I started this job ready to focus on my work and not fall in love with someone that I have to see everyday,

But it didn't take long for me to get excited to see you daily, and sturggle to find the right words to say.

I can tell that you are someone who has a little bit of a front, but you are actually kind of shy,

But it's a trait that I really like, and I always thought that was cute in a guy.

Even with your mask on, I can see that you have a gentle smile with a little dimple,

And I like that we always had the best conversations, even if they were quite simple.

 When the sunlight hit your dark brown eyes they had a sparkle that was full of light,

And I loved our conversations on the playground, and your eyes were always a beautiful sight.

I loved how sweet you were with the kids, but you also have this competitive side,

And I loved that for their sake, that was something that you were usually able to hide.

We sat there playing cards and our hands kept ending on top of one another, 

That was when I realized I really was falling for you, because you made my heart flutter like no other.

You stood up for me after knowing me for a week, which was something no guy ever did,

And it made me get all giddy inside; like something that would happen to a little kid.

You never failed to amaze me, and after all those conversations we had in just six weeks, I feel like I've known you for years,

And I want to continue to talk to you, but once again my dream is being taken over by all of my fears.

I loved talking to you, and I'm pretty sure you felt the same because you wouldn't have said what you said,

And if I was willing to try one more time and put myself out there, it could've prevented all those tears from being shed.

I'm not holding back anymore, I am going to swallow my pride and take that chance, 

Because I don't want to keep wondering what could happen and to continue to live in that endless trance.

No matter what I know that you're shy, and I know that I will have to start the conversation, and I think that was the issue that we had at first,

But I would rather try and fail, then continue to live with regret, because that would be the absolute worst. 

So I guess this is me reaching out and asking you on a date,

Because I really think that meeting you when I did was some kind of fate. 


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