Help Me Reach Stability

Daddy Daddy 

I don’t feel like myself 

Daddy, I need you more than ever it’s my mental health 

I can’t seem to understand why I still suffer 

After seven long years, it’s getting tougher

Daddy Daddy I’m faced with hurting people that love me 

Please send prayers to help restore me 


Daddy Daddy since the day you've left me. 

I’ve been trap in this anger mentality…

I went as far as thinking about fatality 

But I know I’m stronger than that 

What you did while you were down here can prove of that 

Every time I think about you I get so emotional and angry 

But I can’t fathom the thought of why I treat the people that love me so blankly 

I guess it’s out of fear and the unknown… 

Because that’s the day I experience you getting sent to the throne. 

You made it to Heaven I know you did

But If it’s one thing I ask of you it’s for your lids 

To see your view on my situation 

Because being prescribed medication 

Isn't my expected alternation. 


So, daddy daddy please help me with the possibilities 

So that I can help myself reach stability. 


Sincerely your daughter 

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My family
My community
Our world
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