Nightmare Dreams to Flying with New Wings

I'm done,



I want more,



I'm tired

and overworked


my eyes have got luggage and

my head has begun to hurt


I'm getting by on mania

I don't know how


"I'm able."


with my fingertips on

the edge

of glory


I barely pass

as somewhat



I'm living out a nightmare

where I'm sleeping

all the time


to avoid the pain

of waking up

just to stay in bed


and cry


the nights are dark

and dreamless


the days are long

and gray


I'm lying through my teeth

when I tell you,



I'm okay."


I know I don't have it figured out

and the future

is a blur

and I'm terrified of break ups,

failing grades, and

nuclear war


so what

if I'm depressed?

so what

if I'm anxious?


I don't need to hide in bed






I ended this year solidly


I'm still walking proud


next year's a giant steel-toed boot


stomping the last one out.

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