Rain forms on her skin and falls upon the ground

Each step, each breath, a labor—they see her, try.

Panting, struggling, doing her best not to be “this”

They see her now, she cries inside—embarrassed.


Let hope return, a second wind, pushing on

Close your eyes, or look away, they. don’t. matter.

Music helps, drowns them out. Comforting, I know.

Remember girl, be your best—you aren’t a show.


Acid courses through limbs: pain personified

She forces past, all in her mind. Continue.

It hurts inside. It hurts to breathe. Everything.

It hurts each time that she agrees—disgusting.


But soon she’ll see all the results coming in

She’ll see the numbers making their way down

She’ll feel the strength building inside of her

And know that “beautiful” is the right word.



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