAKE... !!!! So I Think it's THOSE Who BATTLE... With Talk They... CANNOT TAKE... Who Make These Types of Comments...
Wearing this crown of shit. Proud and shameless. I stand. I'm Standing tall. Here I stand.  You will not make me fall. I will not crumple. I will not hesitate. As you spectators speculate. In an attempt to emulate. To only perpetuate. Some it may
Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between optimism and reality, And it can be hard to be able to persevere when it feels like those dreams are getting harder and harder to see.
you tried to teach me that I am made of air quiet, docile, not to be noticed it wasn't until you tried to burn me at the stake that I found out I am made of                                                          
I was that person who always hid in the background and let life pass me by, And I never put myself out there because I was always too scared and shy. It's funny how in the past couple of years my life has turned around, 
Isn't it so funny how we all sit there and create these different scenarios in our heads,  But most of the time they are negative ones, and they are things that we dread.
A ghost came back into my life the other day. Granted I wasn’t trying to keep it away. But I call it a ghost because it’s dead to me.
Sometimes it is hard to wake up and realize that there is no one there and you are all alone, You're surrounded by family, but they make you feel unloved, so that is nowhere near being called a home.
To determine self worth on a sliding scale strung so precariously How melancholic is this! Tendrils of doubt embedded superficially On the surface of marbled skin. The varying shades of gray-
Lately I have realized something about myself that I never have before, And I wish it hadn't taken me long to realize that when one closes, there is always another door.
Ya Know I Choose To Do Things... PROPERLY... Instead of Making A MOCKERY By Representing SLOPPILY... !!!!! SHOCKINGLY ... I Find Most Minds Are Now Inclined... To Think Like Shrinks When It Comes To THINGS...
I wrote this 16 years ago. I've come a long way.... 
my silence isa knot in my throattied so tightlyaround every chordthat I can barely breathe my silence isa tongue so twistedthat each wordcomes out sloppilyslurred and incoherent
Why is it so hard to get better when that is what you really want to do? Some days it is easy, and other days it is so hard that the thought of being in control is something that you can't do.
In times like this, it is easy to feel scared and alone, When you have no idea what's going on in the outside world because you are stuck at home. With your loved ones so far away, 
You know the value of the word "love" You say everything you feel You are my calmness, My strength I trust you more every time Without you I would be nothing You taught me how to be happy
I can not fillthis empty void in my chest. I donot have a constant emotion because they play games of back and forth like playing Red Rover in elementary school, or playing me like their personal game of chess.
With the recent loss of my mom and dad, I can’t help to think how each of my sisters and brother are dealing in their own way with the loss.
I am the second-generation seed Of the flower my ancestors planted My grandparents—born and raised in Jamaica— Traveled to Ellis Island To nourish a new garden  
A pretty girl in the brightest of dresses, She smiles bright and laughs loudly, she hides in fright and cries quietly.  she met him first here, and he made her smile.
A pretty girl in the brightest of dresses, She smiles bright and laughs loudly, she hides in fright and cries quietly.  she met him first here, and he made her smile.
she was power he crumbled her to the core his eyes weakened the soul so she did not say no she had caught love as if it were a disease  unknown it was gradually killing she did not say no 
Affliction is my life sentence for all the broken homes lost souls who alone roam it's an epidemic I’ve been sent to represent it what debts they let weigh upon the young man
You came to Iowa, married, divorced. He wanted you to be small. You wouldn’t have it. No one can contain you, Extraordinary woman.
I hold all my tears in my hand so no one will hear them hit the ground. My tears are so heavy. They weigh so much. They hold so much hurt, sorrow, and rarely joy.
The mind has a funny way of playing tricks on you, Even though you have it planned in your head what you want, your mind still takes over and tells you what to do.
So What Is … " Strength " … ??? And What Is … " Weakness " … ?!? Well Strength Is NOT Within HARD HEADS ... !!!!! Who ALWAYS Tend To Have REGRETS ... About The Things They're QUICK To Express ...
Clouds, the molecules within them like crystal beads of regret.   They left one another alone for too long and they cried themselves into a snowstorm.
19 Who would’ve thought I’d be living it up in Florida. I always thought Maryland Would be all I knew And then I got uprooted to North Carolina And I thought I’d never leave.
Always chasing you till you're beat.  Doesn't discriminate, just defeats.  It is always there hoping you hide,  But now is not the time to be shy.  Take the fear and pass it on. 
Kindness from strangers,  shows strength in humanity,bringing joy to all.    
The cold air flooded lungs of the sick, the smell of sanitation and cleanliness was found amongst the stench of the ill,   No one was happy to be found here   The room was dimly lit by grimy windows
Fierce as the tigress Pure as lilies There’s a fire in her eyes Tongue like a blade yet witless Bleeding heart that’s chaste as ice
This disease can come out of nowhere, and can try to take everything from you. It is understandable to cry and to think about why this had to happen to you.
I suddenly have difficulty breathing as my throat begins to close, Everyone around me is looking at me, but no one here fully knows. That being in an unconventional environment is a trigger for me, 
  troops surrounded the palace corpses of soldiers strewn all about the place carrying the only heir in her womb Hemangini travelled through a journey where the sight of future is unknown
I couldn’t buy you a house of gold So I painted one instead You smiled and cried And hung your head   You smiled because you were deaf
You aren’t ready to hear what I have to say But I wasn’t ready to find out, so I’ll tell you anyway. The past decade has done nothing but brainwash my heart and my soul I did nothing but what I was told
The sting of a ray, its yellow gleam in a deep egyptian valley. The suns ray is not from the ocean, but exists anywhere and everywhere. searching for its next victim, to claim.
The sting of a ray, its yellow gleam in a deep egyptian valley. The suns ray is not from the ocean, but exists anywhere and everywhere. searching for its next victim, to claim.
The world of mine would investigate invisible lies, Only to imagine dust and flame. The heat would smother my glass heart  And pray that it's strong enough to survive.   Yet in the world of pain and demise,
Speckled shadows on my collarbonesWhere your greedy hands wrote your name,Where my selfish whispers angered you,My desperate pleas denied youThe prize buried deeply in my chest
Never leaving time or space; Always evolving but never a race. We see them for their fabled powers, But inside us their strength flowers.  
I wish you would just hit me But you got inside my bones and split me from the inside. I hate that I’m that girl who writes poetry about a boy to feel human again. But you’re not a boy,
Can I ask why are you staring? Could it be perhaps my size? Or is it cause I’ve got these planets swirling in my eyes?  
    No one can make your dreams come true A thought provoking message from me to you If I want to make an imprint on society
  I am from Starbucks and skinny girls in mansions. I am from can I feel your hair and is it real ?
By my bed, at night, there are three windows Sometimes the moon travels from the first to the third  Sometimes the moon stays on the second
"mamá,  i’m not a kid anymore!" she raises her right eyebrow in disapproval— the look.  clack... clack...clack...
The salt stings my eyes, As tears blur my vision. But I refuse to let them fall.   The skin on my palms now covered wih little crescent moons,  As the fear of losing you becomes real
The salt stings my eyes, As tears blur my vision. But I refuse to let them fall.   The skin on my palms now covered wih little crescent moons,  As the fear of losing you becomes real
I remember the Cinderella dress and slipper shoes that I used to use I would dazzle myself in jewels that would shine once the sun reflected onto it
Heart Breaking Tear Inducing My world stopped when you left Sleepless Nights Numb Feelings I couldn’t pick myself back up I wanted to forget I wanted to stop existing All together
I am a cloud I will water this land I will see it grow Nothing can destroy me My hope keeps me strong I can see the acid they pour It is weak Their attempts cannot stop a storm
When I was younger I could not wait to grow up I would see all these people and admire their glow up Little did I know that it was all trap Because just when I hit 18 there was no going back
Balance I go to the city to gain the knowledge and grab the tools. I deepen my practice and learn the rules.   In the city is where the people are.  Where the jobs are, 
the biggest change happened during spring of junior year when i saw my father  cry and i realized that those who seem the strongest are those who are most broken I realized that I
There’s something in the water  Just below the surface  Every time I look away it glimmers.  A gentle splash  Lapping of water on the hull of my leaky boat.
Skin of bronze hair of cashmere I do what I want to I say what I want to say Born with heavy horns My hard head was inevitable   In the very place that passion meets pain
Like a flower bright and tall Surrounded by weeds But shines and never hides Making it through Being pulled down to doom  
Maybe you should just try to let them in Try to let them see that you're hurting, that you're hurt by his words. He damaged her beyond repair yet here she is... brOKen.  I'm okay she says, I'm fine seriously.
Some souls burn bright Passion and fire mix and fight Twist and turn Every breath feels like you're gulping air and inhaling water There is a churning in your heart Your soul leaps to beat against your ribs,
Biting wind makes music against my skin in the way my mother used to trace her fingers across my cheeks. The place where I stand on my own two feet, brought higher from the solitude,
She laid down in her light pink bed Her body of gold glowing a little less than usual. She cried sparkly tears, Blew her nose into pearly white tissues,
crack, smack, punk I heard him hit you for the last time  crack, smack, punk  God, how dare you hit your wife, a crime  thwack, whip, punk  Your kids are frozen in shock, just one room over 
Embrionic shell sheltered. Roots run deeply shoots spring forth  to the light of  Day, Truth, and Life. Steadily, steadily,  loving trusting. Intermission-------
Embrionic shell sheltered. Roots run deeply shoots spring forth  to the light of  Day, Truth, and Life. Steadily, steadily,  loving trusting. Intermission-------
To the girl who could memorize lines and perform them on stage in front of hundreds.  I beg of you to come back.  Come back to me, whose fears and anxiety drive me more than my passion. 
Working against the current Fighting for what you want Feeling the rocks snag your clothes The water run through your fingers Salt spray stinging your eyes.
Looked down upon as a songbird With broken wings Whose feeble voice Could barely sing, But the forest floor
There were always those small moments: The first time I drove myself to a friends The first time I told my mom I was going to be my friends’ DD
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I Stand. The fires burn me and I stand. The people scorn me, and I stand. Darkness hunts me, and I stand.  
She told me that being strong meant to suffer.   And I couldn't possibly fathom her words, What mother, after all, tells her child to suffer?
I could never come to terms with how  you viewed me.    You’re so pretty.  You’re so capable. You have so much potential.   You said that to me the other day.  
You wear a brave facade to hide your fear of the dark. Looking Looking for another light to follow because your own light has finally dimmed
Robbed of a sweet childhood, you stole my innocence. I wanted to save you and you punished me for loving you. I wanted to take your pain away, you wanted to intensify my heartache.  
Reach the sky, trust the sun  and crave its kindness. Rely on the orchestra of rain to quench your thirst. Depend on the lavish ground to stand tall.   When Winter dethrones warmth,
How hard is it to breathe? When your mind is not at ease? In a sense you think you're fine, try to hold it in inside. You affirm yourself, "I got this". But you're not the kind who's reckless.
Fear tells you to stand where you are. Don't move. What if I want to get somewhere? Well you have to take a step out there.
Fear can be a paralyzing thing.It keeps us from taking risks,from putting ourselves out there,from making ourselves completely vulnerable.
Pacing the hallway back and forth, I feel my breath quicken with each step. I receive the signal to enter the room,
Her breathing reminds her of the sea  strong inhales like water being pulled from the sand building potential, building tension deep exhales hit like the force of waves 
  You’re my enemy but my friend I always wonder when you’ll end You motivate me to do work If I don’t then I will feel worse My mind runs like a bomb Even when I’m feeling calm
you're four and pocahontas is your world. mommy and daddy don't understand, 'you want to marry the princess? you can't.' (they don't know why you're confused.)
I think I am happy I smile and laugh I have friends I have family but... I am sad I am stressed I am scared and I am worried but... I am strong I am independent
Strength takes persistence We face this situation every day But as long as you cross the finish line Anxiety fades away.
i am tired exhausted drained  completely of being afraid fear anxiety worry a perpetual chain locked around my ankles always holding me back
One for airplanes, heights, ladders, and jumping headfirst  into lakes. Two for condescending,menacing, phony, fakes. Three for waiters, teenagers, blondes and the elderly.
I want to speak one more Language That everybody can easily speak Same as our food and the beverage If not, it means, we are weak  
Common Pain   The young woman traumatized The events that guided taught her lessons about life Rich in memories and lessons, while others are broke
I am not afraid of fear, But yet he calls my name. Calling me, and taunting me, And putting me to shame. And though his voice cries out, I will not lend my ear— I will not bend my will— To the one that they call fear.
You are indeed an awesome enchanting giftPlease stop walking in a field of griefLife's sometimes wicked and full of prejudiceBut remember you're lovely amidst these tumult and hasteOur life isn't always a happy feast
When you choose sadness to take over the depths of your heartThen you let doubts and anxieties prevail over joyAnd when you opt to have your smile vanish in a whirlwind of fear
Courage and strength in the midst of her fear Disguises her feelings, though she woke up in tears   Uneven, rocky, and rough her journey will be Winding and long her roads are temporarily
Do you know how frustrating it is, To be criss-crossed, Overturned, Outnumbered, By men who don’t see my worth?
how did I overcome one of my fears?/well, there were many days of failure./days of grief that destroyed me./days of sadness that buried me./days of darkness that blinded me./but, between the hurt,/the pain,/the suffering,/there were days of joy./d
Bleeding, crying and hiding. Scared of the train that went past your house at exactly midnight, but really just scared of everything. You were supposed to run wild and build blanket forts.
How wonderful you cannot choose The place and part you least will bruise For all the phases: yellow, green Some unsightly, some unseen You would miss out, you would not get The new from different sustance skin
  “It’s only a test. It’s only an hour.” That’s what they say. That’s what they tell me But no, it’s a clear restraint of my power. I can’t move; I can’t breathe; I can’t strive to be free.  
flowers deflowered when anxious hands tug on life not theirs vibrant pigments say, i'm right for the plucking plush filled pistils, ripe with life. snatched by roots reminded of my frailty.
i tried to love you the way any daughter would i tried to do everything talk yell argue counsel hug fake smile   talk  yell argue counsel hug
It's there. Sitting in the corner of my mind. Waiting for me to weaken. I'm sick and tired. It strikes when my insecurities are left bare. Leaving me to search and find.
I whistle a tune  unbeknownst to all subjugating aerodynamics take flight in the V, they quack no? I chose the letter G   I hum a melody that pricks the ears of Grays shall they
What makes us human? It's not our nationality, Not our ethnicity, Not our complexion, Nor occupation, social stature, Age, gender, religion, body size, hair texture, nor the colour of our eyes. But
I've born many a days Not ever sure that another would come And yet another one arrives Because it is not up to me to decide It's a gift that I cannot deny And the day that is last Is much too far off
I am here standing in the darkness. It is pitch black and cannot see a thing.  I stretch my hands feeling for something, anything. I hear a blood-curdling scream that sounds like a high pitched whistle. 
Love can be very expensive,  so save your money up.  A bitter sweet combination  like lemon and honey stuff  Never ever forget about the prize Focus from the moment you begin 
i   lonesome and awake watching the lighthouse swing beams scanning cowards through bedroom windows   foreboding dawn of a red planet universe of hopeless
Racism shouldn't have power, it should be powerless. Hatred should not be fruitful and allowed to multiply, the seeds it plants should be flowerless. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.
The haze Thats how it starts Blurry days She doesn’t know how to part The bottle in her hand is her savior She cant take back the memories of fear She couldn’t control her behavior
I had lost something Lost at sea it was not I set sail but all I found were people lost Some were following a captain Their actions commandeered by one voice But many were by their lonesome
Look at me with curiosity, why am I here, in such area? Look at me in disgust, why is my skin so dark unlike everyone else? Look at me in lust, as if my race is for pleasure.
Teach me, love.   Anger envelops me, I never resist it. This type of behavior will lead me to felonies. Please stain my memories. Teach me forgiveness.
“It gets better” A phrase i heard a lot From people who didn’t know what else to say Or who haven’t the experience for advice. A phrase that felt like an excuse
A star in the sky, A spark in my eye, A lady so strong, is not here any long. An inspiration for all, Is now forever gone. You left us without a word, You went away like a bird.
Even when I was small Ignorant of the world Unaware of what real life was, You gave me the strength to face it; To face adversity To face pain To face the unknown. Without your guidance,
My hair stands My body shakes from its cold breath It meets me around every corner And it makes me long to learn more from it It is fear.   Fear has made me want to learn more about my past
Maneuver, Manage, Manipulate You’re not the daring disciple But walk on a frightened river fervidly She doesn’t care if it’s a shuffle
They told you time would heal. That eventually you'd make progress. So you carry on. Sometimes you go days, weeks without crumbling.
Your percussion becomes a domed playground, And I'm swept by the cacophony of your sound. The cry of the violins moves me to tears, And you soothe my fears through all the years.
Mentally I’m falling Not physically of course. Physically I’m walking With a little bit of force.  
Don't Speak by Rebecca Olsen Looking around me I see disarray And drama tea. Don’t speak Put on your phony mask; you make me laugh. Don’t speak, hold your breath.  
Eternal burdens, you call them That which I carry on my back. For many years, they stay with me Without purpose to stay on track. Instead I revere those mentors Who have forced me to start again,
"Yo es fuerte." I met a girl who had gone through hell She had gone through and come back again I met a girl who had God in her eyes She had escaped without a trace of where she'd been She told me not to cry
Daddy Daddy  I don’t feel like myself  Daddy, I need you more than ever it’s my mental health  I can’t seem to understand why I still suffer  After seven long years, it’s getting tougher
Momma, Grandma, Aunties and Great Aunties And all the others that came before you and me Thank you for shaping me
Through all her pain and tremendous struggles she leads her children to be the warriors we were born to be Through the time I lived in a poor area she led me to follow my education and stay on the right path
To mentor means to guide, to guide means to navigate. Navigation is part of  the reason I’m who I am today.
A tree stands still.  It grows from a seedling, A small little thing destined to be something great.     A tree stands still.  Waiting for it's turn to shine. 
Proudly the scars and marks she flaunts No masks she ever needs to hide themThey are a reminder of her ever changing roles She is an epitome of grit and strength 
In this world I do not understand I have found there are many things to love The earth, the wind, the sky, the beauty and everything that exists above   There are many things to love
I fell in love at a bus stop I fell in love and came out on top I fell for him and it was my fault I fell in love at a bus stop   Across the rows I crossed alone More than hope
Whisper here, Whisper there, I heard you whisper in his ear, Told him the gossiper's word, With the forbidden glare.   The hallway, a lounge, The lockers, full of the smoky words of cold hounds.
I fight the darkness of the heart The hidden and dangerous part Closed with a bolt, local and key The secret of forgotten past left to be Lost, there is no way I see out, Deepening darkness creates my doubt
he asks me, “what has poetry taught  you? why is it so important?”   i ponder the question for a moment and  think about the women who  came before me, the poets who have inspired my
I walk on a thin line. The one that leads to nothing. On either side, a place I am scared to be. I walk in hope of something to revive me.
Resilience Resilient. Tough. Strong. Euphemisms for life having gone on. Because every morning I paint on a smile And tell myself I will be okay after a while.
stomach flutters out of fright out of nervousness out of might butterflies churning all around waiting to burst out making a rainbow across the sky as she says "yes" to the girl she loves
Power to the fist  Power to defeat  Power to challenge  Vested in a pen, a pencil, a feather was the power to plaster my emotions  Doesn’t sound too strong but let me fill you in on a secret  It is
My heart is pounding. My head is racing with every single outcome in my head as my phone sits in between my palms with a decision to make that wouldn’t be easy.
Wish, not I, to dedicate a sonnet To surreptitious love, brutish sorrow,
Wish, not I, to dedicate a sonnet
In her tattered notebook,  She finds solace.  The yellowing crinkled pages aboard a vessel, tucked away behind a cabin door.  Much like herself, the faded treasures she hides have yet to wash ashore. 
by Ariel Douglas (July 2016)   Every morning it’s the same The two sit together, just inside the door Like two medieval soldiers taking the night watch
The ones who walk away Are the ones who don’t care,They can’t be bothered to.  
  Poetry taught me to grow, That opening up didn't make me weak but strong, Strong as hell.   Because poetry is not calm waters But a strong wind Wrapping your hair around your head,
It took me a while to see that what we had was not love, But what I found here, I'll never fall for a carbon copy again. The words read here are to heal, not to offend,  So with that being said  
Mother, please don’t go away. You know how I love you… I’m calling you, please answer me! Please don’t go please not now!   Do you hear me calling?
Through the words flowing from this pen, almost seamlessly it feels, I have discovered what lies in the deepest corners of my mind, things I never imagined I could touch.   People have always told me,
Why is it that the best muses are love and pain?   Because they are strong. Why do people feel them so easily?
I'm sorry that love drove me crazy, I was the one that drove the wedge even deeper Through the bridge that we built for years, can you lie and say that it just fell on its own I lied, you cheated, to myself, on me again and again, and you cried fo
People all over the world are dying. Their prayers and hopes turn into crying. Turn on the news and what do we see but another catastrophe, now multiplied by three. Seeing talks of nothing but things like war.
A dark abyss swallows my soulLonely and cold, out of controlI push and I pushInside, always breakingNever forgetting, Never forsakingA smile, simpleIt hides my fear
Depression destroys the beautiful mind,  Depression destroys beautiful eyes. Don't let depression ruin a good time,  Don't let depression fill your head with lies. Beauty of the mind overcomes depression,
I weakened myself for you.   You stuck three nails in my chest  Making it hard for me to breath.  You heard me crying out for help but you acted like you could not hear.
hola pequeño árbolcito. si caigo sobre ti, será crítico, si te doblo seguramente romperás, Pero debes leer en tu díptico si lo sobrevives un poco más,  crecerás un poco más fuerte,
Trouble Is An Object, You Don't Really Want It. Pass It To The Next Man, Maybe He Will Want It.   Maybe He Will Flaunt It, Attracted To Its Danger. Or Draw Back And Cast It, In The Direction Of His Anger.   Trouble Is An Object, That Can Transform
He sat in a corner, all hunched up and scared. His eyes red and streaming from his cloudy mind. His jeans ripped just as his cheek is; His hair mangled just as his shirt is.
Dear glass child The way the sun shines through you is blinding  It looks like heavens pouring out of your skin Dear glass child You are so beautiful
Im sleeping on the inside With my eyes open wide Inside I feel uninspired But my eyes show my true side I want to win,win,win! And live life and not just exist Get the boat to the shore
Control is my strength "Stand tall", is all I have left No room for weakness
To my dear old friend,  
To the rose with tears in her petals.   Who wilts every morning as the suns rays illuminate her wounds   Who’s roots dig deep but were grown too thin to drink in life  
“Zebra Baby,” The words echoed. A label for an animal, Yet it was meant for me. Did I have stripes on my skin? Is that why eyes trailed along my length in public?
Dear Fear,   You remember me, I’m sure. You pick me apart at the seams. You make me feel insecure, And attack my self-esteem.   You know my pressure points, Know just where to strike.
Hey little me,   I know that nothing has been okay, and I know that you're afraid. I know that you're alone. I know that all of the scrapes and bruises they are nothing compared to what can't be seen.
To whoever may read these words,  
There are those that stand upon the hill Getting everything yet lusting still Then there are those upon the ground Getting nothing making little sound
Dear School Board,   You threaten me with your words With your long sentences of gibberish and peanut butter
Dear 1929, No shoes, no food, no water, The Great Depression is here. No toys, no games, no clothes, Kids like me have so much to fear. No roof on top of my head at night,
Dear Failure,   You do not define me. I don’t care what you are or the power you have. The pressure you give each and every day. You may trigger fear of the future at every waking moment but
Dear Colored People, Colored or not! We are people and should be treated as so. Colored or not! I still have to take on the many challenges that come within a day.
The world belongs to my backpack and I Amazon divine I belong to nowhere and no one, Not to you. I give my love away generously, Because it's mine,
Don’t let people burn you, for you are already a gracious fire. Don’t let people use you, for you have so much value.   They’ll come to you for warmth,
Dear Everyone, Though the lies of your mind may chain you And judgments of society cage you Stand up.   You are yours alone. No one can own you. You are the maker of your home. Stand up
Dear Confidence, I know you are hiding deep down inside. There's no reason to be scared there's no reason to hide. I need you more than ever my self esteem is low. I've been hiding in the dark,
Dear Baby girl,
To my own demons: Internal weakness, sin of sloth, why must you chain me down so?
Dear Depression, the oblivion and confusion that you have caused has led me to putting my entire life on pause. The dark unknown and pit of despair, makes me scream internally, and adheres to the axiom that “Life’s not fair”.
Dearest Reflection, The sun illuminates my room. You present yourself. Once upon a time, blue and hollow, now radiant like the star light flowing in. Your smile, once seldom, rare, and far between,
Look at your face and your hair's small curls you may not be a stick, but you have the whole world in your hands, between your shoulders, and even in your thighs.
It was sad but beautiful, the ways she learned to cry. How she learned not to use tears  to express how she truly felt. How she picked up a pen and rewrote her prayers and redrew her dreams.
The bird in me Recognizes the one inside you Somewhere in a corner ...with tattered wings ...chained legs...
Dear 2017, Thank you. Thank you for the pain. Thank you for the hurt. Thank you for the tears. Thank you for the hardships.
you are so full of life so full of color  that nothing i could say, will ever suffice  if i could take every memory of your brown eyes and all your heavy sighs,  i would pluck them like flowers
  Dear Hip Hop and Rap and other types of music that were traps for what I thought was a good beat but ended up being everything but that.  
To my ambition, To my dreams.   At first, you popped into my mind Like a grape from a vine, Whilst I watched Youtube videos of
when you hurt me you seem to forget that with every punch with every cut with every gash with every slap you are just  making tears fall that will water a tree
Show strength when fear is strongest Have patience when the struggle is longest Show love when hate is spewn For happiness will follow soon
At this point last year My family was a wreck (no pun intended). My brother had got hit By a car flying down the road
Dear Voice,    I don’t know if you can hear me, but I sure can hear you. I feel like you’re always present, even when you grant me moments of silence. Your murmurs underscore my days and nights.
To the girl who thought yesterday was today, She lowered her gaze, Her old ways haunting her. She withdrew her hand, Her presence in all absences. She bent her knees, Her fantasies shattered.
I am the small branch that breaks off From the broken tree I am the leaves that gets blown away By the waves in the sea Looking for strength and guidance, I seek- The help of others;
The Dragons, they soaredAbove Mountains, through cloudsEach guarded a hoardClaws sharp, and teeth baredThey’d fight to the deathProtecting what they treasured most
In the darkness of my mind, In the fog throughout my world, In the grey rain of my life You are there Like light piercing through the soul, Like whispers of clarity, Like a refuge from the storm
Home is a sanctuary, a place of love and warmth. Where a child's height is marked year after year on the laundry room wall. At Christmas time,  the smell of cookies and laughter 
The overwhelming exhale as I awake from a nightmare, those endless encounters with the fear of isolation, only drives me to become a more compelling individual who's mind is yet to be freed from torment and confusion. 'Expect the unexpected' the c
In the grass up on a hill Outside the city, I see you   Dear empty onion house Peeling and the feeling I get Unwrapping you For brighter insides, scrap the outsides  
To my future child,   I know your mind is somewhere dark as the whole world can be a twisted place where people seemingly enter your life just to knock you down
I feel my lungs fill with air It's my own type of prayer Throughout my spiritual journey  I make my body a place to feel worthy
Trees take time to grow Love takes time to grow Cannot be forced into something it is not or manipulated into moving faster than it is able
When am I going to find that special girl were I can take away all her hurt, all her pain, I want to love her unconditionally and show her that all this pain and's over.
#BecauseILoveYou Can I trust you? In high school I'm Currently in one. A relationship I mean It starts off all green and circumstantial
There’s something about the way the sun peaks over the snow covered mountains That makes me realize it’s a new day There’s something about the steam on the river That makes me see the warmth in the cold
She was a simple Desi girl Who was poked at for being Innocent, Shy, And resilient. They called her “the retarded Desi of the eighteenth century". Was her innocence what bothered
Because I love you…. I will allow you into my heart, I will share my secrets with you, Because I know they are safe with you. I will cry in front of you.. And with you..
Loving with passion and force. Pulled into this trance of what it should be. Who could it be? what if.....? I am not loved. Love shouldnt hurt but it does. Flenching at the thought of real affection.
People say that words carry weight And we understand it's true That words can be so heavy Even when they're so few It's their emotional pounds  That weigh you down That make you afraid
I will listen to society and I might cry at the words I hear, but I still do when she is wounded by her own sword And I will stand to say that I love her like a mother or sister
In some places, scars are  The most goregous, glimmering things you've ever seen.  Intricate designs telling of forgotten pains  And forged of blood.  They speak to the strength of their owner. 
I run from the room, the wing whipping my face and stinging my already red eyes. You never think it will end up wrong, you only feel it when you get there. I sit under the tree, and my stomach is sore from the sprint.
I do not have the time of day to play your silly games. There is so much more that I can live for. So, I will just get up and go. Your humor is bone-dry and you try too hard to be the nice guy.
He was a child when he figured out his life plan. Heartbreaker. Maybe he know his future occupation would consist of broken Tears seamlessly Streaming
I stand on the ledge  the water stares back,                                    But I                                            Am not alone  The breeze is cool and sticks to my skin  My throat closes and 
A falling daffodil Leaning, Screaming, Dreaming. Giving off radiance from its resilience.   Shining, Blinding, Posing, but never closing Its petals
the grass tangles around my toes causing a chill down my spine the soft chill of the earth brushing against the bottom of my soles, reminding me of the cold ocean that lives in your eyes 
A tunnel wide yawned before me as I travelled along my way, and I stepped in as traveler would, leaving behind the waning day.   As soon as I was in the dark as splash of colors lashed at me.
Because I love you, I will never hold you back, only push you further. Because I love you, I will never stop trying to keep our relationship strong. Because I love you, these 1,500 miles that are in between us will not be enough to break us.
you stole something from me. pieces of me I can never get back, and all the others after you will try to rebuild me, like the toys they
  The first time we met, you were shy and so awkward However, you swept me off my feet that very same day A year and a half later, we continued moving forward But as time flew by, your love for me turned gray
The Trap   I am the only one Who loves you Who else could ever love you?  
Because I love you, I hide the stars Behind bars. I tell the moon to stay awake a little longer, The sun to smile a little stronger, The rain to cry a little harder, And for you to be a little smarter.
  healthy relationships they are really special things they can be in each new friendship that someone brings it might be hard to find one at first but once they’re found
In life when situations are thrown at you there are two options To fight or flight To stand and fight for things in your life
Snow White doesn't stay in a house. She doesn't depend on a variety of dwarves who grump about. She goes outside.
I am a collection of the mistakes and dreams of those that I've loved A mind that never stops moving, accompanied by a heart that feels every beat and every tear A soul like mine is fortunate for love
When it all becomes too much and you can't seem to bear it all, know that you are stronger than this and you must continue to stand tall. Assure yourself that this is not the end,
Mom I am scared. I’m scared because I feel alone. I’m scared because she made me.
And life That blessed mother  She has her favorites  She gifts the evil  And destroys the good  And you are the best of them  So when life keeps hitting you 
I know it's best for my heart to try and keep from falling apart but sometimes trying is worse than crying, releasing pent up emotions and constantly lying
fly into your honey, free does your soul rest with the trees  can you hear the fairy angels calling, whispering to me I am 1nce up on my time I come to earth I offer rhymes
  I do not want to live solely on land. I do not want to lure in men. I don’t want to kill just because I sing. I don’t want a man just to get a ring.
I wish I were stronger— Strong enough to kill, To wield this blade against him And cut a smile into his throat.   Feet that dance on knives for my sweet voice—
My sisters name is Ariel, I am sure you all know her. She has such a soft heart and I've seen her conquer. We live in the ocean and she fell in love. She ran away to go live up above.
Dear Doubtful Loved Ones,   My mental illness is not a product Of failed relationships. My mental illness is not a result Of someone not loving me. My mental illness is not based
Once upon a time A girl loved a boy. A bewitching boy. A boy she had never met A boy she only knew from afar But a boy she loved nonetheless.   One day the girl got a message
You want me to cry, to falter and give in. You desire my weakness and lack of fortitude. For prey that is weak, it is simple; for prey that is strong, it is adamant and callous.  
Just because I smile, don't believe I've never been through anything. Just because I'm not breaking doesn't mean I've never been broken before. You never see me cry because I've always had to be strong.
black girlYour skin is of goldIt shines ever so brightly in the sunThe sun kisses your skin ever so softlyCreated from brown sugar, cocoa, and honeyOh so sweet you areBlack girl
I was planted among thorns Sharp and merciless, picking flesh from my body I could not walk or scream or sing So I stayed among the thorns
Ya nigga played you but you blamin' bitches, throwin the blame because you know he was wit us fuckin' other females but sayin he love you, the reason you take him back because he admit that he does it
In the unknown and uncharted spheres of the universe, Lived a man who cradled our Earth, Tucked behind his sturdy neck and bulky arms, he immersed, Truly, in his own worth.
She woke up the night before Hair as soft as silk Smooth curves nicely served just for you She put her destiny in your arms before Yet You treated her like a whore
Once upon a time, All the stories and nursery rhymes floated through the air, filling the room with magic and hope. Back when we were innocent, and didn't know  that that isn't how the world works.
Words I use to build up hope. These words I use to help me cope. To deal with the pain, I felt for years. To help me with these childish fears. Words I use to express my Soul.
The story begins long ago, A new world they called it, Ready for civilization. Like a diamond in the dark, Its heart began to pump the blood Of freedom.   Freedom from And freedom to,
Protected Strong The flag ripples in the wind so beautiful, frail, strong like our soldiers starting as frail beautiful people
America the Beautiful With the open fields and high mountains And the clouds dancing across the skyline America the Strong With a military protecting our citizens And our citizens protecting our rights
I am who I am, I am what I am, I am who I want to be, what I am meant to be, What I have survived, What I have struggled.  
The sad part is how easy it would be to just give it all up. To forget the work to forget the dream the sweat the blood  the tears.   It is a matter of will they say
In the land of the free we enslave each other We're suppose to love, but instead we betray our own sister and brother We have the chance to overcome, but we hold ourselves back
When they questioned our religion,  America stood. When they threatened our freedom, America stood. When they fought us and tried to take us down, America stood.
abortion  abandoned  kid, don't you know what you've done?  why, why, why?  don't you want to be a mom? maybe it wasn't your choice, no maybe it was God's  rape did not take your voice
She's a woman, what has she to say? Truth be told, I could list off every issue, I could tell you all day. I know how you think, I know how your mind works. After all, being male has to have its perks.
Best life with new world Test all parts of the work And contribute our life Is that NEW vision
What is a stress For one we miss force And that beat Lagos Lead to miss strong   Let me express a stress  By explanation of strength In which I have experience Ad dig a stress a hole
The brightest rose in the ground The most majestic of flowers Stood taller than the tallest man With a mighty stance. It’s leaves stretched from sea to sea With green of speckled frog.
I see wisdom
She will never let you soak up a tear and she will beg you to have no fear because she was perfect before you and she will rise once again too.   Yes, she may ask you to her door, but for now
  Summation of sacrifice. Resilient. Loud. Pero Calladitas. Scrappy. Intelligent. Deep feeling. Strong.   We are mijas.   We are daughters of immigrants.   That is what we are.
Last year I was at a funeral for my grandmother. My strong, polish grandmother Who grew up in Dachau concentration camp. We all wept, Me especially,
Turn back the clock and head back to the very start.The very first page, when I still had no broken heart.When all was right in the world and I was still his little girl.When I was still naive and I still believed in me. Roads take us away, we pic
A house party thrown, his parents out of town-- drinks were flowing, ”pong balls” flying smoking, laughing, dancing and music. There was a sixteen year old girl, invited by chance.
Who she was last year, Compared to what she is now. A vessel of honey, Transformed into malt vinegar. But is it a surprise that a girl so young and hopeful 
the damage isn’t done, we convince ourselves as we sit in a row on the curb sunken arms draped over our knees.   a hodgepodge congregation of prayers in vain, because who is there to ask
I'm done, but   I want more, though   I'm tired and overworked   my eyes have got luggage and my head has begun to hurt   I'm getting by on mania
20 years young Prime of my life Goal driven Motivated  Bed by 10 every night Nothing can stop me Nothing can hold me back April comes  Family gathers  To hear news
I remember the days we spent together, Filled with laughter and endless adventure. I remember all the years that passed, Bringing us closer with each rising sun.
We took a step back, I think. Interpret how you will, but I will interpret this year as thorns we have placed in our own fingertips preventing ourselves from moving and pretending we have been brushed
The dark clouds roll in with the promise of rain. And I sit here staring out the window with tear stained cheeks, alone in an empty room where the shadows creep. I await the crying of the sky
Around age thirteen, freshman year is where life began for me Rising up from my cocoon so that the world would take notice of my identity I was quiet but passionate, Reserved but determined
Hearts   Something you are given at birth A sense of love, happiness Sadness, pain and family A beautiful yet treacherous
The excessive beeping shot through my ears That of a cellphone Rather than the alarm that brought me tears The controlling boyfriend is what I feared   His voice shot through the phone
This moment right here, Is when you learn to heal on your own. Make amends to fact that his body can no longer lay next to you As you weep your struggles to his shoulders.
I'm done hidding in the shadows. Let the poeple come with their words as daggers, and their glares as swords. Let the people come with their arrogance that buries hopes and dreams
a tree in the forest  standing tall will it not bend to the winter's song ? a rock in the river  holding fast  through storm and flood  will the stone last? a flower in the meadow 
There was a time not so long ago When my mind was like a ball of yarn Tightly wound Thread upon strict thread And I was certain of one thing: My shape would not change And I would remain as I was
Just when you will want to step outside in the world, it will tire you, petrify you, bruise you. Just then you will be able to beface reality,  Your fancy pyramids, will be demolished, effaced and ashed.
Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Catchy, cuddly, and cute. Have you considered its true meaning?   Just keep walking. Just keep walking. Not catchy, not cuddly, and not cute.
Emotional healing and heartache, /  Her Mother coddle her as if she was /  Seven years old, /  Red plump cheeks, /  Streams of water spilled down /  Hitting the tongue in a form of /  A salty back-slap of /  Betrayal for not being able to /   Hold
  You can’t play footsies with combat boots   Thick like your thighs Heavy like your body
Sunshine other than the Rays outsideThe sunshine I see everyday of my lifeWhile in person or dream or my thoughts dailyI always recall you're passionate eyes and you're sweet kissThe burn between us is the spark they sayThe sizzle of love cooking
November 26th, 2016 I sit in my room Crying Hoping  Surviving Welcome to seventeen year old me Currently crying that you probably did not get into your top choice for college
Echoes bouncing off the walls from your tongueWhispers dance across your teeth, you are youngThe muscles flex in your face, next to your lips, a smileA feeling grows deep within me, my heart beats wild
The room reeked of the smell Of my parent’s disownment, Once again I was back in crazy town.   They didn’t understand
Shoveling driveways, my ligaments at risk of a deep freeze, I earn my worth.Saving money, temptations of Pinterest, I earn my worth.Studying units, sleep deprivation clawing at the backs of my eyelids, I earn my worth.Building a GPA, drowning in a
Hello little soul flower  It is I, the Sun shining bright on you  I've noticed you've been hiding from me  But why?    It seems to me that you believe you cannot grow as tall as the other soul flowers 
My battles are not won through soldiers. I, rather, battle what cannot be seen.   The war is ugly, brutal.
Her prowess is unparalleled, Suppression never dissuaded all that she is-- An ephemeral incandescence-- ceasing relentlessly
test me  i dare you: because one day i will have had enough  and you will realize that though i may be a freak  i am a freak to be reckoned with so remember that when you go to push me down 
Let me go hide in a forest of birches And watch me drown as heaviness seeps Under my skin See me drench myself with fake stories With courage letters in them And watch me stand up tall 
You say you love much But the bruises are her face show you loved her too much. The cycle of 'I hate yous' and 'I love yyous'is getting old.
The sea is mighty and great With tides threatening to consume everything The air is misty with the ocean spray And loud with the wave's roar   The sight is a beautiful one indeed
One two, down up And there she goes She flies high Smiles bright   Two, three, four One two and down Feet back on the ground We cheer   A pause for the boys
I wake up with anchors tied to my limbs, a burden too big to toss I open my eyes attempt to arise but fatigued my body's at a loss The bitter cold runs through me, my blanket carreses my face
Let us talk about what makes me feel good. But this time, I won't share it on my therapist's green couch or my psychiatrist's wooden chair or to myself when I feel myself slowly start to slip.
There are days without light days made of permanent night. days full of hateful thought days where it's all for not. everything is void, chaos, making me paranoid. There is but one thing
  Throughout the strains, pulls, pinches Pains and cringes, I live through it.   Alarm rings. Right leg over left,
Being awoken  And opening my eyes To the sunshine Every morning When I could only see darkness Showed me that There was more to me Than my mental illness   It gave me a reason
Why do i complain? What can i solve? Just a girl standing at five one, I couldn't stand tall if my God had blessed me so. A loser from a small town, in one small school in one small district 
Getting lost in sadness, nowhere to go, holidng on for those things special. that you have once known. A pets love, with compassion and strengtth giving you courage, hold on another day,
It is a cruel world out there But, we must find the strength to live It cannot stay cloudy forever Something has got to give Everyone goes through the struggle That is where we learn the lesson
Through tears, Through the months, Through the pain, I wait. Many feel sorry, Many stare, Many judge, But they don't get me. Pain is a hurdle, Pain is a challenge,
Alone, I could sit for an eternity, afraid, shallow, and weak. Quite, I could last a century, a poet without a word to speak. Lost, I could feel with no memory of the years, month or week  
Drugs cannot harm you Every drug needs a catalyst and that catalyst is you What were you thinking  when you were drinking Did you see the bottle as the enemy? Or yourself Every human can be a superhero
Your first day at a new schoolThe first time I turned around in class to ask you a questionThe first time I gave you a ride to soccer practiceThe first time we went skiing in Colorado together
It's inevitable. We all shout, cry, scream, and drown in our dark thoughts But it's how we decide to fight those moments that makes us unique, Me- I go back in time.
“Why don’t people know about this.” I think As my body soars away from my seat I feel as thought I’m filling the space   like water once shaped to the pipes
Sitting on the windowsill, Let's pop another pill.I see the life leave your eyes, All they did was ostracize.
When the odds are stacked against you, Believe. When failure is not an option, Believe.  All heros started from nothing, but they Believed. No matter what age, gender, or race you are,
 you are stronger than you think;  strong enough to come back from the brink strong enough to write what i can't say; strong enough to save someone else's day you'll always be strong enough
Warm night clinched by melodious laughter, As I wade through life like water, Is my last memory as someone's innocent daughter.   Bright lights, dark shadows, Is the last thing my body knows,
Just because you cannot see the scars does not mean that they are not there. It does not mean that the thought did not cross my mind like the blade crosses your skin.
Fifteen years old, You finally can fill a training bra.   The boy behind you in class whispers,
I feel my toes in the sand and look back I look back at who I was and feel small I was the sand, soft and pliable and weak The waves, they used to push and crash on me They were strong and forceful and full of life
Dear Fear- I apologize for the silly rhyme, But it’s time we had a talk. You see, I've been meaning to write this for a while
  Where our voice cannot reach Poetry is the bridgework We write what we cannot say out loud And our voices are deafening  
when you left me I killed a spider crawling down my walls screaming at a friend that now I have to be strong as I crossed the gap into her universe   before you left me you killed
You spend your whole life building a brick wall. You on one side. The other unknown. One day you hear a soft knock. A whisper. A tentative voice coaxing you to, just come over.
thing is im weak so I fall to my knees I beg to you God please oh please help me  I need your strength to help fight this painyou are my light that guides the night I beg to you God please oh please help me  give me wisdom give me peace walk w/ me
Oh my weary loving king, rest your mind, and see what dreams the night will bring. Put your worried mind at ease, and know our love, no boundaries sees.
I slowly closed my eyes. Awake in the forest. The background of blurred colors began to die. I still saw your silhouette staring back at mines. When I was younger. I weeped.
It seemed as if all the words that were never there came rushing into me like a breath of fresh air.   The stale state I had lived in day after day
We’re not steel We can’t be hit and not fall We can‘t fall and not be broken We can’t  always ignore the critics that judge us at every corner
White. Just write. On the blank pages. Your life. A story not yet written in stone. They make erasers for a reason. But you wrote in pen. Forget him. While you're begging for him, you're forgetting yourself. Dry your tears.
I remember when I first talked to him. He was awkward, he was polite, he was grammatically correct. I didn’t think we’d have that click. He’s the one I go to when I feel alone, when everything is caving in and making it hard for me to breathe.
It hurts again This familiar pain The ache in your chest The depressing rain The gloomy sky So high above It feels cold And chilly And somehow wet And it feels like
The monster knocks,knocks knocks, collectively at our minds and lingers there daring to be moved away from its throne. Fear they call it, reigns over our thoughts
Words slapped me in the face With their crimson fury Without hesitation I let them envelop me Watering myself in a shower of emotion
I've been down for so long I forgot how to stand up You told me to get up So I can see the sunse  Ive been in the dark for so long I forgot what it looked like I was hesitant 
I never realized how much I was missing out on life Never realized I was still in the night You found me smoking a cigarette and you reached out your hand Why me?
I wonder if we were all born with the same capacity to be happy If we wake up one morning and decide that happiness is for chumps and I, my friend, am no chump If the sun rises for the just as well as those less fortunate
Little brown girl we have a bad rep, Of having an attitude and snappin’ our neck And when you don’t feel accepted by the world, Just remember we are God’s precious girls
I glare at the full-length mirror trying to comprehend this mess you see in me. You stare at my flaws, these holes in my life, blaming them for the problem burning at your core.
Clumsy moves on tippy toes spinning on those itchy carpet floors vibrant colors and familiar smells he takes it all he takes some more... mothers voice and soothing hands knotted hair and sticky fingers
With the flow of angry fighting words, I take my final stand Soaring brighter ever higher in the fire of my own hands   My great song will not diminish in this whirl of wonder when
There's something deep about this love. Deep goes the love that flows from our Father's heart. How far does it go? We don't know, but yet we do know. Because a man died and rose from the grave.
Safe Zone, Safe Zone shattered into pieces. Running towards something, anything to believe in. Hope slowly decaing, leaving me bare with darkeness. Help, I need someone
I bear on my shouldersThe weight of a thousand crowsWith their weight, they just watch and waitEvery second, every dayHoping for me to fall downSo I can feel my bodyAs it rots in their dirty mouths
The old wooden door creaked as it opened And it reminded me of the sound of my bones. While I watched you walk in My knees shook, almost as much as my hands, as I listened to the only sound I could hear:
You are a mountain
If you had asked me a couple months ago the question “What is the one thing or one person you could not live without,” I would have answered, without hesitation or doubt in my mind.   I would have told you it was him.
I cannot live without knowing that I am in control of my life... I am a dancing flame. I am everlasting and vibrant. I glow brighter with every passing hour.
Chocolate rolled curls and a wide bridged nose Your absence invokes poignancy in me And yet, I am gay at the sound of your twinkling voice Calling me sunshine, your angel, your baby
I saw a black bird today  I noticed its beauty  The grace it held, when it flew away  Don't know where it went but I know it was doing its duty  I saw that same black bird again 
She is the war, the carnage in my head, who speaks with bullets of lead and erects barbed wire fences. I am the rain, who settles down her rage and drowns out the fight
A flower, A beautiful bloom, A well-lit room, A beautiful girl, Latina and lovely. She made my scars beautiful, With the soft touch of a sharpie, And the graceful touch of art.
Being alone Is all I own. But there's nothing, no, When they all go.   A facade I wear... Why should I care When my feelings no one shares, When wherever I go, Nobody's there?
They ask me what I could never do without and I am tempted to say a name or a place But I realize now what I could not survive without
Someone once told me  A man doesn't cry He also isn't weak Alright, ok So, I should become a machine incapable of emotion then? What's so wrong with crying every now and often?
What does one say that hasn't already been said, When you sit down and cry at the end of your bed? Your heart is heavy, wrenched, and torn. Your face streaked with tears,     eyes forlorn.
On an island of quiet, with thoughts kept at bay More dangerous than the rocks and the cold, the wind and the rain. What can make it better?  What can pass the time?
It is plastered upon faces Determines choices that need to be made Feelings may be hurt Connections between families can be saved  
Live like checking into a motel at three in the morning and fumbling with the keys to open the door. Live like fortuitously shocking someone and feeling the electricity expel from your being to another.
Farewell, old friend. “Friend”, a term I hated to be called by you. A naïve conclusion on my part, looking in retrospect.
Hope keeps us strong Hope keeps us going Hope will get me through it Hope will save me Hope will let me rest in peace Hope will let me survive Hope is all I need
Those who have felt it know its impossible now to forget. How consuming the darkness is  yet we were not done, were we? We still have our time left,  our strength to move on. "Come, Consume me," I say.
I am going to live I am going to run with the stars and Scream at the sky   James Joyce will hold my hand And we will walk in a connected world As the trees mutter a familiar tune  
I find myself accepting how difficult it is to collect my feelings on paper. I am staring at my wall. I look out of my window; my elbows on the sill, palms inward on my warm cheeks.
Lurking in unsual places  Often hard to find, Shining bright on strangers faces  with grace it falls to the blind, Making doubters optimistic Showing things in diffrent light  
The world is crying  cause children are starving  while inside your dying  and you can't stop the heartache  the dealers are buying  the people are lying but you can't stop trying  to fight it
For a chance to get a glimpse of one of the most significant times in my life, and look into eyes of hazel to recognize an enigma soul.
I refuse to stand here without you Choosing to move forward knowing we'll find each other again Here I try attempting this impossible task But soon realizing there is no need
A Voice, Barely a whisper, But load enough to be heard.   A light, Barely a flicker, But bright enough to be seen.   A shimmer of hope, A flicker of joy, A glimmer of love.
Sometimes your burdens will throw you around But when you’re too high, I’ll be your ground. When you’re swirling and spiraling with the wind I’ll be waiting with stitches, your soul to mend.  
On a deserted island, here I amDoomed to die, in the sandI won't bring any tears to let cryOr something to hold, like someone's hand.
Trapped in a generation of social terrorization Where thousands of hearts seek rehabilitation  The halls are filled with the sound of gossip popping like machine guns
I hang here on a chain dangling fowards and backwards  I am the punching bag Harder than a pillow, safer than a board  Punch me when you're mad, punch me when you're bored 
"The Fated Flower  The Final breath                  Understand,                   A fate called death The gentle lion The loyal horse                     May have seen,
Little ego for self-esteemPatience when you go off beamStubbornness when you think you are just
Shame me Break me Blame me Hate me Hurt me Stay silent, I tell myself While you tell me I'm not worth it I don't call out for help Because I don't deserve it but you don't realize
This one goes out to all of the girls sitting in the audienceWho have had their heart broken! Come on! Raise your hands!Don't be afraid to admit that some guys just deserve to go to Hell!
"Anger, Wisdom, Regret, Pain,  They think my life is just a game I can't stand another minute But if I fold now I'll be defeated  Their torture stings like a thousand knives But I can't trust these awful lies
He calls me an "old soul" 
To the girl Who would walk down the halls lined with fire Venture blind into the tall grasses
" I am a women of Power" with strength and matter, all girls matter, i am strong and made of steel, i can make all things come real, with a heart of gold my heart is my soul, I am a women,
They say mankind will kill himself But what am I supposed to do if I’m born in a war If my life is on the line……play victim, inflame my heart with fear? When the only thing I fear is God
All I really need is me.   Just me. I am not conceited. I am whole.   If you were to remove me from society
we're dead while living. we're living but not breathing we were alive before being born, we grow without growing we see without seeing we hear but not everything we know
Even when I’m good You know the bad in me The troubles inside That I can’t see   You take care You hold on Search for me everywhere When I’m afraid to move on  
You know what? Pink is right! I am wonderful One of your best Memorable
The road I travel is narrow and made of stone, never flat, always an uphill curve On either side is the Forest of Temptations As I labor up the mountains the Forest tempts me with rest and play
What is a rock? Solid and strong. Formed by breaking free. I sit and I see.  Looking out into the ocean, I am there. The sea is on me, over me. I am solid and strong, Just like a rock.
Do you understand what feelings are? And that other people get them too? Do you know we all have battle scars Proof of all that we've been through?   Do you know that live hearts do care?
I am fire Wild and unforgiving  Soothing yet destructive My lips? They cannot be sealed I cannot be contained I started out as a match Insignificant, quiet But now I am a raging inferno
I am a seed about to break free. stretching my roots outaward, toward water, toward sunlight. I am a sapling learning to thrive. on my own, opening my eyes. I am a tree
Release (English Sonnet)   There was something about his eyes Like sadness crept in through his veins Made home of his heart where it’d hide Clouds of anger that swelled of rains.  
Hunting another calloused hand to hold I became lost in worlds of temptation, Used for beauty, hollowed, taken & sold To the pursuit of my validation.   Growing my muscles, both body and brain
Hold on, stop! Let me get a moment to myself. Give me just a moment…. can I get a breather for myself? Okay... okay, I got you after I get this for myself pleaseeee.
Am I. Who I am Or is who I am, What I'm supposed to be? Do I conform to others,or do others conform to me? Do I try to fit in like a lock and a key?
"Would you consider yourself to be a fighter?" A fiesty, runty, redhead I was. From the day hair sprouted on the top of my head to the day I shook my principal's hand and recieved my diploma.
When I was younger I thought adults were made of armor. Skin so tough no one could harm them. They knew everything, they couldn’t be stopped. My eyes beamed at the sight.
My body is a sieve. Full of holes, yet still whole. And intact.   It's a bit rusty in places- once shiny and new, the metal frame is tainted,
I felt bound to you The never ending feeling of a repeated broken cycle As I tried to leave , You would not let me go   I see a light in this pit and follow This light leading to the stair way of freedom
I am the scars my parents put on me as a child. From the abuse mentally and physically. Little did they know they scarred me sociologically too.  
    I’ve begun to realize the strength of the human spirit. How much pure tenacity it takes to decide to continue.   I've begun to realize that I’m more than a brain,
I done went up the mountain and uh i even back slid became a product of my environment I hopeless told God that I hope this life don't last forever why am I still here I know that there's something better than the chedder
I am but a shadow of light.  I am darkness, but He is white.  He is my strength in the storm,  My courage when I am worn.  The shadow that is me  Haunts, creeps, and begs me to flee.
Resilient. For I can sail my boat despite the chaotic storms. In the dictionary you would find my name, picture, soul next to the definition of resilient. What made me resilient? My battles.
When a person looks at themself, all they see is the skin and all the basic features- eyes, ears, mouth, hair (or lack thereof). That's it. That's all.    And, that mentality in itself is a shame.
Growing up I was insecure and had a lot of fears, Coming from a city that was build on music and cars Eventually being deprived and ruined by the men in the city. To me its like i was the city, I was Detroit!
Hear my prayer, oh Lord This is my cry out This is my petition I’ll let it be your decision   Hear the words from my lips I am weak from my enemies
Happiness is key And to those who don’t understand that, I am the giving tree Advice is an understatement
Love is a strange thing. It is unique, rare and almost impossible to find.   Yet, once felt, it can overwhelm every part of your body, tingling the veins.   
Every step taken, brings you towards something new   A fresh plain an even higher plateau    Do not take anything to heart   For its fragile yet constantly resilient 
Even though the shattered mirrors reflect a broken person scattered and young,
The Strength of My Soul By: Jomar A. Mendoza   Inside my soul, There lies the source of life. That very thing is a combination Of the souls of my ancestors.
I learned to write poems on my palms 
Words, so many words but They can never express fully the feelings that swell inside  threatening to spill out onto the sidewalk who's cement tries to be strong but 
In a world this size It's quite easy to feel small and unimportant But you can't let that get to you Because the moment it touches you You're lost forever
"Let me kiss away your pain" It's not that simple My scars are not visible But the cuts are deeper than any knife I don't let my struggle show  
We live in a world of impossible possibilities  A world where nothing is really reality
I'm not into the drug scene. I'm allergic to a few drugs.  Im not into being a slut. I was once treated as a sex object.  Im not into the latest thing. I was once so deeply involved so I could breathe. 
My name is not important,I am not my name. I am a lover and a listener,But also a strong fighter. Though my name identifies me,It doesn't tell my story.
I may feel alone but there's always someone with me I may feel unloved but I know someone loves me unconditionally 
When we were young and oblivious to the world Our parents nurtured us With age we came to develop into a self That has been weathered and battered by life
I am a woman with a vision. A vison so clear that I will break through all barriers to reach. I am a student. Despite all prejudements, I have made it to Howard University. I am a daughter.
I am not weak. {I won’t deny my flaws and insecurities. I’ve been bruised and broken in places, used and abused and pushed aside and wasted, disregarded and shamed, manipulated and blamed,
I was strong. I was stronger than you ever wanted me to be. I was strong in the face of your words, your actions, your “love”. You called me weak.
I don’t feel anger. Not that simmering rage that slowly grows inside of you, More and more being poured in every day until you just Explode. I get annoyed
I am invictus. This is my battle cry. A million armies can knock me down, but none will ever cease my fight.   Mountains rise before me and behind them hides the light, but I am not defeated
The weakness of being taken. I can't be taken from unless I am taken by. I can't be taken from somebody until I am somebody's to be taken from.
I am a voice for t
I Am Who I Am I Am A LoverI Am A StudentI Am A Coffee-LoverI Am A WomanI Am A Leader I Am Who I Am and You Can't Change That
I Am I am an exquisit masterpiece 
In a time that seems not that long ago, I wandered in the darkness. Life had finally came over me like a blanket of stress and pain, causing my very being to grow angry and hateful towards the world.
I am a survivor, a Rose 
I am more than me All the burdens on my back
My beginning was a fragile breath. A newborn soul, A simple being, born into a complex world. Growing up the world was blurry,  Innocence consumed all my thoughts while the world outside was anything but.
Isolated with my thoughts, dwindling into emptiness Wishing there was something to rip the pain from my chest Breathing becomes more difficult as my eyes begin to swell
I am weak but strong I wonder if I can live on my own. I hear my dad's voice guiding me. I see the people who thought I was nothing. I want to be successful.
There’s an abandoned lot beside my bus stop, a barren block of concrete vacated after floodwaters swept the local businesses away I’ve crossed this lot for years, at dawn with puffy red eyes and midnight with blisters on my feet
Life is a warzone An enemy at every side No one can deny That this is life But in this war I find excitement It’s wonderful Yet people think I’m crazy
Everyone knows the saying, "life isn't fair. Although the obstacles we face in life may make us more strong, dominant, and capable to conquer what challenge we will face
It is easy to feel pain, feel anger and feel bad about my life I want to stab the memories, to murder them with a knife Some days I stare at the mirror and it’s far from easy
Have you ever started to fall? And you realize that you’re falling And you know if you don’t catch yourself soon enough; it’ll turn into crawling.
I alway went by you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have that's why I tell people Be strong like there's an ending to pain Love life like you're living to gain
I woke up alarmed, the darkness asked to come in. "The devil lives inside of me" she said with a crooked grin. I looked into her bloodshot eyes, no soul within.
I dream a never ending story. The message is still not clear on this very morning. I am soaring over the valley safe from harm. I defy gravity, wind beneath each arm. Steady in flight I continue to soar.
Looking out of my window adventure is what I seek. Life is outside of this house that encloses me. The birds soar and fly free. Their passionate song inspires me.
Many are aware  That snowflakes are lone of a kind.  But countless would spare 
What is greatness?Is it love?
My Grandma’s Strength Your days span almost a century, Reaching back into misty foreign times Now only a few have seen that Which your eyes have witnessed Harder times, simpler times  
*in response to my n'th reading of The Book Thief by Mark Zusak*   It's 11am and 257 pages The words have rinsed over my beaten and bruised soul as the rain.  
Maybe it was the way you talked Or maybe it was the way you walked Maybe it was those moments you looked in my eyes and told me im beautiful Maybe it was the lies you told that kept me interested 
I am told Because of my color 
Insipred by the 2012 Waldo Canyon and 2013 Black Forest fires in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Broken. Brittle.  Uncapable. These are the  Words I hear. Everyday.  I believe it.  How can someone  So little change the world? But I am strong.  I am capable. 
My thoughts are not limited to my own mind. They are exponential exceeding the parameters of a tangent. But I want them to be organised which is why I focus on brain management. My own mind wants to unwind
Hard-core, A man with an iron will, Seeker of justice in a world of chaos.   He has his moments of weakness, vulnerability... But in such times she always holds him up, supports him,
She was a willow bending, a tearful beauty rooted and serene   He was the lightning,                                                            much too bright for his own good strong and destructive
I used to wish upon the stars, In hopes one day, It would free me, But as I grew older, so did my dismissal Of hope. As a child, all I wanted was love, All I wanted was to belong. But low and behold, I'm not good enough.
Here's to all the kids who make it through the end of the day and wake up for the next one  even though all they really want to do  is stay  and hide away.  
I think I might have just been  born of a disease. A disease where slowly my  flesh peels away  at the slightest remarks.  Where my eyes become to full and my heart become to weak
It's poetry it's freedom it's english it's knowledge it's strength it's hope it's power it's me
A fruitless rage  One without bound Builds up a barrier 
As I look for my new spiral notebook in the morning I see this old spiral notebook the yellow spiral notebook before that yellow spiral notebook, there were many spiral notebooks  
The Great Fall  
You took advantage of my feeble mindOverpowered my young bones
I don't understand why everybody cares so much. Look at me! I am tall. I am big. I am loud. I am strong. Where is the problem? Listen to me! I am smart. I am brave.
Limbs are lengthy like a tree. The smile is blossoms for all to see.   Voice of syrup sweetly flows, Kind despite all the highs and lows.   Through each winter the life persists,
The Soul  
How to find it is my dilemma. Where is it hiding, or am I hiding from it? The power in me I feel swelling. It is a dark purple wave at night, rippling, rising, roiling,
I don't really feel like writing today. I'd rather be naked on the ground, head-to-toe exposed, so I could really think and hear the pines rustle. I would bury my sadness in a funeral mound
My grandfather's hands tell a story
When you're left alone
It isn't t
We cannot become what we want to be remaing who we are today We wonder why as girls we bring down other girls because we all know how hard being a girl is Expensive makeup is everywhere
They always ask what makes you so sad or what triggers it but what they don't understand is that it's not just one thing.
I don't appreciate  when you approach me just to tell me that I'm so blessed  with such a sexy body.  And you have no right to be offended when  I don't kiss the ground you walk on
Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner Who's next? Me?
Look around ladies, and tell me what you seeSociety's telling us all how to act, look, and who to beBeyoncé said it best when she woke up without a flaw,Now raise up with pure confidence, make the doubters stand in awe.
“Just pull your hair up like this, let the world see your pretty face Just smile baby girl,  life is just an endless race   Don’t you cry when you fall to the ground
I suppose that in a way
Tears cascade down the young, broken girl's face
I can’t speak the words You so badly want to hear   And I can’t make it go away But I can ensure you have help here   You think you are weak When I know you are strong  
He chose how the world viewed himHe was social and lively exclaimed the pictures on the dresser;A great athlete, sung the awards on the walls,But he wasn't content, stated the moist tissues covered by the soft blankets.
A word, a word that gets thrown around,  something that you hear of but never affects you. 
I wonder what I can give, as far as wisdom goes,   for I am somewhat young and have many years to live. The cool Autumn wind blows
Through the lens, you see is a smiling girl.
Cry your final tears now,don't hold it in For tomorrow holds another chance to live again Keep your head held high in confidence and pride Just let go, relax, enjoy the ride Things will pan out in the end
Any man who has surveyed any land can tell another:
  The waves were my sanity The smell of the salt so crisp in the air surrounding me,  The crashing of the once so peaceful waves, The entire different world remaining under the surface  
 Today when I look in the mirror, I know that all I value is shown, I will have no fear, nor flee as a deer, I can not conceive how I must have grown,  To allow myself to perservere, 
You think I am different. You think I am amazing. You think I am flawless.
My emotion is bleeding staining everything in my possesion
She sits alone,No one be told,She’s right there,Dying to be held,To be shown a new way,Living past a life of shame,It seems like a game,Noone stays,Pain craves,Inside and Out,
Clean? Clean, clean, clean... clean... one more time... just one more... twice more... thirce more... I swear I'll stop... soap, water scrub, scrub, scrub hot, scaulding 
I wear a mask of stoicism. Even if the violence, The irritation, The hypocracy and hate, They get to me and cause my blood to boil. But, I can't let them get to me. My mask is what keeps me calm,
I am Flawless, Just open up your ears, I am Flawless without photoshop Now wait, this will make your jaw drop, You look inside the shiny magazines at the glamorous models there
When people look at me they see The oh so loving, witty, outgoing,
From day to day we fight to see the beauty behind thee, these cuts we cover dust to find the strength within the idea of we, anger leads to failure to go where we strive to be, denial of hope in the beauty we do not see,
Myself: who am I? Should that be a question or an affirmation? Who I am... is wonderful. I cannot be anyone but myself.  It is funny to wake up every morning being the same person...
I know something courses through my veins I know something is in me; a drum, a whip, a whisk I do not know if my veins are filled with blood or rain or fire or pain I'm not sure of what I can take, except for risks
Who do you turn to when
My hair, long and brown My face, straight and concentrated My body, short and ordinary None of it matters I can get through Whatever life throws at me My strength My desire My dedication
I am strong,Even if I do not belong.I am dedicated,Even if I am continually deprecated.I am loved,Even if hatred keeps me shoved.
Numbers that hurt, numbers that judge Like digits on scale, marks on tape Sewn on a tag, printed on a sticker Numbers we hide, that we dare not share.   But numbers with pride, numbers we earn
I am that brown spot on a white sheet That has climbed a mountain of success Not only to be defined, yes But to be unique in this generation, I am blessed With my brown eyes staring straight forward
I have such a beautiful smile,
Flaws ​I wake up and look in the mirror.
I am the queen, I am the ruler. My body is my kingdom. It may be quite war torn,
I look in the mirror to see if it cures,
You think you're in control? You think you can get to me? Well you're wrong. You may hurt me on my inside, but I'm a sheild on the outside. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. LIES!
There is a small voice
Though she is fragile and shy, her eyes tell a story she cannot hide.  Green as the leaf of a rose,  her eyes attract you. Why? You don't know.    Though she is fragile and shy,
I picked a flower and as the melody goes You love me not it landed on
I share my story And I dream I am not what anyone expects of me   I am beautiful And strong I will always stand tall   You can say what you want, What you think
Don't look that way Don't say those things There's another pretty woman Look away from the screens   They are supposed to define you
Today I want to say to all of you. I’m not a fan of a whole group chat. If I want them to know,
“People inspire you, or they drain you– Pick them wisely." -Hans F. Hansen
When I was eight, I ate fourteen times a day. Whatever I wanted, because I wanted it. Because food was my friend. When I turned thirteen,  food became to me,
I asked him once if he narrates things in his head The way that I do The way that We. Do. "GIRLS," society screams, "LOVELY, LONELY, UNKNOWINGLY BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!"
I want you to see the part of me that glass so often hides. Scrolling down your Instagram feed, you would barely even recognize me.    I want you to see the part of me that is hidden by makeup
You are a tree; A proud oak
There is an obvious difference between me and you Between quiet and loud Big and small   I am combustion-- The Big Bang Expanding infinately Exploding with passion  
I hope... Because I care... Because I love my friends... Family... Neighbors... The powerful message... Jesus taught me To love your neighbor as yourself If it wasn't for that
We all have dreams to strive for   a goal to reach to reach for   we just have to wait for the right moment   to get success like the Romans    
In today's society and social media, Beauty is changed in many ways. Social Media has changed our view of others.
My crooked smile and loud laugh Are things that make me flawless   My hyperactive crave for change Are things that make me lawless   My 4'10" stature and petite frame Attribute to my smallness
My hair my nails my tan? All rockin'! But how might you ask is my body not shockin'?
Who am I? You should know who I am. Standing tall, with my head up above. Looking beyond the present in hopes to build a future so strong no one could even grasp the concept of going backwards.
The layers of tears that I've cried have stung my eyes to that point of where seeing just becomes painful. I don't want to give up. But I'm being forced to give up. Or am I? No, this whole situation is fucking bullshit.
Why am I kickass?  My grades are quite high, for me the girls would die, I've got luscious brown hair,  when you're older you'll care, I jump high for my heighth also, I'm white.
Losing someone is hard, everyone knows that.  It is especially hard when that someone is your father. You think they are yours to have forever, but in the blink of an eye they are gone. 
Staring into my reflection is a daunting one I see a girl with too much mascara, that she liberally applied to impress people who couldn’t care less I see a girl with a broken smile
I have to hurry home and prepare dinner tonight I have to finish my cleaning or else it’s another fight I’ve still much to do: the laundry, the dishes, the dusting, washing the stains off the floor
I have had braces for 5 long years.
Apart of me rolled over and look at the coldness of my
Yes I know I am not perfect. But who are you to point that put? No matter what you say, my confidence will remain the same. I will feel beautiful.  I will feel pretty. Becasue I am flawlessly flawed.
The controlling controller roams in  her controlling world, thinkinking highly of the crazy cool adventurous odesseys  she embarks on.   Her blanket is her cape to escape 
No I will not- No, I cannot- Yes, I shall be- Yes, I am whole- When Will You See? You cannot Shatter ME.
Looking at my face You'd never know In my life A war grows On the outside I`m filled with life On the inside I`m dying Not from sorrow Not from strife Literally I fight
Every morning there is a bucket of bricks on my back. It slowly reaches to the top as the skinny and the fabulous come in from their room of perfection.
A/N: I was thinking about what I think makes me flawless, and I think it's my intense survival instinct. So here's a poem about that.
What is behind it? The void The abyss The unknown Behind it is whatever it pleased to be
I am strong
I'm Flawless Not because my skin is clear or my body is perfect  Cause I'm Far from both ..  But  because I love.. I love hard ..  I'm flawless cause my loyalty runs deep 
I am the girl that wears a lot of make up, which hides who I really am. Eye shadow, eye liner and foundation, I wear it all. The make up disguises who I really am;
I wish You all could see The small girl behind the facade.   Behind the facade That does nothing but show off And try to prove to everyone that she is a woman.   When really
I have been boxed and labeled, and am expected to reach a certain location, but I've been lost in the mail, 
Get the grade. Play the part. Hold it in. Stay smart. Keep away From those friends. Throw away What you believe in. Listen to me, You must obey. We care for you.
Knowing that you are alright my future always looks forever so bright
The beauty of love, Is that it cannot be sought, It cannot be tracked, It can only be found, Sometimes in the most unlikely of places
I am who i am, idenpendent and strong minded. In today's society beauty  and perfection is all that matters. If im not skinny enough, pretty enough  or perfect enough then that means i'm not good enough.
I may not be my mother, tall, strong and bold but who I am is who I am and that is all you need to know
You captured kings and warriors and now our bloodline fights back You underestimated the mystery and power behind those of us who are black You saw our strength and resilience and said “They’ll be fine to do our work”
The thought of you hurting Alone in your bed
The glow and look in your eye. A shock of excitement from your smile. Spread of warmth from those delicate hands  Maybe even a stride in your walk
Flawless is waking up at 5:45 in the morning feeling like everything that the world says matters is irrelevant at that moment and I
What is beauty? Everyone has different opinions about beauty. But what is beauty? Beauty can be big, Beauty can be little. Beauty can be light, Beauty can be dark.
She was whole. Everyday was words From the mouths of those around her Those who she loved Words She wasn't good enough She couldn't do anything right She never met expectations
My mother named me Dorothy Not after a girl in blue gingham Not after Jerry Maguire’s crush I was named after her Grandmother The Strongest woman she ever knew A woman with a pilot’s license
I am here to speak the truth It’s deep in my mind Far away from me, right in my face Scaring me into submission Saying “the present matters more!” Than the possible future With one less of my family
(Second person) She laughs at us, you know? Telling us "I apologize." She's just setting us up for another pile of lies. Each time we want to desperately believe her. 
I'm no Barbie.But I Thought I Should be.Compared myselfTo girls of the Barbie standard.Hurt myselfThinking all about'perfection'.
Here I sit in a dusty old atti
I am a quee
Put your makeup on, go to the beauty salon. Get your nails done, my dear loved one. Curl your hair, keep it slim their. run an extra mile, keep your smile Just so they could like you?
Broke a vase and crashed a car, Told my Daddy I wasn't going far. I choked on stage Tripped and fell I am definitly not hollywood, Oh damn well. Got a drink dumped on my face 
#Hi. I'm trying to act like I'm invisible because I know that you can see that I'm not #perfect. But I know that if you could see the real me that is not my blotchy skin or curvy frame, you would be #shocked.
You can't tell by my physical appearance, but I have a chronic disease.
This is my peom about how I feel, I never realized how hard itd be to peel, back all the visual standards to better reveal. My inner desires, thoughts turning my wheel. Well here I am, and this is what I'll say,  
Look at me What do you see? Young, black, short, mean Somewhere in between?    I look in the mirror You know what I see? A queen Staring back at me   Not the tallest
Flawless Anyway
I'm not the best of sons, and it's hard to miss my family when everyday they're part of war. I live with scars that just won't seem to end,  but you know what?  They're my medals and best friend. 
There is beauty in the folds of my skin and the crease in my brow Underneath my matt of hair and freckles There is power behind my quiet voice and my timid thoughts Seeing past my unsureness and doubt
Im not afraid to show it, I dont care if people know it. I love myself. Ive taught myself to think it, I live, breathe, drink it. I love myself. Mirrors use to make me cry, now I dont even have to try. I love myself.
I wake up looking in the mirror Brush my teeth My horrid breath no longer existing I change into an extravagant outfit No longer feeling insecure I put on a mask of powder and liquid Feeling perfect
Flawless. Why, because I woke up like this. 
Flawless is perfection Perfection is having no inadequacy But because i am flawed I am Flawlessly me You see I wasn't made to be without fault I'm proud to say I'm not perfect at all
i write and i write but how can i describe the feelings that i have yet to experience with words i can't even begin to know the meaning of?
My personality never lacking originality formed intricately by the different motives of my ancestry creating me to be, who I be no matter where I go, it always comes along with me I love it
As a child expectations make us. Growing up we feel them break us. the expectation to suceed. The expectation preasure is to much. The preasure is felt harder and harder. Expectations build our struggle. When we struggle we learn.
The Girl In the Corner, Yes the one all alone, The one who is in the pouring rain, She has had a troubed past, Cuts that are like sleaves going up and up her arm, Her parents both gone,
I am not just your Facebook Friend, Not a profile picture, Not another one of your precious likes, Not a tag in a post, Or a name in your chat box, I am a living, breathing person,
Twinkle Twinkle Big bright star Our precious baby you`re not so far. When I`m sad and feeling alone, I close my eyes and know you`re in heavens home. Every day my heart aches,
One day I woke up Thinking I had had enough This world this life was filling me up with lies that told me I could never be enough But when I looked into the mirror thought about how those words made me feel
Who wins you might ask? Well of course, it's up to you. Wether you keep the mask Or be true to you   Life is a game No one wants to play And the only two things that can be quite left
Dear Artists,   We all have 3 common grounds of expressions   I. One common idea to keep our feets grounded while the rest of our heads wandering in the universe Because we artists are the universe
To be strong it makes you feel flawless I want everyone to see what I see To be strong means to always take chances Chase the dreams that appear in front of me To stay strong in times that seem doubtful
They say Dijah you'd be a baddie if you only lost a couple pounds I'm not going to dit around and act like I ain't thought about it A perfect body is more appealing but it's funny how
Short I am Short I've known this for long time but I just don't undertsand I am Short But I'm tall in spirit   I am short
When you feel sad, insecure, helpless Worthless, you must find strength somewhere Somewhere that cannot be overlooked Somewhere that is GREAT Somewhere that is positive Somewhere that can't be beat
Once a friend said: "Your eyes are always smiling" That was one of the nicest compliments anyone has given me. My eyes are not anything to "ooh" or "aah" about,
The corset is now off, Putting all the guard down. What if they should flout or scoff? Sea of shame, go ahead, drown. Fabricating to care, Pitching bad self esteem. Yet they gossip and stare,
"You should come to school with your hair straightened!" Why?   Sorry, Conair, nothing personal. Big, brown, and bushy when brushed, my curly hair is my thing.
Pictures are worth one thousand words and smiles can hide one million.  No one is as they seem. So I smile, pretty as a picture, and hide struggles that are mine to bear and no one else's to know.
Ten. I can't stand myself sometimes but honestly who loves themselves one hundred percent of the time? Pictures are worth one thousand words but smiles can hide one million.
Why does the wind blow on the other side? Feeling as if I'm trapped in my own of forgetfullness
I am flawless and yet deformed
Today everyone is examining the mirror to see how they look,
Verdadera princesa A true princess A young woman in a big world A first Gen' American 
I don't wake up perfect and my teeth aren't white but if there's one thing I'm proud of
Hurt is not an emotion. It is a growth that multiplies with you as you age, spreading like cancer to your heart, and hardening it to the point of never wanting to feel again.
I never was the girl who had it all Hell, I was the one who had nothing at all. But here I am, I stand before you proud and tall. No money nor connections, just sheer ambition
SILENCE  No one make a sound as I closed my mind and invasion a new place of peace 
One is fearless when one has fears that they overcome.
I'm messed up
Im beautiful from the flats of my feet  To the shape of my head
When i say this just know its true, you are beautiful because god made you. You might think your this or your that but just know that your eveything someone looks for , even if you think your fat.
  My life is amazing no need to change  my life is flawless to me  My flaws  are what make me unique  Thought the hunt comes pain but  thought the joy comes happiness   I'm the image of a butterfly beauty and smart
Life Failure, Success Living, Striving, Winning Failure is just an obstacle Irony
What am i? Am i my G.P.A?
When I was just a little girl My mom would tell me how She loved my hair of kink and curl The way she liked it down.
If I could list all the things that make me I'd start with a child no older than three It is her battling the noose of cancer--not me   My work ethic stems from two people, not three
To all wounds of the heart, Time is the antidote. Designed like a coat Soothing the pain as it impart   It is nonpareil It understands what you want As time acts more than a confidant
Writing you this poem reflects my lovemakes you doubt, it’s hard to concealAccused to things that’s hard to dealso please erase the doubts above. Trust is like freeing a dove
Only one is flawless. It's not me. But I am okay with my flaws. They do not define me. I live for a greater cause, the one who is truly flawless. 
Are you ready to see what hides behind the curtain? Can you handle something so uncertain? All you can hear is laughter from her lips, and see a shadow moving her hips. Are you ready to pull the curtain? Are you ready for the uncertain?
Who is more flawless than thee? Who is more flawless than we? Competing for a title that is only skin deep. Look in the mirror and you will see, the flawless beauty that lies beneath.
Misread and foreign i love myself Born with no father i forgive
I may be insecure at times I may be weak I may be overweight But
It's not my looks that set me apart from the crowd. My academic achievements make me no different from others either. I am not smothered with popularity, and I am not showered with constant admiration.
'Flawless' is of flawed design, I am not perfect, nor are you, But knowing that my flaws are mine, And that they've made me strong with time, I praise myself where praise is due.  
"small lips", "big nose", "pale face", "big eyes", "small thighs", "fat in the wrong place",  "awkward", "strange", "too shy",  but "dont let them get to you", "dont you cry" smile, smile, smile. 
    This is the lie that we all comply to That stops us from living the life that we fly through   "I'm too unintelligent to answer that question"
I wish things wouldn't be so rough
Cruise through the blues.  Through the desperation. Through the bruised times and the glued decorations. Let the tune keep playin'.  No more record breakin'. I got room in my mind, dude, I left it vacant.
"She is far too naive. She converses too often with the sky, and eventually, she will crumble." I am shaking the terror off my skin and I am digging up the words that have
TeethI'm laughing on the outside,
I hide behind a curtain because I'm afraid that others will see, the person I truely am, The person I want to be.   I hide behind a curtain because I'm hated for what I am.
when the rain stops and the sun ascends, the only light i see is where you stand
The moment of realization that my mortality no longer intimidates.
sometimes  we turn a blind eye to the facts sometimes we are lost in our rage by past acts sometimes  we get caught in the "movement" sometimes we actually believe we are making an improvement
Who knew? That there was life after you When you said the words that ripped my heart in two. Who knew? Among this blackness That the earth would continue to spin on it's axis. So maybe?
I have always admired the strong.   We as a whole have been taught to idolize those who can carry the burden of thousands and manage to exert unimaginable strength in pulling the corners of their lips into a smile.
You had once called me your flower. That I blossomed into your life as they do in Spring. That you were a man who never questioned himself, that was... until me. You had once told me on that first night,
They told us we would never make it this far but if they could see how they look now. Like pinpricks of blood, dried and hardened, that were long ago shed and long since forgotten. And growing up we were always told,
There are voices telling you thatLaying in bed and crying all day is normal.You're just an "average teenager."It's just hormones.
  When you put so much in your life but not getting enough out When life keeps on letting you down Just leaving you with so many frowns
Tears in my eyes now, but im in public i cant cry, people think that im okay but its all because i lie, you make me so sad, and i dont understand because you make me so mad, arent you suppose to be here when i need you, im facing a world ALONE im
I remeber my history, I remember it well I remember the love and the betrayal We started off in Africa the land of kings and queens There we were great and taught our beliefs
I put down the glass and drew back fast, but on the counter it would not stay for all i know, with one more swallow all my problems could fade away. staring in the morrow above the bathroom sink
My mind's boggled up inside sometimes I don't think straight, I don't know
She looked out to the flourescent sky Daydreaming like a small child Wishing she had the wings of a bird so she could fly She wanted to be free, she wanted to be wild  
If you’ve ever loved a boy who is both out of your league and culture Whatever he meant by that You would know what it’s like to sit at a dining table in a home
The stars brighten the dark that consumes all the depths of night just as you lit up my deep black soul. 
pink Pink is happy, pink is love, pink makes me feel up and above, pink is innocent , pink is the butterflies you get in your stomach when something great occurs,
You grab my hand in prayer. Theres surrender in your eyes, even though they're closed. These are the cards we're dealt, they were never chose... I remind you of your strength, even in your weakness.
Dear God, I don’t want to be bother, But I was wondering if we could talk again, You know, daughter to Father
  Survive the storm, thunder, and rain, dig deep inside to locate the pain. Follow its stem down to the roots, unveil the confusion and discover the fruits.  
There is a new dawn behind each nightfall Where a higher power will start to call
I am here to tell you how it can be done. I was a woman who was unhappy with the size of her waist. I was ashamed.  Flabbergasted of how much time was wasted not caring.
She lives in a world of chaos, but she always finds a reason to keep on going.
My passion
The strong person finds inspiration in pain and strife. The weak person wallows in it.  Choose your person  Find your strength Remember who you are, What you stand for
I knew a girl Weak, unhappy Angered at who she was Obsessed with who she was not I knew a girl Who had beautiful thighs But hated them for their size Then one day she put a weight in her hand
Don’t let people know who you are, who you really are, since glass hearts shatter easily by those who have been equipped with stone swords from birth. Don’t let people know what upsets you, since
One day I'll make it big One day I'll be remembered One day I'll stand strong like the cold trees in December My arms will ache My legs will shake and just about all of me will probably break
Black and yellow spots
This feeling of depression, sadness, sorrow . . . Will this be the oppression of tomorrow?
Who can you tell Who can you trust In a world full of emptiness and lust Will they ever love you Will they ever understand Coming from a world with no helping hand How can they see
I think To be “strong” is to be Miserable. To be “strong” when you feel your weakest, Is to destroy one self. I have never felt my “Strongest” when I’ve had to Pretend
John Dominique once said, “You cannot kill truth. You cannot kill justice.
I was addicted You would not believe it when I told you
We all have a desire It may be open and it may be silent Whatever the case may be We still all have that one thing That keeps us going Drives us to victory and attain our goals
Be strong   And if I witness a close death. Be strong, for It will strengthen my belief that it was their time and the works of god are never wrong.   And if I am ever befriended, 
"I will abandon you in a second," was what my dad said to "teach me a lesson." "You're a worthless piece of trash," was what my mom would say when I didn't give her cash. The only one who was truly a parent figure
He is very mad.
I met you when I was three You use to be special to me You became something like my number one You brightened my world, like the moon and the sun You were perfectly imperfect, and that was okay to me
You held my hand for so long, Then you were gone,
  It's because I feel a need to live up to this standard  A bar set by my elders,  To make them proud, To be successful,  And to always strive for more   
I wish I never woke up.
Everywhere there are smoke'n'mirrors, cloaks and masks; whether it's what we wear, or who we portray.
I am me You are you You don't know me I don't know you  Nothing but rumors  Spreading like a disease Some can be true  and others can be false You wouldn't know
I can look you in the eyes And as you leave I find my hands shaking I listened to you talk I lost where I was   You touch my shoulder And I feel myself blush 
"I write to convey my thoughts on what I see in the world,all of the pains, hypocrisy, and all eschalons of beauty, especially that in nature.
My mother is still there. On her bed, her blankets that matched ours still folded from the warmer nights. They are smaller, neater, perhaps not so soft. The phone is back at its nightstand post,
Girl.If you get any stronger,Your arms will get to swollen,Then your stomach never will.   
It rained,It rained on my parade,I tried to stop it,The incessant drizzling,The floods from God,The tears from heaven,I tried to stop it,But I couldn't, so it rained.
Big booties I guarantee these girls have cooties Their luxurious life Causes me strife   Kardashian is their name Media scandals are a part of their game
Youre the girl who goes through  take the punches and roll with 'em by nature  You're the girl who laughs at the pain and tries to make drinking water out of rain because instead of sunshine you got pain
Hypnotic  Simply  platonic in his admiration With an affection one could only mistake for love  But no.  It is not. 
I beg of you, pen, just tell me the truth In some beauty that yanks at my tears When I taste your strength I learn that my Potential outlives my years
So they say it's over, it's in the past, but I in contrast say "No". No.   The King stood in 1968, but he was shot, shot down. And as he fell, we rose, we rose.
Sounds chiming in my head, what Is that? I think I roll off the top bunk. THUMP! Squeak!
Tick My dream makes my heart beat My ambition feeds my soul The journey which I seek Will take me through many tolls   I have to work hard to pay my dues
Tell me something 
I want to hear —   like
is still here 
in our world 
with that tigress grin 
an infectious echo 
of character and grace
The strongest man endures the darkest days But to endure does not mean that he simply Takes And
Strength is the river; Though it seems to conform To the limits of the earth, With diligence and patience, Even the most stubborn stone Will obey the current.
Growing up- Broken- BeatenActing like nothings wrongCan't you see I'm crying- hurting?Acting out just to see your longface staring back at me.See that look in your eyesHow much you wish that
You do not see me but I am there I kiss your face and I stroke your hair I hold your hand every step of the way I am here with you every day Many times you take me for granted and forget me
Rejection, Neglect, Confused, Confined   Traits of a sociopathic mind, that's what society tells me i'm just nothing but labels pathetic worthless Attempted at life but resulted in an attempt in suicide.
I've seen bullying in my life, I've been on both sides. Some people say it's not the place to be, But I must say... "I just get off on the pain." - Now, it's been a while,
I am not a victim of discrimination.
Can anyone hear me?
There's a lot of pressure in this world. This crazy-ass, city-and-sas world. But hell, it ain't real. Gotta listen to a real man every once in a while...   He's a hard workin', head turnin',
  10 20 50 200 They add up And I know Subconsciously calculating I can feel them Growing The food goes in And I feel it weigh me down 200 50 20
My best friend, inseparable sisters Yeah, that was us. Laughter resonating, together to the days end Sharing secrets, sharing stories, sharing memories Sleepovers and movies, playful gossip
Many think that strenth lies within a number on a wieght. The truth is strength is measured within the mind. The mind of an ordinary person who has carried more than they can. Who has survived the storm.
I love you. 
If I don't hold you down who will What if I don't hold your hand when you're ready to quit
My broken friend behind a wall so strong built up over the years made of others beliefs when pain is better than being numb I hurt for him A spirit so pure Captured and tortured
Beauty What is beauty? I mean true beauty, None of that ‘coat yourself in makeup’ or ‘be like everyone else’ stuff. Beauty is strength. But strength comes from pain.  
During the hard times, Through the dark & lonely nights, Ones where I could feel my solemn heartbeat.. Beat slowly, & it's so silent all I hear; is my breath, irratic/uneven/unconformistic/,
When you meet an open person,
Walking through life with no blinders on no tunnel vision trying to reach my goal but this world is is cold and such division much derision caught in the valley of decisions
The truth cannot hurt me for I am strong at ones will, for I am not weak upon my own thrill. You will not bring me down, and I will not be brought down- without a fight.   
There is no room in my life for bullets. There's no room for rifles, not for handguns, not for anything that fires. I have seen too much.   I spent my childhood afraid of bombs,
Do you hate me, do hate me for whom I’m attracted to Well, its not my fault, I was born this way I can’t change it and I shouldn’t try I’m gay and I accept who I am.   I had hated myself for so long
My 87 grandmother has been through a lot. She’s had five different cancers, Multiple tumors, intestine troubles, and a stroke. She lost all control of her body, time after time. But she never gave up.
I can do a push-up.Not the modified, girl kind;The "boy" ones, with my feet and all.But this is not a poem about me.  
For the Ones that Are Muted in Society For the Ones that Are Ridiculed for Their Differences For the Ones that Are Slammed for Their Opinions For the Ones that Are Voiceless  They Are Who I Speak For
Most consider Africa the mot
i am my own women from my heart and my soul  i am my own women and dont need to be told  from the smile on my brown lips  to the curve of my thick hips  i am my own women  some people say that i am too big 
A violent alcoholic once told me “knowledge is power.”
First came the anger, Then came the grief,
Placid water, My reflection stands still. Though my thoughts in my head, And the emotions that i feel, Run rampant throughtout me, Beckoning tears to my eyes. But no longer will i suffer,
Without all the make-up and accessories This is me Without all the lights and glamorous things
  Of all the dreams I dreams I think about my self-esteem It might me high, it might be low Just talk to me, so at least you’ll know
What makes us the way we are? The things we wear? The people we hang out with? The things we like? Or is it simply the things we do, say, or the way we act? I believe that the world has a way of shaping us all.
I might look content  Or seem happy I wear a smile upon my face I hold my head high  Just like my mother told me  It may seem like i have a lot of confidence 
If I put a curse word in my poems, would you judge them like the scars hidden by my sleeves?
I’ve been hurt I’ve been beat Been drug down by my feet-- I’ve been crying I’ve felt raged Tried to put down all the right words on the page-- I’ve felt the darkness of the bottom
My braids
Above the grave Below the sky Always far behind happiness In front of death During your journey, something went terribly wrong
This is not just a hobby No, this is therapy THis is my private counseling session Poetry is the classroom and my pen is the lesson And my mind is the curriculum and I am the board of education
Thoughts are like water They can be deep and shallow They can be salty and fresh   How they shape the land A turgid wanton current  Sweeping away its victims    Maybe limpid still
Sun beats down on soft green grass,
Fight on, my friend,
I stand, as still as can be, and acceptingly watch as universal energy flows energy in and out of every fiber of my being.
Prom today. Well I guess yesterday since it’s 2 AM. Everything is so dramatic, and you avoided me all night. Until you got wasted at Mac’s, then you said hello to me.
Dreams are straight fisty, if you don't chase it , then you'll never get the right seen,
I made it, i knew I'd make it just didn't know how They'd take it, who? the doubters, the haters,
He is my strength and salvation, Of whom shall I be afriad,  With his power I fear no evil, Living my life courageous and stong, Each night I give my life to Him as I pray,
Times will be harsh, but don't give up, You have to fight, even when you've said, "enough",
I seem to have fallen down again,
The vibes you give off cloud my judgment You don’t stimulate my creativity Instead of being independent Like the sun in the midday sky I’ve become like Many a star in your galaxy Your “wolf pack”
"Nadia, here is some cash for you to go back to school with...I love you, do great... make me proud, you can do whatever you want in life". "Hey Nad, I love you, happy birthday".
  It was an instant goodbye I began to cry I lost a friend  Oh Dear God, why?  
a tunnel a tunnel that is deep
Nine… If you didn’t already know, it’s a magical number Me, I’m a magician No, not your Houdini or Potter But I can make things disappear
My mind is a haven for imagination. No need for sleep in order to be dreaming. Stories are just constantly streaming. Visualizing unwritten characters is my daily preoccupation.
Have you ever, Taken a step back for the gratitude of your own work. Taken a step back, For the appreciation of the piers. For a wider look on the world, A look that digs underneath false notifications.
Success comes through opportunities thrown your way These opportunities are unexpected Which is why you have to take advantage of them Be smart, don’t take these situations or influential people for granted
Hybrids are better than the rest because they are stronger, their lives are more fulfilled and they live longer. A human hybrid is both strong and smart, they are destined for greatness from the very start.
Alone in a room I stand. A single light shines down on me. I feel empty and numb. There's really no feeling at all. Im not sure who I am or who I can be. I feel two hands on one arm. They
Before I was less caring Always complaining Even when things go my way I expected better More easier Before I wanted to Grow up faster Do what I want And be independent
Life goes on,but never returns.Life is me and you, but who ever said together.You are now, but you'll never be the same forever.I was there, but you were never here.You were in the moment I was in the present.
The sky Drowns the world In silent sorrows Of its own.   Oversized droplets  Create a harmony Of misunderstood Memories.   Like the raindrops
She's stronger than a willow In a thunder storm Soft as a heart of gold
I admit: I am selfish/greedy I am arrogant I am dumb I am a glutton I am clumsy I am a show off I am lazy I am a liar And I accept it...
My wings are controlled, By the ones who have created me, Am I not able to free myself, From this cage of security, Unable to fly, As freely as I want too, All I want to show,
Maybe if I pretend I'm okayI will be
Hiding behind her own reflection Having to deal with her satisfaction The mirror tells no lies And at night she'll refuse to cry The knife will show her a new way To express what she has to say  
I am alive I am living this nightmare I am drowning in your eyes They're staring cold back at me I am scared Of what your mind holds for me   I am asleep I am tossing and turning
Set ablaze The fire Deep within my soul.   Let it burn Passionately And Intensely While it Wavers in the wind.   Let it grow While it feeds
Numerous giants stand straight and tall While ignorant mortals to and fro run The sun will soon hide its glorious light From a city that is much too busy Yet superficial stars will still glow
Tock Tock Wash your hands.  Remember: paper, lines, game.  Paper: history, English  O.  Did I lock my car? Memorize your lines Rehearsal rehearsal rehearsal. 
Once the years of  scholarly things come to a close, I wish to help those who've fallen.   Those who feel down, despise themselves for their body and their lacking
I am chained in a cage. Exposed and vulnerable like a nerve. But the joke is on them. I may be trapped, but I'm not a captive.  The fire in me would make Hades run for the hills.
Caught off guard; Shock held silent grip; A few sniffles emerged; Red cups in a fence with a bouquet Spelling the words RIP Spez. For the first time Teachers sobed openly in front
A piece I gave;
A muscle to a word A feeling you never heard My power is broken For there are times when I am choking The full body strain To all the mental pain I have the sight But I have lost the light
  Stand With Me             Through the night             Don’t give fright             Hold my hand             Feel the sand  
  Ground up Sky down             Chained by wronging             Pressed knee deep in sorrow             All around fades             Memories become echoes
It's a broken Hallelujah that reigns over my lips, Singing praises to something I can't prove exists. They're like tape, Holding me together while confining the mind I really want to speak.
The time's come to fight Tell your mothers, tell your sisters
"Stop It!
"I've never done this before can we just take it slow?" "Yeah don't worry girl i'll be gentle." "Wait.. you have a condom right?" "Nah but it's ok I'll be sure to pull out...."
When starting out  We are like a cocoon All wraped up in love Blind to our surroundings As time goes on we start to break free We find out that our cocoon of love Was never what it seemd
You have a million things crossing your mind.time, money, bills, and schooling.So many things that you have to keep track of.As soon as you lose grip you're losing sight of. 
I sometimes pride myself in the way I speak The way I walk With strength and perseverance, Determination.    People tell me, “You're a fighter,’ Strong Amazing
Peer pressure is crazy! But only I control me! So you can’t make me see, anything I didn’t already see. You say “Go ‘head, try it! It’s not gone hurt!” But I’ll be the judge of that when you’re six feet in the dirt.
You said goodnight to your parents last night they told to go get a good night rest  You were so excited to run that marathon you had been training for, for months, tomorrow 
Life is hard. Every one knows. Life is scary. Thats just how it goes. Life is too short. We don't get much time. Life is so burdened. But you'll be just fine. We tell ourselves lies.
Screw it all
Robin Stumpfig                   Rendering the common peace             Striking deep             Saving the light             Forging hope  
In the mirror, I look up and stare at my reflection, Oh, man, I saw this coming. What a recollection. My makeup all smudged, all damp and out of line, Huh, it matched the line I tried to draw when you were mine.  
Where are you when the children call? Memories revive at fixed scents. The way your hair swept in the wind. Your hands, delicate and soft objects.   Tell me, how are you nowadays?
He had been 'reading' for As long as he could remember. His mother's voice was soothing to his ears As it washed over them in a soft, murmuring tone. A tone that was betrayed almost every time
The dust settles and all is clear The storm of life subsides In my darkness you are near In you I must confide   In my weakness I grow strong Through danger there is hope
Having the power to make the weak stronger Noone deserves to be made little I would tell the homeless to seak a job And they would find one I would lend them a hand to help them Off the ground
See a boy grow up with bruises on his back ‘Cause he can’t change how he’s born
I’m sinking. Store bought water wings Are full of holes. My cheap tweety bird education Through public registration
All life does is spin and spin. The constant motion, the endless attempts- To be Noticed, To be Felt, To be Alive and Free.
I got people looking up to meBut  I'm just not that heroic.It's like I'm living a double life,I promise you don't even know it, Cause I don't even show itAnd I don't even flow it
I'm brave, determined, focused. However,  sometimes I wonder, Can I do it all?  Honestly, I can't.  Can I go through life, Like a stone statue, Without any help Honestly, I can't. 
She was a flower, She held herself high, Strong, White and filled with innocence. But someone came along, He took away the flower's sunlight, He uprooted the flower, Put her in a dark corner.
When I needed comfort you held me You let me rest my head
Like a turtle out its shell Like bees around the hive Like a loud ringing bell I no longer need to hide  
Across from the ocean, I sit on the beach, I'm lost in tranquility, As my soul tries to breathe.   White clouds moving slowly, The breeze calm and still, I'm caught in the moment,
My insecurities has taken Over all things me I can feel the change in my mind the hurt in my heart I no longer believe the words that are said I'm dead In the inside with no hopes of coming back you have broke me down to my last there is nothing
Adversity what does that word even mean Does anyone know? I think the last man to feel it
kicking, screaming twisting, turning my heart is broken  and feel like its burning   she was mine and now is gone her name was athena at three months along  
"No dream is too big, no effort is too small. My dream is to make a change. My dream is to change it all.   We spend too much time handling mistakes and crimes,
I should probably tell you I’m in pain
Stop the lying, I see through you. Stop the yelling, I see through you. Stop the staring, I see through you. Stop the pushing,  I see through you. Stop and realize, 
I feel tears trying to come out of my eyes
Life ain’t always what it seems, the trials and tribulations never add up to the means, you feel that life is useless but let me tell you why you’re wrong
This poem does contain footnotes on the bottom that may be used for clarification since there are many obscure references. 
run. run faster. to stop, is to die. you might not cross that finish line.
In a house very far away Lived a girl whose heart was gray She dismissed her solitude And challenged it with a bright attitude Night and day she would play Till dusk and dawn to her dismay
Dear Soceity,  You need to stop with these lessons, Where young girls are forced to see How imperfect their bodies can be. How sex is a tool for sucess,  How breasts are ment for something so much less.
The thing that keeps me safe, The face that keeps me sound, It is because of those things, I have not dug myself a hole in the ground,
I inhale pain and exhale strength.
See the dandelion snow?
A question that I often wonder Fills my mind while the quiet world sleeps. It seems to pull my sanity asunder, And the better part of my brain it always reaps.
The paper sun Peeks it rays Between the blinds, And I reluctantly Lift my chiffon eyelids. As I stretch My fragile arms, I think, “This will be the day, The day I grow stronger,
Love is our energy Passion our vitality Understanding and compassion the vein of our existence Every time we laugh When our smiles mirror our hearts It seems that we will never face resistance
Jacob, I'm sorry I have never gotten to see you. I'm sorry that I was never able to hold you. Never able to play with you.
It’s my time But I’m not ready. My trigger finger's pretty steady, But to end a life is another question- Another answer answered by another question. Everything is too vague. Living life in the grey
The cycle begins To much chagrin. Again I sigh And wish I could die.   Too bad there is more Of life in store.  For me to sacrifice Just wouldn't suffice.  
What did I do wrong to make you hate me? Is this the will of God or just of life? Why do you pretend that you are friendly, When all you do is cause a person strife? No matter what the cost, I want you out,
B     r      o     k      e      n so very broken  
Love travels through the wire, Making way to each person in need
You asked me what my name was.  I told you it was Jasmine S. Then you asked me what the S stood for, and I couldn't think of what to say.
Heavy fog on rainy days
“Not in Vain” Another mistake, love gone casted to flames The good went wrong, am I the one to blame? This train keeps moving along, wait stop this is wilderness
You’d be surprised how much power we have over our own minds. I imagine survival back before our times and the development that required. They used their brains and had too. Using each part and functioning as one form.
The elegance dripped from her body onto her toes, as if someone had taken and lifted her above and beyond my world. Had draped beauty over her soft spoken words and slowly released all her pain until there was no more.
A phone call that turnsYour world upside down.
No one else,
The ship sat anchored to the shore The captain, skipper, and crew working at her core Sails being raised and decks being scrubbed
As the sweet summer sun seems to melt into dust, And the shadows appear like their living for lust, When the life melts away from this place we call earth, Then we gaze upon heaven and wish for rebirth.
I like shopping a lot! Jeans, khakis, shorts: booty or not, skirts: long or short. The tops! Shirts V-neck, T, crop top, one shoulder, strapless, just bra, no bra!
I know I'm young like all of you, but I've been through a lot.
Positivity is hard when the whole world Keeps shoving SOMETHING down your throat
Take my hand feel the warmth emitting from the sand  as ashes burn I will learn not to break Fragile soul, what more could be at stake? Oh dear one, don't abandon me Oh dear one, hear my prayer  
Everyday I sit quietly Wishing to say Everything I've ever wanted But I can't seem to cave Yet with friends I'm so different Its crazy to see  How quiet and shy a person I can be
Wonder what it's like in the public eye. Everyone knowing everything, No secrets Whatsoever, Judging stares; hateful words.   Wonder what it's like to always have a front. To be what others want,
Dear God, give me guidance Please just take this walk with me For I've lost sight of you, and the Devil is all I see. Lord, I'd rather be blind Than witness nothing other than lies.
After everything we've been through Everything we've seen Our cries, battles, and wars Our wins and our losses This can't be the end, it can't be over. The darkness consumed us and tore us apart
Oh I’d go through all this pain,Take a bullet straight through my brain. Yes I would die for you babe.But you won’t do the same. …
With time none a knowledge, The other side blotches red. Of what a dictatorship I observe Grows a seed of harsh rule. I watch tree branches die withered bark As you’re attacked upon which I only hear.
Lonliness seems to hit at all the wrong moments, Like the wave that hits the shore so violently, even your body shivers. What is so unexpected is you sympathies with that wave,
Warmth FallsFeelings FadeWhat you see, You see no moreConsumed in shadows of the pastDesperately wishing to break freeTo change...Just as the others haveFalse hope and Fraud love
I will speak of truth, Diminishing the amount of lies that continue to consume our world. I will forgive and forget, Understanding that my own mistakes are equally corruptive. I will never give up,
Back to a time when everyone’s prying, Or here and now where everyone’s dying. We live and we learn and now we regret, But to stay in our minds and try to forget, Of how we knew about them and murderous things,
I’d like to imagineI can still feel the sting of the day she let go;clipped my wings with a word and said, Fly. I’d like to imagineI can wax lyrical and triumphant one more night;
It came upon me like a shadow and the whispers that followed said,   "Delirium -- thank God." Thank God: it was only delirium. No;   it wasn't. It was the music –  
Oh honey, lock the door on the way out, and shut those windows, keep the daylight out! We don't want scary strangers looking in. Oh and stay indoors, rapists will snatch you in
too bad we all knew time goes by way too quickly walking alongside those broken dreams with leaves dropping like tears down your side those who left you behind run ahead
i just want to fly walking is boring and running has become so difficult i just want to fly my legs have become so tired my heart is beating too fast i just want to fly i don’t want to collapse
it creeps in like a shadow a foreign invader, but it’s no alien no, it’s been here before all too familiar   but it attaches – with a knife starting in the back and twisting
That old book, in the corner, dusty and left behind. That is God to me. That book will always be there for me and anyone who needs him.
ain't you tired of looking at the ground when you connect eyes with shadows? finding and searching for answers, reasons why this is happening to me?  ain't you tired of leaving messy trails on the bathroom floor?
I make mistakes from time to time. You tell me who the hell is perfect? Yeah, I may cause ah little trouble But I like to believe I'm worth it. You look at me and see pointless Well baby I see potential.
"Don't have a big head, the world doesn't revolve around you." There's no I in team, that's all that I knew. There are people that are starving, homless and broke. But that's only in movies, it was only a joke.
You amaze me every day. And I still get butterflies when you call. I'm so happy to be your baby. I'd never think of leaving you at all. I haven't felt so free 'til I felt the love you've given me.
At dawn she'll sleep forever,Rest in peace her tortured soul,Have you ever? Seen an angel without wings?"If you love something set it free" ,Is what I used to believe, Before I Let go of what I Love,
Back and forth the currents sway/ the way is soon upon us/ The finish so near yet/ all around me has happened thus far/ the tyranny of the lights ever glimmering/ ever blazing/ the people in the trek/ some dying some fading/ For what cause be such
There she goes, falling Down into the unconquerable abyss Lost inside herself There’s no escaping The terrible monsters that live in her soul They lurk in the looming blackness
I believe in harsh standards I believe that all females should look the same. Females should not have hips Female's ribs should be exposed. If females are as thin as a rail, They are the ones I display.
When my soul died I felt nothing,   But the wind tapping on my shoulder.         I looked over to see the thoughts of my insanity.  
She is mysterious  Yet comes in many ways She works for an eternity Works with no mercy She's an awesome multitasker She never rest She causes broken families Shes heartless, and ruthless
"As soon as you walk in tomorrow turn in your homework" See my teacher expects me to waltz up in here, doing stuff we are never going to apply to life. y=mc to the power of "why am even i here"
Like a high tide,I drown in you.You suffocate me.I can't escape your grip.I begand pleadfor the painto terminate.For the humilationto vanish.And you show meno mercy.
Voices and ventilators echo, Through suffocating hallways, As I walk in a long beige coat, My hair a shoddy bun.   Skin transparent, Veins blue, Blood burning, Clawing to my center,
Where footprints in single file Where hearts not in denile Where rose's petals fall The Emerald braced for Finale to revenge son's fatality  
Drip-drop, drip-drop My head throbs to the rhythm of the moist cave Sinking lower into loneliness, World pushing through my blockade. Jehovah- Rapha  
Poor little thing,Your weakness lies within your strength. Presenting as a monument,So strong and assuring,No one bothered checking For those cracks in the porcelain. They saw the sculpture 
A new day has dawned for the lonesome  the brightness illuminates our eyes The deafening sound of love can always open your eyes  My eyebrows raise in contemption  as the world beckons at my feet
I am like the phoenix. When I burn, I burn with passion. I engulf in pain and sorrowful lessons that twist the flames in a cyclone of radiant, red, rotating fire. The hard way.
  Walls are fallen Words come alive Memories are seen History is broken Future is forgotten Emotions are meaningless
Company, Mindless thoughts to tell them, Saying what you think. Bright one early Sunday, He took my hand in his claiming it. Choppy words and sounds, Playing through the day,
Don't call me your angel. Don't call me your baby girl. I can't possibly belong to anyone. It's not by choice. It's just my destiny. I was meant to stand alone, an icon of myself. I was meant to be strong and a leader all my own. I'm hard to love 
A normal day like any other, You smile across the room. I make my way to talk to you, Then screams erupt, but whom?   Our eyes dart to the open door, Where classmates hurry by,
I struggled against my restraints I was forced here, into a cage I wasn't meant to be locked away I have things to do, Places to see, People to meet  
  Stuck in this room like it's a jail.Trapped like prisoners My hands are tied grasping the rail. We aren't petitioners.  "Sometimes I always ask myself why.Was it after all worth it?
Thumbs up, no fear, smile and no tears Love expressed, My mother’s hands and her embrace Stability is near.
Its crazy to go from a gangster to a christian A loud mouth to a listener A gun toter to a bible holder A brother fighter to a man molder To go from ripping and running the streets To hymnals moving my feet
Don't look at me with hope.Don’t look at me with the shine of foreveror the gloss of happily ever after’s.Don’t touch me with the ghost of your lipsor the whisper of your fingertips.Not with the gasps
My mind summarizes my life. It was created only for me. It recognizes what I'm made of, my potential, and will for eternity.
The day is waiting here it comes. Don't feed me the lies you love so much. Just leave me to run with my fears.  The tears are coming, False friends dying, You never feel strong enough
I am the student sitting in the classroom with child like eyes What I see you can not imagine and I cannot describe. I gather knowledge with every passing day,  and pretend like my world is not fading away.   
Let's get drunk, and have drunk sex. So when we wake up, we can't be upset. There's no recollection of the night before, we'll let confusion walk, right out the door. Though underneath forgotten memories, 
When you say "Goodbye, I love you," I just wanna take you away  and show you a better place than the dashboard and the faces people make.  
When you have a bad day and you're tired and torn, when you look up to the sky  and ask why you were born, don't let it get to you, because you're better than that. Don't let it trouble you,
Be free like you should beOnly 16.I won't hold you back any longerIn the mess I'm used toThe abuse I've gone through.
Pain.It strikes quicklyalmost unnoticedalmost unfelt.It settles in stages-A fear, a sadness,you shiver, you shakeyou feel the heart quakecrumblethe feeling sinks in
I believed in once upon a timeuntil I put down the bookI believed in a happy familyuntil my family broke apartI believed in myselfuntil I was torn downPeople told me
I'm in recovery you see so I try to be as positive as I can be, but sometimes it gets hard like my progress is lard. I take the meds everyday but sometimes I want to say: "I can't do this anymore!
Butterflies In the Night Drift Away Without a Fight Lose Myself Lost in You Wondering why But Such a Pretty View No more sadness No more pain? Watch That Blood
Little kids with sticky hands, rush toward their superman. Begging for a taste, begging to be set free.   A hero. A leader. Someone to look up to, they stand above everything.
shut them out, as I suffer to breathe Where are the words? Can we talk instead of scream? My opinion remains unheard   The violent escapade  on the frigid ground, I laid he charged at me, 
Do not let them cage you. You are strong and smart and beautiful. Cages are for animals. You are not an animal. Do not let them put you in a box. You are loving and brave
You lay among the brokenLike a dry and wilting roseYou need someone to save youBut there's no one there who knowsYou put on a mask of happinesBut deep inside you acheYou're full of pain and suffering
eye lids pop open, body in gulped in pain, oozing in red liquid, fear pumping through her blood stream, strength sprung from the gods above, power to take control of her destiny,
Time is just an element. Why do we make it more than that? Time is just an element, not a physical being we attract. Tell me now, why is time our biggest fear? Why is time divided into years? Why is time the crown jewel?
I am a woman I laugh, cry, smile, and frown I never want to let my family down I am a daughter Indescribable and pure like water I am a sister I come from good intentions I am a mother
Strong enough to stand alone in a blitz Bombarded... Deception after deception after deception  It will never stop It will never seize It's life's cold hearted tactic made to rid of the weak.
The pale moon floats in the sky I wake up in the dead of night These are the nights that I despise Where there is no hope, no light It is always Dark - Countless thoughts Afraid I’m the only one
             Sat down and stared at the mesmerizing sky,Didn't expect to find a friendI can't even liePeace was all we yearned.
I thrive where others run.
I am trying my best. Life’s demands are kicking me around as I reach toward His plan. I tell myself to breathe. Anxiety plagues my being as I am looking for a break. Will relief ever come? I think so.
Strength Length How high can you hold it And for how long The weight of the World That's how you measure who's strong Those that crumble Who cannot grip Those who fumble
Placed Prominently In permanentPerpetually Painful Positions; What is women?  
I will not say sorry.
I on a pathA journeyToward happiness, love, and prosperityBut this journey is not easyIt is not what it seemI have surpass obstacleI have succumb to the it’s affectTearsLaughterLonenessHappiness On this path I hope I become the person I want to be
My Mother, my friend so dearThroughout my life you’ve always been near I can count on you to guide my wayEven when I wake up grumpy to start the day  
The sun awakes, The baby cries, All the world is passing by— Men all polished and prime, Keep the women with less than dimes— Desks, telephones, and emails galore, Why don’t the women deserve more?
Don't cry for me just yet. I'm not dead. I'm not forgotten. Although, you've neglected me. I'm not oppressed, nor destitute. Although, you've stole from me. Death is but a moment away.
  Put me in a cage Let me run in my head Tell me to wear this  No wear that instead Do you ever get tired of bashing me around? I am not your personal clown
My heart was once so open So innocent and free I shared it with the world For the world enamored me
My faith has been tested My love has been stretched I've learned so much But am blind to the rest My mind has been trained My heart has been weighed I've lost so much But my hope has remained
    Abduct our minds. Bend them in two. Take our hearts, And bruise them too.   Your dirty hands, Gripped red soil, Then you checked our pulse   With envious words,
The pain of being in sin is greater than the pain of being disciplined. 
Every minute, every hour, every day..I will stay...  Right here patiently waiting.. keeping my mind busy, as to not always think of you...
    I shatter mirrors relentlessly thinking ''what more bad luck is there in the world, than the bad luck I serve every day.''  Bad luck is my parasite, It consumes my little bit
I'm in the zone, but in this situation, it's a bad thing Telling me relationships ain't you, and it ain't your thing ... but you don't know, how far I'll go, to get you anything
Those who believe say that 'God' only gives you what you can handle,that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger,I ask you:What sort of twisted joke is this, then, when the strong only continue to get tested?
I try hiding from the darkness that your memories hold, later I embrace it for it's the reason why I am strong.   I try running from the pain caused by my own shed blood,
You sat alone every first day of school and hoped, no, prayed that no one sat next to you. And when they did, you ignored them; it wasn’t long before they said hello, but you had already put your earphones in.
Lost inside a world that really doesn't exist. Nothing more than fake history that we all seem to understand. Though we don't understand it and we don't want to accept it. But we do.
I sit here wondering where I'll be. In this darkness I sit and wonder. Where is my hero? I have to be my own hero. My own hero. I have to save myself. I am the one who holds the key to happiness.
Dreams fade Goals aid   It's the cold brigade The heart played Hands swayed And hair frayed   Dreams delayed Goals persuade
See I came down for a purpose. See as I came down I did not hover, I slammed!The ground broke down in a shatter when I landed. See, I came to bring peace to my loved ones and war to my enemies. 
Traveling the heartless tunnel, where I must defend, Where I must pace slowly, The Raging Wolf snarls in my glittered path. Muting the song of heartbreak with his temper, His seductiveness and lust-
  Do take my writing as my unsaid goodbye, Ignore the salty tears I'll cry. With a pen, my heart will speak, The words I fear my heart too weak. Memories I've saved and words of fellows,
I died last night Gave my best Took all my strength But I still lost the fight Fought for our love with all of my might But all my dreams came crashing down Heart ripped out my chest
Time to make mistakes, take a chance, kiss the summer fling, and hold hands till sun set. I'm here to grow up not down. Kiss the stars and wink at the moon. I've got a heart on full health
From the moment I first heard her heartbeat; that I felt her move.   From the moment I first saw her; my Darling’s eyes so blue.   How anxious I was to hold her; embracing my joyous fate.
It's always harder when your sober. you feel more out of control lost to the people around you.
04/14/13   There you sit all alone drentched in this silence. As you break shatters across the floor the fragments scatter and slip through the cracks. Never to be found.
Fairytale princess Full of incest Seeing God She gets down on her knees and prays like a missionary But how can you sleep like a dog And then try to fly   Uh-uh no way baby girl Not today
I cannot make flowers growin the parts of myself I don't take enough care oflike my mindand my heart. I cannot repair those who are brokenand I cannot healthose who hurt.
     At the age of 7, I found a passion for literature that I had been raised to value. My mother new the benefits of opening the door to a positive outlet for a young woman that was destined to go through Hell and high water.
I write because I never could throw a punch. I never could run fast enough jump high enough or beat you in sports at recess, But I could run circles around your head with unparalleled linguistic prowess. I spoke daggers,
The Subconscious possesses my fragile fingers, tracing the rusted doorknob. My errant body ambles off, leaving the scent of presence behind. The inviting entrance embraces my hand delicately. Luring me into a House where
maybe I am not brave enough to say it but I have written it and it is your time to read it. you will learn from the words. written by those who live amongst you and from those who wrote in the past.
Breathe in, Sigh, Bite your lip, Don’t cry. What goes up, Must come down, But this game we play keeps spinning around. I just want to fall, Down to my knees, Pleading to God,
The moon holds on for its dear life, as the morn' draws it's shape across the atmosphere. Stars blink, on, off, on, off. The starry shapes molding together all into one, one shape.
Hi, my name is Lauren Lehman, I'm an ambitious poet from the South Florida Metropolitan Area.. I began writing poetry to help cope with traumatic events that I've overcome in my past.
You Turn me into something that never existed, Your personal shape-shifter has no control. I've never realized how much I've been committed, To your necessities that seem to be your inevitable goal.
Clockwork heart. Wind it up and off it goes. Don't get too close, or it might explode. Dormant, it lies, therefore unscathed. It one was new, pure, whole, expectant.
Illness infection disease Look at the change you've brought me From eating to sleeping From walking to running From cleaning to working From sports to school My disease my illness it has changed me
Be courageous. A single moment can Free and ignite a lifetime. Doors can be blown wide from Rash, unadulterated bravery. A mere minute can birth A new universe of opportunity.
Classes and books, don’t you forgetYou’re too young, you can’t graduate yetLockers and lunchtime, the people you call friendsThe best days and times they say never ends
You drive me to the edge again and again  But I hang on to the ledge With my pen The rocks at the bottom are razors I'm slipping Words are my savior   Feelings and memories triggered
They say a dream is a wish your heart makes But your heart doesn’t warn you of all the roadblocks it will take: The sleepless nights, The negative opinions of even your closest allies, Society’s judgment,
A student is someone who engages in their own goals, aspirations, and dreams. I consider myself going beyond my objectives. My goal is the mere want and need of success.
Hey You! Yeah you! You’re beautifulI’m just jokingYou’re actually drop dead gorgeous when you smile rainbows fill the sky
  I can’t fly with   Your words  Clipping my wings too short  To grow back full enough  Let me escape  Your grip around my  
What if Hercules was a you or me? What if he too was always scared?
Our fathers’ dream has been realized   Here we stand, America the greatOn democracy but still not finalized,As we are ever changing, no end date
When all is swell, When the river of life flows well, When one vibrates in resonance with soulful bells, When one is high in spirits, When those all around are dearest, When invincibility is skin,
Dear Son,   Recognize your power, strength, and courage.   You have the drive and the power to achieve great things. And then there is power ascribed to you.
Sick severed lipsHolding my bare hips.Like Achilles heel,The emotional appeal is severed. And though I have no brainI can't really complainOf the wonders in the skyAnd how high I can go.
I’m staring into the skies above A gentle wind is rustling my hair And tickling my skin It beckons me to come forth
A life fully lived exisists inside of the soul that is not afraid to die.
  People, formicating over the sidewalk. Life's gold leaflets are turning. Ignorance is a forest of constricting ivies, blinding blues and greens, and a lustful burgundy.
Fight through the pain now Don't give in to the night. Take your last breath while standing Let strength be your fight.   (chorus) Lock-down 'cuz we're loesing ground
 In the last day where the line is drawn in blood,  We choose our sides And fight for those we love   (chorus) If you'd only known that this is why we stand Then you'd free yourself And join the last of man
We are the Best The Bravest At least that’s what is said Over and Over again Even after our Last Breath
So young with highs as sharp as mountain peaks, and lows deeper than the bottom of the sea. The flashes of emotions were killing me, and the pills were not healing me. In my head there were bits and pieces
I will not be a princess, Who is stuck in that awful tower. Waiting for a stranger to come rescue me.   I am a woman,
I want to be a cactus. I want to be rough around the edges; To form an armour around  my skin. To be free from what Most think that beauty is.   I want to be a cactus.
Its 2013 and nothing has changed. I sit with my homies and brothers ever estranged. Watching all these people looking at us as if we are to blame. Its 2013 and nothing has changed.
Music is for the broken whose will has been abandoned and suicidal thoughts have nested. So quick to contemplate death. Instead a track plays to vibe with the heart and mend the mind to health.
anger with frustration is a nasty combination with a little confusion and you mind will cave in head simply spinning   can't concentrate forget the date and run in hell's direction
  And after the storm We will rest in long moments suspended. We will walk with grounded steps On familiar land, And trust our feet to lead us home. We will dress ourselves
The power of poetry can be a the power of saving a life, It may sound over dramatic, but it's certainly not a lie, Just a young kid, i was 12 going threw a tough time,
  Dressed in army greens Brown boots, tags around his neck Finally he’s home   No trace of a smile He is very different now Finally he’s home   He was in the field
Little Souls, blind death Christmas was close But Jesus planned it differently Loud cry, melancholy spirit It was a gloomy year A gloomy december You will always be remembered
Has my soul faded into deep darkness Overpowered by a blazing hot pain. A unknowing feeling of a true mess The memories of you keeping me sane. Not even the idea of feeling
Young precious girl, What are you doing? She said: "I'm giving up. Too stressed up, to get lucked up. I'm sick of the society putting me down and my "man" wearing the crown..."   Young precious girl, Where are you going?
  What is this, that falls from my face This wetness. This pain. This glory. This confusion. This worry. This scariness.
My  brother way more than a friend, to think you wouldn't be here till the end. To see your face, feel your warm embrace would dry up all my tears.
  Thanks for giving the time of day The night of light The food to eat to see my life Everywhere that summer there angles
I step away, As he slowly approaches, Hidden out of his sight. Evil he has come to do… But I must do right. I will just wait here, If he does not see me first, My heart is beating, I’m about to burst!
I step away, As he slowly approaches, Hidden out of his sight. Evil he has come to do… But I must do right. I will just wait here, If he does not see me first, My heart is beating,
She says she strong Since there’s nothing wrong. But, I know better than she. She thinks she higher But she’s a liar The stronger one is me. The one with bruises, Who always loses
I’m not an exceptionTo the ruleYet, I try so hardI’m like one grain in the sandA particle in the skyI’m nothing but a spectacleYet, I try so hard
  My poetry is Lana Del Rey Turning my skies to blue from grey. My strength is Nicki Minaj because like me she’s “Tryna forgive you for abandoning may.”   The Black Keys stand guard in my fight
  My mind is a prison The prisoner locked inside the cell  is me Why you may ask because i can't gain control so i lose it every time and when the control is lost the pain takes over
The cries of war surround common soldier as the men rush onward in excitement and yell But the opposition is fierce and men fall fast as straight as arrows Common soldier obeys
Growing up with a father,Blinded by his own pain,I became the parent;His shelter from constant rain.Dried up his tears,Floods only became clouds.I couldn't help him like I wanted.I let him down.
Rain forms on her skin and falls upon the ground Each step, each breath, a labor—they see her, try. Panting, struggling, doing her best not to be “this” They see her now, she cries inside—embarrassed.  
To be a woman now Is to be a woman with impressive prospects Not more than half a century ago We were trapped Ensnared by the prejudice And belief that we were for some reason less capable, inept. Weak.
Here I sit, ah this black chalice so alone, and silence embracing my every thought,every emotion.  
  Why do the days have to end?   The lights go out. The night begins.   The beauty of a summer's day Darkens after sunset.   They say the bird's songs are lovely all day
I dropped you off at school just like any other day.  I never thought you’d be taken away.  Your smile still burns in my mind. Nathan, you, must have been so scared that day.
The world is crashing down all around me, All I see is blackness. Over and over and over again, Where is the light? Why isn't it like I thought? What screwed up life was I given?
Hateful glares, hidden glances. Romances. Friend or foe? How are you to know? Catch her if you can, as she Rise, Rise, Rises.   Grind. Everyday. Hurts. When all they see
I focus fiercely and my frustration grows, as I try to unravel the mysteries and unlock all the secrets.
After all the years, a knot once tied Has fallen loose in mid-stride, Holes revealed that before were hidden, By this intricate knot of ribbon, Smiling faces covering watering eyes
  Like Maya Angelou, I rise. My circumstances beat me down, my age, my race my money, they all let me down. But I rise from the ashes of what was burnt.
  That summer I had just turned nineteen Is when I saw you in shorts of camouflage green. You saw me when you were playing football with some pals
Just because they are gay, we shouldn't take our right to get married away.  Walking down the road, hand-in-hand with their loved ones does not affect anyone around them.
Love A simple word, with many definitions. A simple word, a greater mission. A smile, a handshake, a hug. Simple actions, a simple proposition. Spread the word and find repetition.
Hahahah you're hilarious! You thought this note was about how You broke some girl's heart! Comedy gold. This is coming from a place you shut off long ago.
I'm the one that fell too hard, too fast. I guess what he felt wasn't happiness. He saw her for the first time in six months. Everything he had felt came rushing back like floods. Who was I? Nobody now.
They try to break and bind me. I bend, but cannot break. I am tied but liberated. The world tries to suffocate me With their lies. The truth will set me free. They try to burn me
The implications of your strength confuse My emotions and leave me perplexéd; Do I find safety in your able arms, Or do I fear the strength sup’rior to mine? The way you take control is my excuse
Where is the strength behind our power in words Ancestors and philosophers alike have provoked speech Where is this audience that we can be heard The strength in our words is not the words themselves
Why do I write? I write to think. I have all these thought going through my mind At 100 miles an hour. When I write, I can't write fast enough When I write, I write to feel.
Reminiscing is a word of a thousand blows A picture that pierces my soul for many pros’ The struggles that made me enlightened like a turtle in their slows The years have flown by like birds fleeing in throes
Look into the mirror Repeating the abusive words Ugly Fat Chunky Hairy You look like a man Too short Or too tall Silence the voices inside your head You wish
I know that When you’re alone In the middle Of the night And you want someone To hold you And tell you That everything’s Gonna be alright, That I could be That person For you,
Waiting for that one rival that I'm willing to chase down the mountain in an epic race We'll see whos the better driver Catch me face to face and I'll show you this mountains number one ace
oh lonely wolf, your heart is crying out for help and so you howl at the moon, venting a prayer full of angst as you don't understand the ways of the heavens so you howl even more in the mystic silence
I have been ridiculed for disproportionate body parts, And I have done the same to others' fragile hearts, I have been teased and toyed with until tears came, And yet, I have unto others done the same pain,
I have something on my chest That is clouding up my mind. What if we overlook everything Without taking the time, to realize where we went wrong, the things we do or say.
At the site of death we are sicken until we bite our tongues, screaming at the anger that coats us in pain, and as are eyes become blood shot red we are fighting to decide
This is a message to my generation; it seems we’re falling into condemnation, subtly but surely losing our concentration, losing our determination to seek God and witness His manifestation in our lives, too busy with our infatuation with TV, video
Fall to the floor on my knees metaphorically I might disrespect someone But I ask this rhetorically: What can you do when you realize you need help because you’re too weak to do anything yourself?
Initial diagnosis, devastating and extreme, The cancer festering inside Determined to destroy his dream.
War is not a thing it is an emotion It was what is told across the oceans The truth - world is so much bigger So much more beautiful and wide. Not understood in the time that abides.
In The Land of the Wild, Her heart blooms in the Rainy Jungle The mist falls on the Weary Soul Her mind solely reflects Of the image she’ll soon regret Holding flowers in her hour Is her time well spent?
Lately all we do is fight, can’t seem to get it right. Why should we pretend we’re more than friends? Can’t you see it’s hard for me? Trusting you is what I do. Seems like all you want is to hurt me.
Come here, take my hand. Fear me not, I understand. It is your fear speaking, and I've come for you. I've come to let you think, I've been what's stopping you. See the truth is, I'm not. You just don't listen.
I was whole, once. At least I think so. Just because I can't remember not feeling like a mixed up jig-saw puzzle doesn't mean I wasn't ever a complete entire unit... Right? Or maybe I'm wrong.
not long ago you brushed me off without a care in the world about your words with thorns This deceiving hell burning to the touch UNBEARABLE suffering the Dreaded feeling
I'm tall, your short which ones better? big boobs? small ones? or how about this big ass, small bum I just love mine who cares, because thats the way I am! The way I am! what can I say
I need answers I need prayers I need sympathy In this dying misery I need affection I need hope I need this wind to tell me which way to go So come with me now
As things get rough I find her head hangs low Eyes bellowed beneath the clouds his hands on her chest as a chain on his ankles holds him tight Her body is in a state of mind that nobody can feel
Up ahead, amid the dirt lies the fence. Tall and wide, black and tied it stands. It's forbidden, it's inhumane. For it separates people, and people's pain.
I don't know what to do. You don't look at me, The same way I look at you. I don't know what to do. To think it had only begun, And already, we're through. I don't know what to do.
Challenged with it all my life. The kids laughing, the kids talking. Enemies and friends alike.
I’m a professional at wearing a mask, but once I’m off the stage it starts to crumble and I’m left standing with myself. Looking into a mirror that reflects the past Of another person’s life.
do you remember that night the night we felt something new were you there in the moment or were you checked out too
Is it so hard to believe, For what you cannot see nor hear Is it so hard to believe That you can be touched by a spirit that is not their Is it so hard to believe If you close your eyes
As the sun fades away The sky turns to gray O' dear, I can only say, "See you tomorrow morning star" We look back in time To where we had our best and worst times Wish we had a time machine
(poems go here) It’s like finding the lyrics to a song It’s got to fit its got to belong You got to do what’s right You got to know what’s wrong In a life like this you got to stay strong
see theres this thing this feeling that eats and eats and eats away at my brain and i feel guilty and cruel and wrong because thats what they told me i was SUPPOSED to feel
she silently stares at the monsters under her bed chin resting on the knees she has pulled to her chest, eyes as empty as the rhythmic heart beating— out of obligation— between her ribs.
I was a Stopper, a panic, a coil, Watching. With Awe. as my life would spoil Away with fear as I lay in my slumber. Falsely believing my days were numbered.
I can’t really tell you much about my heritage. For I do not know anything about it. I can’t say that my ancestors were slaves. For then I would be telling a lie.
My hand shakes as I write. Lines and curves. Quivering like a crisp leaf, as the calm before the storm dissipates. I have so. Many. Questions.
What's done is done. But, as sure as sunrise and set, my day will come. As certain as the changing colors of autumn. As definite as the pumping and pulsing of that muscle in your chest. But don't count on the latter,
Lavish lies conceal flattering false prophets Under a guise that is layers deep A ritualistic routine of self masocation Of emotional measures physicality intact Progressing and digressing
The church stood on one side The street on the other And I was the illegitimate child scorned to no acceptance Bound to redefine the limit that could not be reached Forced to hide in the shadows
Find me the definition of STRONG. Let it be the wind underneath my wings. Let it fill me up and pour out. Help me understand STRONG. I cannot afford to be anything but.
Isn't the whole world against us? Trying to weigh us down? Aren't you all laughing at us? Amused by our suffering? Isn't the sky trying to crush us? Disturbed by our strength? Aren't we still standing?
I wish you could see you as I see you, So for a little bit, let me break through, Through walls of stubborn mortar and hard brick, I promise you I will be very quick.
The life that we live Can dictate our character Our actions today And the ways we serve others Can help us find who we are
Silent tears fall streaming down my face rushing over your shoulder and breaking at you from within. You watched the pain in my eyes my voice and my body
Hope is gone It has run it's course As my dreams run farther And nothing seems to work But I look up and scream Help me please My savior comes And suffices me
Another glance into the mirror Another day, another year A coarse example of the person Who is hiding under there
I’ll cry silent one more day Hide my tears behind this mask Move the broken shell of a body And pretend I’m not shattered I’ll laugh so you don’t see And I’ll cry silent one more day
I fought the will to live a tragedy, to sacrifice pain and wear a smile no matter what. A fool amongst wise men. A liar amongst the blind. A friend to people who have not a clue of the person I am.
Immortal souls don't last forever. They are taken by greed. Frozen in time and space. Never changing. Ceasing to live.
The Hope, It sits there. Right there. Trapped. The Hope, Is yelled at, Is tugged at, Yet it sits there. Right there. Waiting.
Sadness floats around me Hovering Always with me. Like mist, It creeps over me Settles down and suffocates me. The fog of depression hides the sight of happiness. The shadows are dark,
The wrath of wind, it comes and goes, The fear of men, no longer blows, The hunger of fire, it does devour, But all who give in, it will sour, The strength of water, cannot be matched,
It is times like this when men we see, Our fragile broken destinies. When through false strength and proud façade, Appears the pea beneath the pod. It’s times like these as men we know,
She lays there with the blood coursing ever so slowly through her veins dying in her agony... atrophy from the antagonizing sorrow of the pain she feels in side... her eyes are glazy and cloudy
Apart from the world is how I feel. Yet to me, this pain is everything that's real. I close my eyes to remember a time; of better days, the days I felt fine.
Go ahead and say it a voice like a comet the moment at hand the glory of this land though growing up's tough you become strong enough to endure and push through inside the red, white and blue
Let the walls come crumbling down My heart is open to You My words speak of what to do I'm lost I'm scared I'm broken Give me Your word It'll comfort inside of me Nothing compares to Your love
Pick up the pieces Of shattered glass Of shattered life Pick up the pieces Use the tools Given to you Pick up the pieces Only you can You're the only one left No one else can
darkness the scary and dark place being afraid of something that's not there it may be concealed in the blanket of night doesnt mean its bad
Never been on top Never been good enough Had a couple of blessings But I never had good luck Always underestimated Nobody believed in me But I see why because I was never in the lead
Did you know? Did you know that right now, in this very second, there are people crossing? This very second, people running, walking, stumbling, falling… maybe never to get up again, all the water, all the life,
Numb is always my emotion I've become so bland nothing effects me anymore I only cry to know I'm still alive and because I know they're right.
Courage is a free creature, who soars among the clouds. Its feathers are lined with hope. Courage is powerful, talons sharp and firm. Courage is fragile, so easily shot from the sky. Courage is fast, easy to lose.
Just as I thought it was save to rest my eyes. The pain of the ignorance you exhibit is blissful, yet it haunts me through the night.
Tonight is the night. There is no stopping. After this, it’s all over, and then what are you going to do? You’ll have that paper in your hand, You’ll be done, and where will you go? “No clue” – she says.
It takes strength to deal with a broken heart It takes strength to move on It takes strength to turn your pain into happiness It takes strength to hold your head high It takes strength to be heard
Am I too weak to say something, but too strong that I may break them? I am too scared to show them my skin. My mind is blurred by the images of doubt. By their stupid ways. Why?
Hiding in the closet while teardrops are flowing Wondering when is this feeling of despair going to end But wait!! I see a light peaking through these hidden doors Or is it my future looking bright as the blazing sun
Though you see, To find is another matter. Wanting hearts not filled overnight. The journey continues, Hope still abounds in us. A search has demanded answers, They will be owned, Oh Perseverer.
Today is a brand new day, A new day to find strength, Strength to over come fears, Strength to fulfill our dreams As we get closer to our dreams, Our strength comes out, To overthrow obstacles,
For some reason they like to hold us back. Even though they seem to have the control, we are probably our strongest. I've never felt so strong, beaten down to one finger on a rope. I've probably never had so much hope...
I'm shutting down What else am I to do? Till you come around Till then I'll wait for you So broken How I feel inside words unspoken All these feelings denied
You push him down you call her names causing so many frowns and so much shame Why do you need to push and shove is it from greed? or a lack of love?
She weeps tears of dew; Her humble boughs sigh. Wind becomes her grace, And the sun her hope. She shields clouds of rain; Veils her heart in leaves. Weather won't weaken, Her roots sink to deep.
I live in a dollhouse Where the Barbie's are five feet tall And their pretty pink dresses Resemble summer's fall.
Get away from me. I don't want you to visit again. Last time nearly killed me. The pain; the crying. The worthlessness.
I have no strength to continue. Alone at the piano, Tears track my face, As my fingers a melody trace In the dark.
Light That is all I ever asked The stars are receding And I have failed my task I wonder I wonder What did I fail to do?
Running down the field Sun shining bright, sky bluer than the ocean, grass green and smooth It all feels so natural My gloves snug around my fingers with just the slightest amount of moisture against my palms
Our intentions are to find a better Life. We come to this country to work that's all. When we get here we are treated like bad people We aren't given a chance to explain.
A man's courage is a product of a man's desire. A man's strength is synonymous with long lasting fire. To live and to love makes man want to inspire. Because to live and to love makes a man soar even higher.
I watch anguish drag it’s grubby body to my toes, I am decidedly defenseless, and only my eyes grow wide As the gates in my chest close Crushing my heart and lungs in heavy encasement.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me God’s love will never end I will honor Him being all I can be
A dark hole called home, but it's not even mine. Not living only existing, no hope, no worth, dealing with what I've been dealt. Keep it all inside, the words inside my mouth. We'll all be the same, lying in the dirt.
They say A small stream carved The Grand Canyon Maybe that's why I'm so afraid of water Crumble (you're tired)
The memory of your body Naked and glistening Contrasted under the cotton sheets Is to recall the grandiose of the stars Retuning to the humbling innocence of newborn planets And the substance of the human heart
I've wandered into the morbid side of life and I don't plan on coming back. You can chase me all you want, but you'll just get hurt in this dark place. It kills anything positive. But I don't have to worry,
So scared and diminutive she looked craddled in that corner... completely unresponsive with short quick spasms to let us know she was still here. this could have all been avoided of course,
How much do I love you? How much do you care? What I would do for just your kiss and your stare? These questions frequently run through my mind. Sometimes it scares me, I wish I could hide.
I've seen those hands before In a different country far from here I've smelled that scent before But it's not like he's standing beside me Flashbacks through my senses
What makes us a warrior? Is it the natural talent god has given us, or maybe us having a good teacher? NO, IT IS COURAGE! COURAGE to face our enemies, COURAGE to keep on going forward even though everyone says you can't do it!
Strength is being weak, but continuing to walk. It’s carrying on when everyone says you don’t have to. It’s stepping up to the plate, standing up to the man, and buckling down when times get rough.
I was always taught never seem weak Always act strong To always fake that smile And laugh like nothings wrong But right now I think about those hard times I got through
I’m talking about crown on my head & power in my palms. Closed fist in the air as I defend my cause, To be treated like royalty and never anything less, For I know my worth, so don’t take my warm heart for weakness.
I'm riding in a car with people I just met, Realizing that my mind is so far away from theirs. I look around outside the car window seeing the life I live in, While questioning the thoughts that are going through my head.
Looking up, as he looks off into the distance
 Seeing a giant I cannot
 His eyes stare ahead and not down at me But I feel them seeing through All the strength and informality
 The facade that's a decade old
Unbroken silence Quiet is all around me My eyes search for sound Seeing is hearing Even what is not spoken Eyes hear everything Life with no hearing Silence is normal for me My life is not loud
When you became a man you knew what you had to do. However it was a choice, I had no say. The day you left sure was a hard one. I remember waking up before the sun
There are faces swimming in your vision Memories you'd much rather forget Nightmares in the daytime Tears you always regret They taunt you with their freedom The injustice of reality
I'm just walking, trying to get by. Irritated by the fact, I don't even try. Excuses after excuses, what is there left to say. I'm in the fetal position, and all I can do is pray.
I lie in bed awake at night Empty inside Wanting to grab onto something But not knowing what
I wake up but keep my eyes closed. I just lay there in my bed. Seems like everyday is the same, I hear the same old story playing over and over in my head.
I know I have one Thing- strength. Not physical, But in the way to stay Standing for myself.
Fighter Put on those gloves and I feel the power surge.  I feel the lightning in my veins. I hear the thunder in my heart. I become stronger with every drop of sweat. I become faster with every breath.
I’ve been broken down and restored Set back Been attacked since the day I was conceived inside my mother’s womb Attacked by gallons of liquor bottles, Making me kick within my mother’s belly,
What is a best friend?, I ask I can sit and ponder all day, But I can't pretend the thought doesn't last, Someone I can confide in, lean on, laugh, and cry, It's something, a feeling, that most people would die
I am here with you in Boston-- where the earth plummets to the gravel to the pearly gates. Where the holy land is lost.
Strength is not always, Muscle and brawn, But the feelings you have inside.
Remnants of strong people, jolted out of place. Strong like cement paved over with silence. A steady flow of memory filled with photos,
Girls today are rewinding back to the Leave It to Beaver days with June at the helm of their dilapidated ship filled with: aprons, house coats, cake mix, feather dusters, and beige pumps.
God give me a second chance I’ve been dealt a hand that no man can understand Falling in between the lines Of is this truth or are there lies I can’t help it The hand I’ve dealt with
Of the darkness emerging from our souls, beyond threshold of the black mire falling headfirst into the pits dying, our souls
Normal... it's such a strange thing With its hum-drum ring That makes you want to wheel it into a hospital wing and just let it die
Mirror mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest of them all? With all these noises and TV lies, I fail to see with worldly eyes.
For You I have changed my ways I have gone from that nice little girl to someone older in age. For You I have turned my back on all things that sing
Noises… they merge and devour to the hallway nearby Bypassing the exit sign, it's still there… but it hides away, Seeping underneath the door panel of what appears To be no... safe way out.
A sudden fear approaches As foot steps draw near Tears release from pain And words of lash at my heart The monsters want me dead But I keep fight... To find a light in this Forever Nightmare
Empty within compare, Lost within despair, Alone always alone, And that's what I've always known.
Why is no one answering my cries? I lash out in hopes that someone will notice, But all that responds is never-ending silence. Music used to be my perfect muse… Now it doesn’t even offer me comfort.
I can't see the future but I can't dare look at the past. I told myself I was done and this was the last. I can't handle the pain! The guilt or the blame. But I can't escape this life. This toughness and rage.
Tossed in the air, how's it gonna fall? sometimes two options are easier than all, but you never really understand, the power is out of your hands I can still hear the sound of the echo
I lost my mama one cold fierce night. Thinking she would return to her daughter might. I cry everyday i was just a little girl, out in the cold freezing world. things started changing, people dont remain the same, they are not true their word.
STAND ABOVE IT, there are too many women out there, who have convinced themselves that they are not capable of surviving in a world where sexism, male chauvinism has rammed them into the dust.
Strength through Pain
I like the way things are now: How I can stand at the edge The sidewalk stopping Cars flying by, missing everything Without feeling so tempted to run To get away Because where I am now is fine.
As if someone is pushing against me Every effort made, shot down backfired with some kind of unknown karma Its something we all need to figure out Money out of question, with a family full of struggle
I tried loving you, you tried feeling me I tried reaching out, you tried pulling in I tried to make it work; you had to break it first I tried to be free, you tried to chain me I tried to fly, you took my sky
1 cup of ambition 3 cups of strength a bundle of support and you will surely win
Running numb Blind to the path in front of her Crushing everything she's been taught It's not fair... There's a prettier place where women can smile
i am me old, frigid..some days young.. prisoned and free. Greyed vision for me A tanned skinned for you For this is all you see.
feeling so high at times it is my lowest low i just might lose
These four walls hold me in Blank and bare, so naked, I stare The dimmed light from the screen Makes a Glow. A dull glow because it is dark, past 11.
Here's to the ones that allow negativity to swell their minds To only see the falsehoods implemented by their brain Who don't see what is in front of them, but has believed to see within each and every positive action
You push me down You Kick Me Down You Dig a Hole You Stabbed My Back And push me down Again And Again But what’s the point What’s the problem? I’m I Not good enough
I'm running My feet are pounding against the surface I hear my heart beating in my ears My breath quickens as I am frantically trying to find a way out I'm Trapped by the walls within my head
They tell her she isn't as alone as she thinks But they never lived everyday alone as her Unable to form real relationships with people Because of her fear of rejection With only her thoughts to tempt her
Sturdy and strong, From the outside nothing could go wrong, Crumbling on the inside, this tower So tall and so bold Colorful yet vague As it watches and stares at all that pass by, Rainy days, sunny days,
The nightmares haunt me every single night Distraction fails, I hum an old sweet song What used to be a dream, is now a fright This awful pain has gone on far too long I wear dark bruises on my legs and arms
Brighter than the suns strong smile Her eyes have been searching for miles. Miles to go, miles to go*, oh how she wished she’d know. Never stopping to take a breath,
Please forgive me, I know I'm nothing to be proud of One awful monster created out of an act of love The irony is often too much to take I am sorry for being the worst mistake
The people march to protest their oppressors Because they no longer want to be the lesser. They are motivated by the professors To not be the aggressors; The ones who fight first against the suppressors.
Over in a moment Death is nothing to be feared; Life, love, and everything else Is a tragedy for the mind.
Masked from all light, hidden in plain sight His outside appearance is fake, with interference From his brain, he hears it, dazed with incoherence The boy afraid to try, shrouded by fright.
Welcome to the Mistake Factory We stake ‘em We bake ‘em We shake ‘em We even sell ‘em too We send ‘em We bend ‘em We bind ‘em We grind ‘em And then we sing a long loud YABBA DABBA DOO!
What's real in this masquerade called life? Behind these masks Underneath the painted on smiles
I am from ashes from shards and legendary rebirth. I am from darkness beneath moon's shadow lonely, silent, it feels like snow. I am from the world's remains, the dark abyss
Did you ever see a sharp knife and wonder just how far it could penetrate?
Angel-Headed hipsters Lend me your ears For I constantly find myself wondering How many of us are really here? How many of us are truly living our lives
God is on our side Together we WILL succeed God, you are my light
Right now all I see is your silhouette. But I know of your becoming forearms And your willowy backside With sinuous muscles that scroll underneath smooth skin.
The cold air and my skin collide I got my jacket and came inside I turned my head and you I saw Your beauty left me in shock and awe I'm truly blessed by your complexion Something about it screams perfection
Let us sail. Off with our boat and two thick oars, off away from the plain and overused shores. Let us paddle till our arms tire, and enjoy as our laughter gets higher and higher.
Sunrise in your eyes. A new begining, New love, and new passion. Noontime, high in the sky. Been going on and on With the same routine. Sunset, tries but dies. Say goodbye to the day.
What is home when you lose all sense of trust? Coming from a teen, i get that trust is already a weakness that needs to be worked on, but when your the one left wondering what else can be taken away before i become completely numb? well...
Sang you “Baby” by J.B Maniacal as the American Idol contestant With the most effrontery, yet Never made it past the auditions
I need to marry a man who plays the guitar. No, the piano...yes...the piano. I need to marry a man who plays the piano and sings beautifuly.
For a girl from a small town She wanted a lot from a big world. Tears and sorrow filled too much space, She had to do something, it had to be erased.