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The wheels go round
up an down,
hear that sound?

Not us.
We're deaf.
Deaf to life.

We're stomped down
in the ground
can't be found
can't get a bite of that pie in the sky
when your teeth are chewin' dirt.


We can't do this anymore
thats it
ain't worth spit,
world full of shit,
tired of gettin' bit,
tired of gettin' hit.

Last straw.

I open my eyes
turn over,
look up into the face
of My Antagonist,
mad mask of evil
self-righteous hate
protecting it's place
top of the food chain
cowering behind
his White God's grace.

A Waste.

His eyes are dead
inside his head,
there's nothing there
nothing to pass the pearly gate.

This dust-devil demon who dares to stand over Me?
What is he?

I stare at him
his lip quivers and quakes.
He is going to know
that he made a mistake
his system's coming down.
We're breaking our chains
coming Awake.
No one can stop this
can't put on the brakes.

I stand,

the Earth rains off my back,
and I pick out
the missing pieces of Me
from between the cracks
in the bottom of his boot,
and Reassemble
like a jigsaw puzzle,
and all the pieces are black.



First poem on this site, hope you like it :)


For the first poem on this site, you're off to a wonderful start! I would love to see this poem slammed!

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