Smiles from Another

There are days without light

days made of permanent night.

days full of hateful thought

days where it's all for not.

everything is void,

chaos, making me paranoid.

There is but one thing

that makes all time stand still.

No matter how much I look,

I can't get my fill. 

Her smile radiates like a star.

With it, happiness isn't too far.

Even in all the weight that grinds me to sand

with her around, I can stand.

The darkness that consumes my day

gets blown away,

not for an instant, invited to stay.

In all the chaos I find my place,

All the world I can face.

That light,

that laughter,

that beautiful face.

Give me 10,000 more problems

cause now I can take, 

more than I thought I ever could

to see her and my fate.




This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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