Mommy I did it

I made it, i knew I'd make it just didn't know how They'd take it, who? the doubters, the haters,

those that were players that tried to play me, thought that I would act brand new and dead or alive the devil will take me,

but they fail to notice that I'm the same me, but better, I have a purpose,

I'm done trying to hurt the child inside me, ima unlock that cage and let derik speak to mommy,

hi mommy it's me, I miss you soooo much, I'm a big boy now, I made it past middle school and this is it for high school mommy,

I told you I would make it to college, I got accepted into something,

I wish I could watch the look on your face when you see me get this diploma,

ill just ask god if I could borrow you or get a loan, if I hear a ring ill pic up the phone,

but ill except that your over me watching this special day, I made it to 20 and still breathing mommy,

the devil didn't take me whole in those streets, cold winter nights when the cold concrete turned into heat,

struggles to not participate in the blocks beef, thinking twice before inflicting pain on the innocents teeth,

realizing that ill be better than this ish, proving something for me and not for them but for me,

I'm making a difference now mommy, the family misses you, your little boy misses you, your baby boy misses you,

Ill never let go, ill always hold on, my house brother once told me the dead are only dead if they're life was forgotten,

they're still alive if they're remembered, he's a wise man,

I keep my promises because I believe they're the only things I have left in this world,

It's ER-62 and its graduation week but I'm not done, college and I still wouldn't be,

it's my time to shine for us I'm doing this for us, almost lost faith but I have good friends and gain another family in this place,

learning to communicate with others from parts of the world I never been to is like spitting some bars to an instrumental it was meant to happen,

now I'm going from Colorado back to manhattan, but where my journey will continue to guide me towards success is on me you and god.


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