Have you seen that girl?

            Have you seen that girl? Her eyes take you on a roller coaster of emotions, one minute you want to do nothing but talk to her, and the next, you are running away trying to find places to hide. Her smile – her smile can brighten the darkest tunnels of the deepest depths. Her walk, oh boy her walk. Her walk is superior to those around her, it’s so clear; I swear if you only glanced you could think she walked amongst the Gods. Her style is impeccable; her grace, unmatched. Her teeth, for Christ Sake! Her teeth! The pearly gates may be the only things whiter. Lastly her strength, and this strength it isn’t physical but mental, emotional, and verbal, her strength is unparalleled. Her mind packs a punch, that twice of Mike Tysons, she rarely cries, but when she does, her tears weigh at least 1000 lbs., and when she speaks, I swear the whole world listens. Have you seen that girl?


If not, I can introduce you to her. That girl is my mom, and my amazing mother is the reason I’m flawless.


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