Strength Through Perseverance

Sat, 11/15/2014 - 17:37 -- 1996kid


Today everyone is examining the mirror to see how they look,

they all saw whatever they wanted to see but there was something they mistook,

Its not about that,

Its not about if your skinny or fat,

Its about whats on the inside of it all,

not if your short or tall,

Most know the real answer but they fear it,

and most are not really ready to hear it,

:that flawlessness comes from an incredible spirit.



For me, myself, and I,

my spirt was formed in the blink of an eye,

just by the role of the die,

 I had to struggle just to survive,

It would be years before i would thrive,

The doctors came in,

looking very grim,

Their voices were  gruff,

They said from here on out it would be tough,

They were right-school used to be rough.



In my darkest hour,

I felt like i had no power,

It seemed nothing was in my control,

I was doomed to play the suffering role,

But something deep down inside kept me alive,

It said you are not stranded here you are destined to thrive,

It said you cant give up you have to survive.

It prescribed strict adherence,

to the art of strict perseverance



For years after I struggled in vain,

I struggled through pain-and more of the same,

I guess it was all just part of the game,

So many times i wanted to lay my cards down and fold,

but you can not give up that little voice-it foretold

My inner spirit told me you have to be bold,

how else will you be successful as you begin to grow old?



Because i refused to give in,

i would eventually win,

Like a blacksmith pouring hot iron into a mold,

my perseverance gained shape as i began to be bold,

Like an object being pounded to give it shape and strength,

my successes began to grow in numbers and length,

Like an object recently forged-brand new,

I suddenly knew

how and what i needed to do.



I was a phoenix being reborn,

spurred by philosophy tested and sworn,

Its single tenet being perseverance,

its only commandment adherence,

Its mantra always running through my head,

: to give up is worse than to be dead.



The phoenix has grown up into a young adult,

not perfect and not without faults,

but determined and strong willed,

ambition needing to be filled,

Its young wings unfurled,

Ready to conquer the world!






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