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Who would’ve thought

I’d be living it up in Florida.

I always thought Maryland

Would be all I knew

And then I got uprooted to

North Carolina

And I thought I’d never leave.

But I went to Florida and came back changed.

And I will continue to grow

in all areas

I thank God

He did not let me die, get pregnant

Get raped etc.

Even when I deserved it.

He protected me and my future

And I am thankful

19 and on the way to


Everlasting greatness

Thanks to God


I in fact got raped and I have never been the same that day

The feeling of no control finally hit me

and I broke down mentally

But thanks to God

I was able to find strength to get help

I had strength to push through and come out with straight A’s

I still had a job and a roof over my head

Even though I hit my lowest of lows

I still came out stronger than I was before

I did not let it take over my life

Instead I pushed myself to keep going 

I wanted to die and some days all I could do was 


But those tears helped me release

and in the release I found 


Please release to find YOUR peace.



Updated: 01/9/2020

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