You’re my enemy but my friend

I always wonder when you’ll end

You motivate me to do work

If I don’t then I will feel worse

My mind runs like a bomb

Even when I’m feeling calm

Your presence always linger

It makes you an angel or a sinner

I hate the way I sometimes have a fear

That everything will disappear

I know that is irrational thinking

Anxiety dictates everything goes away in a blink

You are poison, but a gift

I wish you should go a drift

To a new host and leave me be

Sometimes I want to feel free

I keep fighting to have control

You’ve taken that from me as a whole

Please continue to here

I don’t know what I would be dear

I let myself experience living

I’ve always been about giving

To those in need

And struggle to break free

Of the dark thoughts in their head

I promise your heart will make amends

I continue to fight for my survival

Anxiety served that as my friend and rival


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