Crows bring Motivation

I bear on my shoulders
The weight of a thousand crows
With their weight, they just watch and wait
Every second, every day
Hoping for me to fall down
So I can feel my body
As it rots in their dirty mouths
My fear is their satisfaction
And I can't
I will never 
Let those crows win
No matter how many times they whisper in my ear
To fall or to fail
I will never do it
I may not have courage, but I do have strength

I have fought for too hard and for so long

To just allow myself to go down like this
To let them win this easily
These crows have stabbed me with their beaks countless times
But I've survived each time
But only because I fight back
No matter how painful their words are
I push through
And it is on this bedrock
That I have been able to heal 
These crows are truly the weak ones
And they only make me stronger 
Because words will never kill
And true strength is the ability
To show mercy and compassion to others
Regardless of how others may treat you

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