It took me a long time to realize that not everyone in your life is going to want what is best for you,

And that sometimes the people around you are going to want to see you fail because they know they could never do what you do.

I realized that the biggest thing that people like to give their unwanted opinions on is love,

Especially when you have a love that was worth waiting for, and it is one that they could never even dream of.

And even though the past two years got hard at times, I knew in my heart that this was exactly how things were supposed to occur,

And that I am so happy with the way that things are going now, I don't need to keep longing for the way that they once were.

Everyone told me I was crazy and that I was going to end up with my heart broken,

But I knew that everything they were saying was irrelevant, and that they did not know the words that were spoken.

Right from the start, I looked into your eyes, and I knew that you were the one that was meant for me,

And that everyone who had negative opinions never knew what we could end up to be.

I learned from a young age that you can't worry about what other people have to say,

Because not everything is so clean to be black and white, and sometimes it is a messy shade of grey.

Even though it can be hard sometimes to keep going when you don't know that you are making the right decision,

You have to block out the rest of the world and keep your mind focused on your clear vision.

This time last year, I sat in my room crying because I was starting to believe that everyone was right,

And even though it got tough sometimes, I took it day by day, and was able to make it through those nights.

Now I look back at those times and they give me a sense of strength for how hard I had to stay in that fight,

Because despite what everyone else was saying, I knew that it always felt right.

Now, you are the person that I stay up late talking to, and it doesn't even bother me that you ruin my routine,

Because you were always there for me when I needed someone, and you always made me feel seen.

Just when I was starting to give up the way that everyone was telling me to, you reminded me why I kept holding on,

And now it feels like everything is falling into place, and that the last two years have just come and gone.

I am very excited to spend the next four months with you, and I can't wait to see where the future takes me and you,

And I finally realized that everything that has happened had to happen for a reason, and I now love everything that we have been through.

I look back on our story and the past three years that I have known you, and I think about it and smile,

Because this was exactly what I wanted to happen, and I have known this in my heart for a while. 

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Julian Favretto

  LOVE       I'm so happy for you ....

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