The Support

Wed, 05/07/2014 - 18:43 -- khedges

Alone in a room I stand. A single light
shines down on me.
I feel empty and numb. There's really
no feeling at all. Im not sure who I am
or who I can be.
I feel two hands on one arm. They
lift it out straight.
Warmth shoots right to my heart and
for a moment I feel something. Then it
vanishes without a trace.
Myself and another in that same room. Two
lights shine down on us.
A second pair of hands grasp my other
arm. As my heart quickly beats, I feel
comfort and a rush.
Time goes by, more people come with
all kinds of light they bring.
Lifting me, carrying the weight of my
body, these people are here to save
and help me.
I begin to see them. Who they are. My
family and friends hold me up.
Filling my soul, my heart, and body
with love and strength I errupt
with joy. The room is full as they
bring me down.
On solid ground I stand. Strong hands
hold me still and comfort my mind.
The support I needed was found.


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