The Death of a Dream, and the Birth of a Reality

To my ambition,

To my dreams.


At first, you popped into my mind

Like a grape from a vine,

Whilst I watched Youtube videos of

Artists and creators that I have grown to love.


All of the musicians and singers,

Their voices so pleasant,

And in my mind did those voices linger.


So I told myself,

why can that not be me?

And that’s when you grew in my mind,

Like a tiny seed into a magnificent oak tree.


To my ambition,

To my dreams.


How my parents tell me

That you cannot be achieved.

They tell me that you are a Rolex on my belt,

Such a waste of time,

But it was not discouragement that I felt,

It was more of a calling to,

That made my heart melt.


I have made it my duty to

Take on my passions,

For music is what I shall pursue.

I like to think of myself as Tim Howard,

And a simple melody is mine.

Because it is my goal and I am its goalie

I am infatuated with the very rhythm of my mind

To the chorus of something holy.


To my ambition,

To my dreams.


It haunts me to say that

I shall disappoint my family if I seek you,

Because then they will not

Be able to see me have a stable future,

One that will have me living smoother.

My family will not

Be able to see me in a cap and gown,

And indeed, you might turn my life upside down.

But if I do not try

I’ll end up regretting it for the rest of my life.

Which is why

I will transform you


My ambition

And my dreams,


Into a reality.


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