Mon, 11/24/2014 - 02:20 -- rexiusm

I am here to speak the truth

It’s deep in my mind

Far away from me, right in my face

Scaring me into submission

Saying “the present matters more!”

Than the possible future

With one less of my family


I see her every day

She is strong hearted, proud, unrealistic but inspiring

As you see into her eyes that glow a beautiful shade of green

From behind large glasses and curly red hair

That I always wanted but can never have

You see the freedom of her mind as she watches

But that’s all she can do


She is a woman with no free will

Trapped in her body by a disability

Unable to see the troubles far away

She cannot tell her feelings or ideas

And cannot hear the disaster coming at her

Like it want to kill, that disaster, one attack

Can make it where she wants to be gone


Her heart stops, her body slumps

The Medics come, bring her back to us

She is not the same

She is sent to the jail of a hospital

Chained to her cell bed with feeding tubes and IV threads

Her main resource of life a machine

Pumping her useless body to live

A body that cannot move, or speak, or hear, or see 

Can’t feel anything


But she doesn’t want to stay, she wants to be free

From her body, of living; so she says NO!


“Do Not Resuscitate Me!

So I cannot come back

Do Not Resuscitate Me!

Not at the hospital or my own home!”


But she did not say this, she writes it

It is not the future, so it will not happen

It is now, on a piece of paper

That she writes her decision of life

To not be kept there by machines.

A single piece of paper

That many people sign so they can also be free

From old age, disease, disability

For they all say with a signature

Do Not Resuscitate.


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