always were

 you are stronger than you think; 

strong enough to come back from the brink

strong enough to write what i can't say;

strong enough to save someone else's day

you'll always be strong enough

strong enough to touch a once stone heart; 

strong enough to help others through your art

strong enough to let them see your flaws;

strong enough to uncover the scars

you'll always be strong enough

strong enough to always stand up bold 

while all the others would always fold;

strong enough to understand;' 

that true beauty cannot be planned 

you were always strong enough

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



my silent cry~Beautiful violin music


strong enough to touch a once stone heart;...
Beautiful and were you were always strong enough...what a positive attitude... well expressed..


Thank you so much you,'re one of the first people to even comment

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