The Brave



The flag ripples in the wind

so beautiful, frail, strong

like our soldiers

starting as frail beautiful people

forming into strong soldiers

protecting us every day

family dinners missed

Christmas missed

birthdays missed

guns shot

people missed

people dying

parents missed

bombs, gunshots, military trucks flipped

soldiers are your new family

that family dies

the physical weight carried is unbearable

the emotional weight carried is unfathomable

weapons, camouflage, flashes of memories of home, guns shot, running, screams, crying,

physically drained, emotionally drained, laughs, smiles, strength, grenades, feelings,

perseverance, blood, anxiety, getting released, going home

only to have PTSD

getting scared on Independence Day

for the safety of our country

this is the reason America is great

we wouldn't have anything if we didn't have our safety

we are FREE because of the BRAVE

This poem is about: 
My country


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