I’m talking about crown on my head & power in my palms.
Closed fist in the air as I defend my cause,
To be treated like royalty and never anything less,
For I know my worth, so don’t take my warm heart for weakness.
See I’m not your Barbie doll; unrealistic, unnatural and unaware.
My capabilities will far out weigh your stereotypical assumptions so you should care,
About the things I’ve accomplished and the words that so gracefully flow out of my mouth.
Instead of always trying to shut me up or undermined my intelligence with your loud mouth.
See if you would allow a bit more room, you could learn a thing or two
But you won’t move easily so I’ll have to shove my way through.
Who are you to tell me what’s proper or what’s considered acceptable?
So if I’m not 5’10 at a size 0 I’m not even considered respectable?
Or if I’m too loud then I’m out of line, but If I’m too quiet then I get stepped all over and expect to be fine?
You molded this perfect little monster & expect us all to conform,
And I’ve never been one to cause trouble so I’ll apologize as I reject your norm.
Wait, matter a face I’m not sorry, I’m not sorry for the being that you see before you today.
I’m not sorry that I was created to be imperfect in the most perfect possible way.
How could we all be wrong and your dream ideals be right?
For they are nothing more than a blurred perspective of a defined sight.
It was no mistake that we were created in all different sizes, shapes, and shades,
But it’s a clear mistake to assimilate and forget our cultures beauty just based on what society says.
We loose power with every standard that we let strip us of our authenticity
And instead of becoming more beautiful in their eyes, we become just another target of their duplicity.
But see as much as I’ve never been one to cause harm, I’ll never be one to bite my tongue either.
And although there are situations that will boil the blood in my veins, I’ll just remind myself to take a quick breather.
For I know these words I speak cannot be removed from time
They cannot erase my statements even if they try to close off their minds.
One thing they will know is that I won’t budge from my thrown
And more women will join me, so it should be known
That our authenticity is of the upmost importance & it wont be altered or sacrificed.
After all their success really lies in the power of our beautiful palms so maybe they should think twice.


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