I remember the days we spent together,

Filled with laughter and endless adventure.

I remember all the years that passed,

Bringing us closer with each rising sun.

However, it appears that this dawn shall be different.


I remember, but do you forget?


Do you forget the time spent by my side?

Do you forget each journey we traveled together?

Does my endless love mean nothing to you?

Do you forget, because it is easier to live with what you have done to me?


The sun continues to rise, urging us closer.


Your detestation has scorched my heart.

You fly closer to the sun,

as I attempt to piece my ashes back together.

But somehow I reach the sun without you.


For you are Icarus and I am Phoenix.


Your bewitching wings of wax are not meant to reach the stars.

They melt, turning on you as you have turned on those who loved you.

I may ignite and turn to ash, but each time I rise.

My vibrant wings are protected under my halo,

and my ascent to the sun has just begun.

I was born to resist, and I will not be stopped by you.

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My family
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