anger with frustration

is a nasty combination

with a little confusion

and you mind will cave in

head simply spinning


can't concentrate

forget the date

and run in hell's direction

            up the stairs

           round the bend

           and down the ceiling

to where I found

on the ground

            a coloring in black

black paint

black as coal

as the night sky 

or in a hole

the vast emptiness of space

can be seen upon my face

it's in my heart

it's in my soul

on my back

and on my bow

             with arrow that will fly true

             with rage to its destination

a destinatino unkown to me

in circles that it may be

round and round till I fall down

heart beating upon the ground

           no more

                  I leave

                          can't go

not there, oh no

but where? to there?

to near or far?

where I cannot see or hear or feel

            just num to null

           void of all

feelings gone

but then I think

that they are there

all the worlds anger and fear

but no hope

       no life

       no love


but still I do not know

                  can't understand

                  why o why this is planned


sitting here and writing down

these feelings that just flow

from my fingers to my toe

                and right onto the paper

where it's no longer inside of me

threatening the heart of me

so that I can choose to be





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