A Letter To My Childhood


Hey You!

Yeah you!

You’re beautiful
I’m just joking
You’re actually drop dead gorgeous

when you smile rainbows fill the sky

flowers bloom and birds chirp
I love you because you’re beautiful in every way possible
And you know that
You should know that
You must
You’re worth too much to forget how beautiful you are
And too important to forget how loved
You’re perfect so don’t put yourself down
Stop hating your personality
Your looks
Your weight
Your body
The worry ain't worth it, sweetheart

Because you’re only an ugly duckling if you think you are

So admire yourself
It’s your quirks that draw people in
So Be Confident
Don’t depend on others for happiness
Those who can’t recognize their own beauty aren't going to recognize yours
And if people can’t love you the way I do then they aren't worth it
Because the people who matter are the people who stick around until the end
Your flaws are what make you perfect
You may think you have your own drawbacks but they are your greatest treasures, they make you who you are
I know you want to carry around a paintbrush
I know you want to hide under layers and coats of paint...colors untrue to yourself
You’re afraid of what people will see inside
That you may be rejected
But let me tell you a little secret
I make you and you make me
From each other we grow
From each other we learn, make mistakes and make music
I am who I am because of you, every bit of you
Together we make a melody,
So don’t hide who you are
Don’t disrupt the harmonious duet
We wouldn't want to hide someone so perfect
Because this world is like a mirror
Show your beauty and it shows itself too
Let the music of your soul sing free and the rest of the world will sing back to you
This world is what you make of it so seize the opportunity
The world you desire is real
See it, accept it, achieve it
Don’t use your paintbrush to hide yourself, use it to make art
Express yourself because this life is beautiful but short
Open your arms to others and show compassion
Always express empathy
Help others realize how perfect they are
Even if they seem cruel, they just haven’t realized their beauty
Love yourself so others can too

And if you need any inspiration

Place a mirror on the ceiling and look up

Find new adventures
They won’t always be knocking at your door
So travel often
Get lost so you can create new pathways
Live your dreams and make a difference
I know you can
And sometimes when things might seem rough
Just remember how I much I love you
I will always love you
Because you have loved me
Because the moment you and I made eye contact our lives changed in some profound way
When you face an obstacle think about the times that seemed horrible, painful and unjust
And reflect
Without such adversity you would have never realized your potential

your beauty

or your strength
Pain makes us empathetic

it’s what makes you so caring

never stop spreading the love because it would be shame for someone to lose them-self in the midst of injury
Those are lost moments of greatness
So believe in yourself
You’re beautiful and you make others realize that too
Alone you may be just a sound
But bring us all together and we can create a symphony
But don’t forget to turn up the volume and try to have a little fun

Don’t get scared

go exploring


start something

write poetry

make art

play music...


This world may seem big, scary and cruel but you can change it
You can make it better
You can melt hearts and bring world peace
I know you will
So, no matter what happens, 
Never stop smiling
You have a beautiful smile
You've helped me by sharing your beauty
I can only hope I've helped you too
I love you

Very much


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