To Learn My Own Strength

when you left me I killed

a spider crawling down my walls

screaming at a friend that

now I have to be strong

as I crossed the gap into her universe


before you left me you killed

all the spiders in my house

kissing all my fears goodbye

so I'd never have to be strong

but I'm glad you left my universe


since before I can remember

words poured out from my chest

screaming at me begging

to be released reverberating through my bones

so they can make a universe


but I learned your words had a

more ugly method

kissing the edges of their blades

before they tore your heart open

and forced you to re-live old universes


so you make fake hearts

like the one that loved me

screaming at those awful words that

now you're going to be strong

as you forgot my universe


there was a spider living

in my shower for weeks it was

kissing the edges of my sanity

but I'm strong now

so I murdered it out of my universe


today I remind myself of

my nemesis the spider

screaming at the world spinning

my own web it's getting strong now

my words are making a universe


turns out I never needed you to kill

all the spiders in my house

kissing my fears goodbye was a waste of 

time it was goodnight not goodbye

I'm glad you left my universe


turns out all I needed was my mind

even on the edge of sanity

screaming until it forms a web of words

one day someone will hear my cries even as a whisper

and the world will read my universe

This poem is about: 
Our world


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