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To my future child,


I know your mind is somewhere dark

as the whole world can be a twisted place

where people seemingly enter your life just to knock you down

by saying one thing behind your back and another to your face

and maybe- maybe you feel like you are the only one in your corner

because how could there be anyone at your side and still have you feel so alone?


You should know though that there is hope and your shadows and the echoes of screams will pass

just like the stories your father and I read to you when you were younger-

the ones of great pain, but happy endings

because we know, as Samwise told us, would stick with you when your despair was prowling due to its hunger.

When you were little, you didn't understand why we had read those heroic tales

but still enjoyed them nonetheless- because it showed you what strength was.


And I'm telling you, you have that strength glowing inside you

like a flame that grows stronger and brighter with each breath you take

because every time you let air enter your lungs, you have the ability to create fire

and have the world at your fingertips so you can create-

or destroy-

anything that you have in your grasp.


Your father and I know you will use that ability to create the best version of yourself

as we are in your corner, following the dodges of punches you receive as if we are your shadow

and can see how you are handling the words you hear echoing down the school hallway

even when you think you are fooling us with the mask you show,

but that's not saying it's going to be easy-

it's going to be a long, tedious path that I hope one day you can see why it was.



Amber R. Nasers

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