The Power Of Support


Having the power to make the weak stronger
Noone deserves to be made little
I would tell the homeless to seak a job
And they would find one
I would lend them a hand to help them
Off the ground
I would tell them keep your head up
The end has yet to come
God has put everyone on this Earth for a purpose
Noone should ever forget that they mean something
That someone loves you
And the Power of Love even from a stranger
Can keep you going for years to come
The Power of love from a friend
Can keep your mind at ease
But the Power of Support and care
Will keep anyone going through the storm
The floods , the hurricanes
When all hope is lost.
The power of support which Held Martin Luther Kings dream
The power of support which stopped segregation
The power of support That got us an African American President
The power of support that gives strength to international couples
So if I had any Power it would Be the Power of Support to keep the weak strong
And the strong , stronger


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