Hidden Adversity


You can't tell by my physical appearance,

but I have a chronic disease.

When I was just thirteen years old,

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

It was nothing new to my family,

because my sister was diagnosed when she was five,

but it was their worst nightmare to have two sick daughters,

and not have been able to do anything to prevent it.

Throughout all of the adversity it has caused,

I have managed to stay strong,

by not allowing it to stop me from pursuing my goals,

and not letting it take over my life.

I won't let this disease define me,

because I am courageous and a fighter,

and it is going to take much more,

to destroy me.

Many people don't even know I have diabetes,

because I never complain,

I just do what I need to do to stay healthy,

and act like I am just another flawless human on this earth.




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