healthy relationships

they are really special things

they can be in each new friendship that someone brings

it might be hard to find one at first

but once they’re found

they’re usually planted like seeds deep into the ground

placed there with care

watered with love

fertilized with stability

and lighted with hugs

after all that care you give them they will surely sprout

but it takes a lot of time for it

to grow strong

the trick is that you have to be really attentive

so you can squash all of the doubt

things on the surface may go well at first

but you most importantly have to beware

there is a definitely a big difference between

having fun and things actually being fair

so like a dandelion

do you choose to blow its seeds?

well if you do

soon you may find that

they alway turn into weeds

so ultimately

to tell if a relationship is healthy

it is truly kind of hard

but it is certainly not something to for you to easily disregard

so all you can really do for yourself

is continue those pursuits

but it’s up to you

to check occasionally

where it roots

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