Warm night clinched by melodious laughter,

As I wade through life like water,

Is my last memory as someone's innocent daughter.


Bright lights, dark shadows,

Is the last thing my body knows,

Before being thrust like water from a hose,

From laughter to a world where no rose grows.


It's so sudden; so severe

One minute he's calling me dear,

The next he's hunting me down like a deer.

I hear his whisper in my ear,

"Hope you'll enjoy the feel of my spear."


The feel of his spear,

Is a stabbing dagger in the rear.


As I lay under him feeling my innocence disappear with each thrust,

I wonder how i will ever trust.

I feel sick. I wonder how to adjust.

I long for a gust of wind, to blow me off with the dust.


How do I get back on my feet and walk with my head held high again?

How do I get over the psychological pain?

How do I get rid of the stain,

That's crushed my soul and my brain?


I talk to the world and all I hear is 'sorry'.

To them I am just another story,

Just another girl whose strength to share her story is laudatory.

How can they understand my purgatory?


Would someone please unplug the memories of your spear from my life!

Before they send me to the afterlife!


Please unrape me so I can laugh again with my friends.

I want to convince myself that this is not how my life ends.

Uncup my breasts,

Untear my panties,

Unkiss my lips and uninsert your penis from my insides.

You are tearing me into pieces!


Bring me back; bring back my innocence.

I don't know you but I am familiar with your maliciousness.

The pain you have caused me is limitless,

But what's a girl to do but walk again with graciousness regardless.

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Our world
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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Great narrative
Wonderful storetelling in this poem
Rape is inexcusable & unacceptably inhumane
Great job and keep writing brother

Charles Muchori

Thanks bro for the interest and the encouragement. Couldn't stop writing if I tried.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

most definitely brother

it's about telling your story the way you know to convey it

it was well thought out and at times, this topic about rape is sensitive

the way you articulated this piece was brilliant and i appreciate the honesty

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

check out my poem " the devil's playground" & "label"


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