I've born many a days

Not ever sure that another would come

And yet another one arrives

Because it is not up to me to decide

It's a gift that I cannot deny

And the day that is last

Is much too far off

For me to say I've travelled far

And fought the battle I must fight

The battle of endurance

And once that battle is done with

I will fight a new battle

Because that is what life is

A constant struggle; a never ending chase

A chase against the clock

The clock that won't tell you

How much is left to endure

But do not fret, I say

In life there is glory

And gloom is only temporary

Because we have fought to survive

So that our children

Can live to see what we did

And begin a battle of their own

So that we can make history

And add to the never ending cycle

Of our existence in the universe

Today is a new day

Begin it with a strategy

To fight your next battle

And fight it like it were your last

Because time will determine

Which battle that will be

And you will go down

Knowing you fought that last battle

And fought it to death

So others could live the next life

And continue the never ending cycle

Of that little thing called Humanity

This poem is about: 
Our world


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