Redemption Ballad


  Stuck in this room like it's a jail.
Trapped like prisoners

My hands are tied grasping the rail.

We aren't petitioners.

"Sometimes I always ask myself why.
Was it after all worth it?

Is it safe here? is my only reply.

Now, this is where I sit."


"There's always a way to turn around.

It's worse to die than live.

There's always a lost and a found.

Today you must forgive."


"By opening your eyes to see.

You do not need many tears.

'Cause one day you can be free

By overcoming fears."


"All it takes is to tell the truth.

Now, God is on your side,

You must go and tell in a booth.

Churches will then abide."


"Being free, I'll take you with me.

Leaving here with a smile.

I won't leave you aside to die.

I'll go the extra mile.



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