Feel Like A God


When you feel sad, insecure, helpless

Worthless, you must find strength somewhere

Somewhere that cannot be overlooked

Somewhere that is GREAT

Somewhere that is positive

Somewhere that can't be beat

Somewhere where you can always feel 

"On Fleek"

Somewhere that is Powerful

That somewhere is God

If you think of how would God be 

In life, He would be the Best person ever.

Feeling like God is like feeling Flawless

Feeling like God could make you feel unbeatable

Feeling like God could make you  take all opportunies 

that come at you

Feeling like God could make you feel like the best

Well, this is my way to get through things in life

that I Mia cannot do.

By thinking that way brings me to a different

life where no one can't compete against me.

I am not only God but a Goddess

that is Flawless

at everything she do


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