The Fog


United States
45° 20' 21.9732" N, 122° 32' 36.168" W

Sadness floats around me
Always with me.
Like mist,
It creeps over me
Settles down and suffocates me.
The fog of depression hides the sight of happiness.
The shadows are dark,
Dashing behind every thought, every corner.
Thoughts buzz around my mind,
Convincing myself
What can I do to stop the pain?
A blur of the same feelings,
Same emotions,
Takes over my life,
Haunting my every thought,
My every dream.
Destroying my life.
Darkness slowly spreads through me.
It brushes against my heart and mind,
The strokes of it paint my soul the purest dark possible.
It destroys all light, all good.
It is
Ruining me,
Killing me.


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