I Am Your Fear


United States
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Come here, take my hand.
Fear me not, I understand.
It is your fear speaking, and I've come for you.
I've come to let you think, I've been what's stopping you.
See the truth is, I'm not. You just don't listen.
You let your heart speak, and put logics mouth in a prison.
You make logic inaudible and put your emotions on loud.
You're not going to like the results when this happens, you won't make yourself proud.
See I've been right here, I've watched you fall.
I've watched you dust yourself off, then get up and stand tall.
I've watched you return back to the very thing that's hurting you because you fear change.
I've even watched you turn back when you know it'll only cause pain.
I've watched you stay in the past because you fear what's ahead.
I've even watched you try to follow when it's you that should have led.
I've pushed you forward but most times you let me hold you back.
But there are those times you should have just listened and stayed on track.
You can fear failing and that's a positive one.
Or you can be the heart's fool and fear letting go of the wrong one.
I am your fear, I make or break you.
How dare you give me that much power? To whom do you stay true?
I am just a part of your mind God allowed to exist.
But He wants you to let it all go, you're better than this.
Your fear is the part of you that shows up when you begin to lose control.
So instead of trying to gain back the reigns, just let it go.
I am your fear, I lay with you at night when you cry so no one can hear.
I am YOUR fear and that means you have the choice to let me break you, or make me disappear.
This is what I have, this is what makes ME glad.
This is the way I fight, this is why I write.


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