Your Parents

I still remember the story that you told me,

About how your mom wanted nothing to do with your dad until they came to be.

How they grew up together, and your mom wanted nothing to do with your dad,

And I hate to admit that I still want that to be our love story so bad.

Because that story made me believe that right person wrong time was a thing,

And that the other woman in his life ended up being just a fling.

I can’t deny the fact that my heart still believes that that will be you and I,

And I can’t give up, knowing that I didn’t at least give it a try.

Cause even when I try to look for someone else, it still comes back to you,

And I don’t know if there is anything else that I can do.

The only difference is that this time, I am finally able to continue to live,

But I also know that there is nothing left for me to give.

Because I gave it my best, but it still wasn’t enough,

And accepting the reality of that has been tough.

But I know that you and I both have things that we need to work on,

And maybe the original feelings that you had for me will finally be gone.

And you will finally realize that you will never meet another who loves you like me,

And maybe your eyes will finally open so you can finally see.

That the one who you belong with has been here all along,

And that your perception of me this entire time was wrong.

And I am working on moving on and letting it go,

And this is something that I need you to know.

Because I don’t want you to know that you have such a hold on me,

That I am still secretly wishing every night that you and I will be what I always dreamed we 

could be. 

And I hate to admit it that I still think about you everyday,

And I am constantly wondering if I were to run into you, what would I even say?

Would you pretend that you don’t know me, like I am not a figure from your past,

Or is this awkward stage that we are in not going to last?

Or would we say hi and hug each other like we always do?

But what if I see you with her, and what if I needed to accept the fact that it is all coming true.

That you and I will never be the same again, 

And I am no longer even able to call you a friend. 

But deep down, because of your parents love story, I will always think that there is still hope for 

you and I,

And I still want to believe that this was not our final goodbye. 


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