What I've Made



Walls are fallen

Words come alive

Memories are seen

History is broken

Future is forgotten

Emotions are meaningless

Time is deserted

Darkness is coilled

Light is farce

The gray must fight

Choices are nonchalance

What matters awakens

Who matters slumbers

Worlds are my escape

Love is a daydream

Passion is hidden


Walls are broken

Words are truth

Memories are found

History is a feeling

Future is invariable

Emotions are present

Time vanquishes day

Darkness is set free

Light is trapped in

The gray mourns

Choices are chosen for

What matters is lost

Who matters is found

Worlds are devastated

Love is reality

Passion is a impending obscurity


Walls are shattered

Words are malicious

Memories are haunting

History is nostalgic

Future is perminant

Emotions are incitation

Time is deathly ponderous

Darkness consumes the

nonexistent Light

The gray has bled with sanity

Choices are disintegrated

What matters is found

Who matters escapes

Worlds are lost

Love turns to hate

Passion to greed


Walls are built

Words are essense 

Memories are made

History is a story

Future is unknown 

Emotions are guarded

Time gives freedom 

Darkness is kept back

Light is liberated

The gray will be dull

Choices are made

Who matters is

What they find

Worlds are built

Love consumes fear

Passion is left to whisper



Within this Darkness I made

Passions releases greed

Within this Darkness I consumed

Loves desire is artificial

Emotions are fueled by unrealistic escape

Within this Darkness I escaped

To a solitude so sweet, but this abysses is too great

Within this Darkness I found Light

where I forget my own history 

only pieces are left of my memory


Walls I will build

Walls I will break

Walls I will shatter

Walls I will make






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