YOU shut up and listen!


"As soon as you walk in tomorrow turn in your homework"

See my teacher expects me to waltz up in here,

doing stuff we are never going to apply to life.

y=mc to the power of "why am even i here"

when I should be with my mom.

See what I can't tell my teacher is how

utterly messed up his class is!

How does he expect me to do this

and keep my mind on that,

when in reality my mind is on my mom.

she  is a dove who's time to fly south for winter is coming up.

You want me to do this and do that

yet my mind is on this dove.

I want to go straight up to you and tell you

you need to chill out. im going through something.

see but we can't say that, because if we do, then conselors get involved

I don't want you to feel sympathy for me.

But for once I want you to shut up, sit down, and listen.

Because the real problem is not in the equation,

but in reality.


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