crack, smack, punk

I heard him hit you for the last time 

crack, smack, punk 

God, how dare you hit your wife, a crime 

thwack, whip, punk 

Your kids are frozen in shock, just one room over 

thwack, whip, punk

We pled in our minds, begging her to turnover 

squeal, thud, thump 

The dreadful sounds were sickening, no more no, enough is enough 

sequel, thud, thump

I phones the cops and time began to slow, how did life get this rough?

hiss, moan, clunk

One minute we're smiling, gay, a family, complete, none could be forseen 

hiss, moan, clunk 

But this night, stripped my childhood from me, I was no longer fourteen.

This poem is about: 
My family


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