You breaking my heart was the best thing you could have done for me,

Because now it is my turn to finally focus on everything that I want to be.

As hard as it was, letting you go was exactly what need to occur,

So I can finally focus on doing what I was made for.

Living to better myself each and every day,

And learning from the mistakes that I made along the way.

Being able to help others the way that I always wanted to,

And finally having the dreams of being a role model come true.

Having the opportunity for my writing to inspire someone who is going through a hard time,

And learning from mistakes, so you don’t have the same mountains to climb.

For understanding that mountains were put in your way for you to move,

And it’s all about being who you are, and realizing that you have nothing to prove.

Growing through the hard times, so you can become better on the other side,

And knowing that you can overcome anything, even when your hands are tied.

Learning that the only person you need to make happy is you,

Because pleasing everyone else is something that you can never do.

In the end, it is something that doesn’t even matter,

You are capable of getting back up, even when your heart has been shattered.

Knowing that love will happen when it is made for you,

And it’s all about who you are, and not the shit that you have been through.

Realizing that the way people treat you has nothing to do with who you are,

But knowing that you still have work to do, even though you have come so far.

Accepting that life isn’t perfect, but it is an amazing gift to live,

Knowing that even when it gets tough, there is always more that you can give.

Everything that is meant for you will happen when the time is right,

And there is no reason to feel stressed, because everything is going to be alright.

Every test you have been through is preparing you for what you know is meant for you,

And it is because of everything that you have been through.

And on the other side it is going to be the best feeling ever,

Because after all you’ve been through, never say never.


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